Chapter 156 – Begging You To Look After The Kid

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The bookstore had been getting busier recently, but they haven’t managed to hire new employees, so in the shop, there were only Jiang Qi and two other employees . At times, they would naturally be so busy that they didn’t even manage to rest.

Today was especially busy. In the afternoon, there were a lot of customers in the store, so Jiang Qi didn’t get to eat lunch with Ke Yan. He could only give Ke Yan a call to inform him. Although Ke Yan really wanted to eat with Jiang Qi, he didn’t insist. However, after lunch, Ke Yan needed to be somewhere else and was worried that Jiang Qi would be so busy that he skipped his meal, so he could only call Jiang Qi to remind him to have his meal. 

Jiang Qi’s words were all full of agreement, saying that he would eat in a short while.

However, once the call ended, he went to arrange the books, thinking that he could eat a little later.

Just like this, Ke Yan ate alone. The Ke Group’s employees couldn’t resist taking a second glance.

Did President and Manager Jiang have a quarrel? Why was he eating alone today?

At the bookstore, the afternoon rush had passed and there were lesser customers. Jiang Qi had the two employees eat first and went for lunch once they returned. Because he was starving, Jiang Qi wasn’t picky and had whatever was convenient.

When Jiang Qi left, Ke Yan just so happened to arrive at the store. He asked them when he didn’t spot Jiang Qi, “Jiang Qi?”

“Boss has just left for lunch.” Wang Xiao Yu rearranged the books left on the table back to the shelves, immediately knowing that Ke Yan was here to find Boss the moment she saw him enter. She had been constantly suspicious of Ke Yan and Jiang Qi’s relationship for a long time.

“It’s already so late and he only just left for lunch?” Ke Yan furrowed his brows. 

“Yeah. It has been especially busy these two days.”

Ke Yan sat on the sofa to wait for Jiang Qi’s return. When Zhu Zi Hao came downstairs, he saw Ke Yan. Although he didn’t know who this person was, the imposing aura on this man wasn’t covered up. Zhu Zi Hao felt this sense of oppression whenever he saw this man. Ke Yan might not have a high and haughty attitude, but the aura he leaked made others feel like he belonged to an elite, yet it wasn’t a feeling that made people loathe him. Instead, it made others admire and feel respectful. Such a man definitely didn’t have an ordinary identity. Zhu Zi Hao eyed the Ke Group at the opposite street. Could he be someone who worked at the Ke Group?

Since Jiang Qi was really hungry, he wasn’t too choosy and came back after eating a bowl of noodles.

But he didn’t expect to see Ke Yan at the bookstore. “Why have you come?”

Noticing Jiang Qi, Ke Yan stood up and walked towards him. “I went out to settle some business and wanted to visit you when I’m back.” Ke Yan only said these and didn’t mention anything else, merely continued looking at Jiang Qi.

As it was too cold outside and he just had a bowl of piping hot noodles, Jiang Qi felt as if his mucus was about to flow out of his nose. Looking at Ke Yan again, Jiang Qi confessed, “I just went to eat. It was too busy in the afternoon and I’ve only found time now.”

“If you still can’t hire other employees during this time, I’ll help you out. By the way, I just went to a wedding planner. The next step is to decorate the hall.”

“Really? How exciting! I’m really anticipating it.” Jiang Qi was surprised.

“Anticipate it well. I’ll definitely give you a wedding that you’ll love.” Ke Yan adored seeing the look of surprise on Jiang Qi’s face and lowered his head to kiss Jiang Qi’s forehead.

Jiang Qi was startled at first, then swiftly glanced around to see that there was no one on the 1st floor, so he didn’t push Ke Yan away.

Ke Yan trailed down from Jiang Qi’s forehead to kiss his nose and face. Slowly and gently, it felt like a feathery touch. Jiang Qi’s face felt ticklish and he raised his face up a little higher. Ke Yan didn’t stop and continued down, avoiding Jiang Qi’s lips. Jiang Qi’s heart felt itchy from Ke Yan’s facial kisses. He really wanted to kiss Ke Yan.

Finally, when Jiang Qi was about to fume from shyness and frustration, Ke Yan kissed Jiang Qi’s lips, gently licking Jiang Qi’s upper and lower lips separately. Spreading open Jiang Qi’s closed mouth, he hooked Jiang Qi’s tongue and tangled in a dance, tightly connecting together.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes and lifted his face higher and his two hands tightly grasped Ke Yan’s suit. Ke Yan lowered his head, with one hand hugging Jiang Qi’s waist and the other caressing Jiang Qi’s back…….

The sunrays that peeked in through the window shone on their backs, creating a beautiful silhouette that made others feel at peace.

“Oh my——” A sharp high pitched sound interrupted the two. Jiang Qi and Ke Yan parted and looked towards the one who screamed.

They saw Wang Xiao Yu standing next to a bookshelf with widened shocked eyes staring at them with a dropped jaw. Jiang Qi didn’t know why but that shocked face amused him a lot.

Ke Yan frowned at being interrupted. “What’s wrong?”

Still asking me ‘what’s wrong’? Of course it’s because I saw you two kissing! Wang Xiao Yu happened to be arranging books and walked out from behind the shelf. Seeing such a scene suddenly would have shocked anyone, so she yelped. Now that the shock had passed, all she felt was a little excitement.

But she didn’t dare to look at Ke Yan. Although she hadn’t seen his angry look before, she did interrupt them and wasn’t sure if he would be pissed. Wang Xiao Yu shrunk her neck.

“Alright, go back to work quickly.” Jiang Qi saw that the young lady was scared by Ke Yan and he himself was feeling a little embarrassed after getting caught, so he told Ke Yan to quickly return to work.

Ke Yan felt a little regretful at being unable to continue, but he wasn’t angry so he left for work after giving Jiang Qi another kiss on his face.

Jiang Qi saw that Ke Yan still kissed him regardless and knew that Ke Yan, now, had nothing much to guard against. Anyways, they were already seen by others in the act.

Jiang Qi smiled as he touched the place that was kissed. This feeling really hadn’t changed no matter how long had passed. Every kiss of Ke Yan’s felt the same; exciting, nerve-wrecking, heart-racing and the sprouting of an uncontrollable joy in his heart.

Wang Xiao Yu looked at her boss’s smile that was filled with blissful nostalgia, as if not at all blaming her. He didn’t say anything regarding her finding out and continued to neaten up the books at the back shelves.

In the next few days, the number of customers increased instead of decreased. Not to mention Jiang Qi’s irregular meals, but every night when Jiang Qi returned home, he would immediately fall asleep once he lay on the bed, making Ke Yan, who wanted to do a little something, feel suffocated. The most important thing was that Jiang Qi’s stomach, which had stopped giving problems for a long time, had started to ache a little.

Ke Yan’s heart ached for him. Finally, when Ke Yan was unable to hold back his dark expression any longer, Jiang Qi managed to hire another 2 employees, a male and a female. The two were a couple who had applied together.

Jiang Qi wasn’t the type of boss who disliked couples working together, so after seeing that they were pretty good, he had them report to work the next day.

The two worked together and got familiar with the store very quickly. Not even two days later, Jiang Qi felt boredom kicking in. Besides collecting money, the bookstore’s matters were left to the 4 people. Ke Yan was also visibly happier, because Jiang Qi stopped knocking out the moment he laid in bed. This gave Ke Yan time to do some business at night.

On this day, Ke Yan was in his office. Ke Shao carried Xiao Ke to Ke Yan’s office and had Ke Yan call Jiang Qi to come over to the office.

Ke Yan called Jiang Qi first then asked Ke Shao, “What do you need? You even came with such a big bag of things.”

“Can’t I come find you even if there’s nothing?”

“If there’s nothing, you’d be too lazy to bother coming here.”

Ke Shao ignored Ke Yan and continued to play with her son in her bosom.

Not long after, Jiang Qi came. Ke Shao saw Jiang Qi and handed Xiao Ke over to him.

Jiang Qi hadn’t seen Xiao Ke in a long time and carried him over instantly.

Ke Shao noticed that Jiang Qi liked Xiao Ke a lot and that Xiao Ke didn’t cry too, she asked, “Jiang Qi, since you like Xiao Ke so much, how about trying to babysit him? Taking care of Xiao Ke for a day can help you familiarise yourself with a child so that when you have kids in the future, you’ll know what to do.”

“Where are you going tomorrow?” Ke Yan interrupted Ke Shao’s questioning.

“Mom and I are going to the onsen tomorrow and Dad has already planned to play golf with his friends. Auntie Li’s resting tomorrow and Xiao Ke’s dad is on a business trip. I wanted to have the helpers to take care of him, but Xiao Ke fell sick recently and when he’s sick, he’s very sticky towards Mom and I. When others carry him, he would cry but in Jiang Qi’s arms, he didn’t cry so I can only beg you to take care of him for a day.”

“You want us to take care of the child?” Ke Yan showed his disagreement.

“Sure, we can do it, but I’m afraid that I won’t be able to take good care of him.” Jiang Qi agreed immediately without even thinking.

Ke Shao immediately followed up, “Don’t worry, this kid is easy to raise. I’ve written down some points that require more attention so you don’t need to worry too much.” Ke Shao said as she looked at Ke Yan. She was afraid that Jiang Qi’s agreement wasn’t enough. What would she do if Ke Yan wasn’t willing?

Jiang Qi heard and looked at Ke Yan. “Ke Yan, what do you think?”

“If you want to do it, go ahead.” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi’s expectant face and couldn’t bear to refuse him.

Ke Shao had the two’s agreement and understood that whatever Jiang Qi said goes, so she didn’t even need to worry that her brother would disagree.

“Oh right, everything here is Xiao Ke’s clothes, milk powder, bottle, and the instructions on how to make the milk have been written down. The note is inside, you guys can look around for it. Then, I’ll leave Xiao Ke to you. Since Xiao Ke is entrusted to you already, I’ll take my leave now.” Saying so, Ke Shao immediately slipped out of the office, leaving one child and two grown men in the office.


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