Chapter 155 – Eating

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Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin didn’t have a habit of being tardy. Furthermore, today was a special day where they got to eat together with Lin Zi Rui, so they left the office really early. 

But with how Lin Zi Rui asked so directly, Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin were a little embarrassed to say that they were actually waiting here for a long time already. Hence, they replied, “We came not too long too.”

“That’s good. Come in quickly.” Lin Zi Rui took out the key to open the door.

Upon entering the house, Lin Zi Rui turned on the lights and the two Lin brothers followed in.

Big Brother Lin looked at the house’s decoration, sofa, and felt that it was all pretty good. There was even a tinge of nostalgia.

Yang Shao Yu placed all the groceries into the kitchen first, then came out to say his official greetings. Standing in front of the Lin brothers, he held Lin Zi Rui’s hand, bowed and greeted, “Big Brother, Second Brother, I am Yang Shao Yu. Although our first meeting wasn’t too bright, you are still Zi Rui’s brothers, so you are my brothers too. I apologise for the punch that happened last time, Second Brother.”

Although Yang Shao Yu had the attitude of apologising and owning up to his mistake, Second Brother Lin still wasn’t happy when he listened to Yang Shao Yu’s words. His first impression of Yang Shao Yu wasn’t good either, so his expression wasn’t especially pleasant. 

Big brother Lin on the other hand, nodded and said, “So long as you treat Zi Rui well.”

“Don’t worry, Big Brother.” Yang Shao Yu guaranteed.

“Oh yes, Big Brother, Second Brother, what would you two like to drink?” Lin Zi Rui asked.

“Anything will do.”

Lin Zi Rui was about to head to the kitchen to prepare the drinks but was stopped by Yang Shao Yu. “I’ll go. You can stay here to chat with Big Brother and Second Brother.”

“Okay.” Lin ZI Rui sat down. Second Brother Lin immediately asked, “Does this kid really treat you well?”

“Of course. Shao Yu is very good to me.” Lin Zi Rui replied as he unwrapped his scarf and took off his coat. He liked to wear only his shirt when the house wasn’t cold. 

“That’s good to hear.” Big Brother Lin nodded, feeling that the house was very hot.

“Do you want to remove your coat?” Lin Zi Rui asked as he hung up his coat.

Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin both removed their coats and said, “The heater is turned on too high.”

“Then we’ll just lower down the temperature.” Lin Zi Rui didn’t feel that the temperature was too high.

At this time, Yang Shao Yu carried out the cups of freshly brewed tea and gave the brothers a cup each, then gave another cup of freshly made hot cocoa to Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui took it and placed it on the table. He unbuttoned Yang Shao Yu’s coat, “Take off your coat quickly.”

Yang Shao Yu removed his coat. Lin Zi Rui went to hang it up while Yang Shao Yu went into the bedroom. He came out not long after, carrying a woolen jacket. He put it on Lin Zi Rui and then went to make food.

Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin didn’t understand the reason behind Yang Shao Yu giving Xiao Rui the jacket. Big Brother Lin asked, “Xiao Rui, it’s pretty hot now, why don’t you take off the jacket?”

“No need, I’m rather afraid of the cold.”

Big Brother Lin suddenly realised why the heater was turned on at such a high temperature. It was because Xiao Rui was prone to feeling cold. Yang Shao Yu knew that Xiao Rui would feel cold, so he thoughtfully gave Xiao Rui a jacket to wear. If he didn’t cherish Xiao Rui, he wouldn’t have acted with such attentive care.

“Big Brother and Second Brother, you two can sit and watch some tv first. I’ll go help Yang Shao Yu with cooking.” Lin Zi Rui couldn’t bear to let Yang Shao Yu cook alone in the kitchen.

“Okay, do whatever you need to.” Big Brother Lin nodded.

Once Lin Zi Rui went into the kitchen, Second Brother Lin couldn’t resist saying to Big Brother Lin, “Why did you let Xiao Rui help? When he was at home, he didn’t have to cook before but now that he’s here, he has to help out in the kitchen?”

“Don’t you get it? The person here is someone who spoils Xiao Rui the most, the one who treats Xiao Rui the best. Even if Xiao Rui didn’t have to cook at home, he wasn’t living happily. Here, there is someone who loves him this much, so we should be happy for Xiao Rui.”

“Really? Of course I’m happy for Xiao Rui, but……”

“I know that you don’t have a good impression of Yang Shao Yu, but it is a fact that Yang Shao Yu treats Xiao Rui well. You don’t have anything to say about this, right?”

“Understood.” Second Brother Lin thought through it for a moment and showed that he understood.

When Big Brother Lin heard this reply, he was relieved in his heart. He looked around at the house again. No wonder it all seemed so familiar, the style of this house was pretty similar to Xiao Rui’s taste.

Lin Zi Rui walked into the kitchen to see that Yang Shao Yu was washing the vegetables. Seeing Lin Zi Rui walking in, Yang Shao Yu asked, “Why aren’t you chatting with Big Brother and Second Brother outside?”

“I don’t want you to be making food alone. I’m here to help you.” Lin Zi Rui said as he prepared to wash the vegetables.

Yang Shao Yu didn’t let Lin Zi Rui touch the water, “I’ll wash. The water is very cold now.”

“Not a problem. I’m not feeling cold now.”

“Help me check if the water in the pot is boiling.” Yang Shao Yu was still insistent on not letting Lin ZI Rui touch the water.

Lin Zi Rui flipped open the cover to see, “It’s not boiling yet.”

“Okay. Have you drunk your cocoa?”

“Not yet. I’m thirsty but I don’t want to drink something sweet.”

“Then have some juice. But it’s too cooling for the body, so you can only drink a little.” Yang Shao Yu said as he prepared to squeeze some juice.

“No need, I’ll drink water. Don’t you find it too troublesome? You’re already so busy and still want to squeeze juice for me.” Lin Zi Rui said these on the surface, but the corner of his lips couldn’t help but rise.

“If it’s anything regarding you, it’s never too troublesome. Alright, go out and sit with Big Brother and Second Brother and watch tv. I’ll be done in a jiffy.” Yang Shao Yu knew that he wanted to accompany his brothers but was also unable to feel at ease knowing that he (YSY) was doing all the work alone. And so, he pulled Lin Zi Rui to sit on the sofa.

Wondering why Xiao Rui was dragged out, Second Brother Lin asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Shao Yu doesn’t let me help.” Lin Zi Rui glanced helplessly at Yang Shao Yu who was busy in the kitchen. He didn’t attempt to help again. He was afraid that he would cause more trouble and delay him.

On the other hand, Second Brother Lin nodded, feeling satisfied. Adding on to the words Big Brother spoke just now, he understood that as long as Yang Shao Yu treated Xiao Rui well in the future, he had no need to find Yang Shao Yu unpleasant.

Without Lin ZI Rui’s help, Yang Shao Yu made dinner speedily. It was quite plentiful; there was stir-fried pork with green peppers, steamed fish, sweet and sour pork, fried potato, stir-fried vegetables and tomato egg soup.

Everyone sat down. Big Brother Lin tried some first. It unexpectedly tasted really good.

Nodding, Big Brother Lin praised, “The flavour is really good.”

“That’s great. Second Brother, please help yourself.” As he spoke, he picked up a big chunk of fish meat, de-boned it and gave it to Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui naturally ate the meat that was placed in his bowl.

Second Brother Lin also ate some dishes. “It’s indeed really delicious.”

Yang Shao Yu glanced up, feeling as if Second Brother’s attitude towards him had somewhat changed a little. Smiling, he continued to take out the bones in the fish meat to give Lin Zi Rui.

The crowd ate everything happily during this meal. Yang Shao Yu placed all the bowls and plates into the dishwasher, then joined Lin Zi Rui and the brothers to watch tv. After chatting a little, Big Brother Lin announced that it was about time they left. But upon seeing that his brothers were leaving, Lin Zi Rui felt a little reluctant and said, “When there’s any chance, drop by more often for dinner.”

Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin agreed.

Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui sent off the brothers downstairs and watched the car leave before heading up to their house.



T/N: whew the dinner plan that they made is finally achieved

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