Chapter 154 – I’ll Help You Remember

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Lin Zi Rui took a taxi to Jiang Qi’s shop. The moment he got off, he could recognise that this was Jiang Qi’s store, because on the signboard was written ‘Jiang Qi’s Treehouse’.

Lin Zi Rui looked at the bookstore’s wooden door and looked at the walls outside the shop. He was momentarily mesmerised by the store’s exterior.

Looking around, he opened the door and entered the store. He could immediately spot Jiang Qi who was reading on the sofa.

Jiang Qi had also come back from Ke Yan’s office not too long ago and saw Lin Zi Rui entering. He stood up instantly and smiled, “How come you’re here?” Jiang Qi didn’t expect that Lin Zi Rui would visit the store.

“I heard from Shao Yu that you’ve opened a new bookstore so I just thought to drop by and go home with Shao Yu at night.” Lin Zi Rui smiled too.

“It must be cold outside.” Jiang Qi passed the hand warmer on his legs to Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui received it feeling a little embarrassed, but he didn’t say ‘thanks’, since it would have been too polite.

“What do you want to drink?”

“Anything works fine.” Lin Zi Rui wasn’t picky.

“Then have some hot milk tea.” Jiang Qi poured a cup of milk tea for Lin Zi Rui. Lin Zi Rui drank a mouthful and looked at the store’s interior design. His sight paused on the drawings on the wall for a longer time. “These drawings are so special. Are these characters you and Ke Yan?”

“Yeah.” This wall’s drawings had now become the store’s most special, most attractive and eye-catching feature. 

“It’s drawn so realistically.” Lin Zi Rui could recognise them as Jiang Qi and Ke Yan immediately.

“I think so too. The chibi drawing of Ke Yan really looks so similar to the first time I saw him; cold and unapproachable. But after interacting with him, he wasn’t that bad.” Once Jiang Qi started talking about Ke Yan, he really couldn’t stop.

Lin Zi Rui heard and smiled. His first impression of Ke Yan was that Ke Yan was cold and he still wondered how others interacted with him. But he quickly realised that Ke Yan only showed a gentle look when looking at Jiang Qi, treating him completely different from the rest.

Both of them continued to chat. Although they didn’t meet often, their relationship was still pretty good. Since their personalities were a little similar, they got along well together.

Just like this, Lin Zi Rui spent the whole afternoon chatting with Jiang Qi at the store. When Jiang Qi was busy, he would read on his own or help out. Time flew by and it was already time for Yang Shao Yu to end work. Lin Zi Rui sent Yang Shao Yu a message to let him know that he was waiting at Jiang Qi’s bookstore.

Yang Shao Yu said that he would get off work earlier, so he was preparing to leave when he received the message.

After reading, Yang Shao yu was shocked. He didn’t expect that Zi Rui would wait at Jiang Qi’s bookstore for him and thought that Zi Rui would sleep in the afternoon. But Yang Shao Yu’s packing speed increased and he placed all important work files into a locked drawer.

Giving Ke Yan a heads up that he was leaving, Yang Shao Yu drove the car out of the carpark and stopped at the bookstore.

Yang Shao Yu entered the bookstore and saw Lin Zi Rui’s back facing him as he read. Even though it was a back view, Yang Shao Yu could still recognise that it was Lin Zi Rui. Lin Zi Rui only wore a sweater and because he lowered his head, a pale neck was revealed. Yang Shao Yu looked on in pitiful regret. Usually, when they kissed until they were burning with passion, Yang Shao Yu only managed to kiss the front of Zi Rui’s neck. He hadn’t managed to kiss the nape; if not, he would be able to see his mark on Zi Rui’s neck now.

But thinking of the fact that everyone who entered the bookstore could see Lin Zi Rui and see his pale neck, Yang Shao Yu hastened his pace and walked to Lin Zi Rui’s back. He took Lin Zi Rui’s scarf on the sofa and wrapped his neck from the back.

Lin Zi Rui was startled and turned back to see who it was. He relaxed when he saw that it was Yang Shao Yu. “You’ve finished work?”

“En. What are you reading?”

“Just some random book. Let’s go buy our groceries now.” Lin Zi Rui stood up.

“You guys are leaving already?” Jiang Qi went down from the second floor and saw that Yang Shao Yu had arrived.

“Yeah. Then we’ll make our leave first.” Yang Shao Yu helped Lin Zi Rui to put on his coat properly, then adjusted his scarf.

“Make sure to come again, Zi Rui.” 

“Okay, I’ll definitely come again.” Lin Zi Rui waved goodbye to Jiang Qi.

Sitting in the car, Lin Zi Rui sent a message to Big Brother Lin, reminding him of the arrangement tonight.

When Big Brother Lin received Lin Zi Rui’s message, Second Brother Lin and him were already outside Yang Shao Yu and Xiao Rui’s house. He knew that Xiao Rui wasn’t in so they were currently waiting at the entrance.

The supermarket Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu went to wasn’t the one nearest to their house, but the one that they passed by every night after work. When it came to buying groceries, they liked to buy them from here.

Parking the car, they pushed a shopping cart into the supermarket. Vegetable section was on the first level. Yang Shao Yu would always buy Lin Zi Rui’s favourite vegetables first. Lin Zi Rui liked to eat stir fried green pepper dishes, but would not eat a single piece of green pepper.

Yang Shao Yu went to buy proteins first. When buying meat, Yang Shao Yu asked, “What do Big Brother and Second Brother like to eat?”

“For them, Big Brother likes to eat fish, Second Brother likes to eat meat, but doesn’t like vegetables.” Lin Zi Rui said after pondering for a moment.

“How does steamed fish and sweet and sour pork sound?” Yang Shao Yu could only cook 2-3 dishes last time, but he had been learning new dishes recently to cook for Lin Zi Rui, hence it could be said that he had quite a bit of knowledge.

“Good.” Lin Zi Rui nodded. He didn’t need to worry at all. Yang Shao Yu would always help him think it through.

After buying the groceries, Yang Shao Yu pulled Lin Zi Rui to the second floor. Lin Zi Rui asked, “Do you want to get anything else?”

“Didn’t you say that you wanted to eat pudding last night? The snacks section should have it.”

“I even forgot about it……” Lin Zi Rui was really craving it last night but totally forgot about it today.

“I’ll help you remember.” Yang Shao Yu held Lin Zi Rui’s hand tightly.

“Then you must remember to always remember it for me, to remind me of what I forgot and to make food for me forever.” Lin Zi Rui couldn’t care less that they were outside and hugged Yang Shao Yu’s arm.

“Don’t worry, I’ll always remember everything concerning you.”

“En.” Lin ZI Rui realised that he was always smiling and laughing when he was with Shao Yu, because he was always feeling so blissful. This feeling was really great.

The two bought everything and then went home together.

At this moment, Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin had already waited at Yang Shao Yu’s front entrance for a really long time. Big Brother Lin looked at the time, “How come Zi Rui still hasn’t come home yet?”

“Must have something on.” Second Brother Lin was usually an impatient person, but today he wasn’t. He obediently stood outside the door, waiting for Lin Zi Rui to come home.

“Ding——” The elevator sounded. Both of them looked over.

They saw Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui coming out from the elevator with Lin Zi Rui hugging Yang Shao Yu’s arm.

Yang Shao Yu carried two big bags while Lin Zi Rui carried a small bag with a few cups of pudding inside.

The two were laughing, especially Lin Zi Rui. Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin had rarely seen Lin Zi Rui laugh so happily like this.

“Big Brother? Second Brother? You are here already? Did you wait long?” Lin Zi Rui was facing Yang Shao Yu so he had just seen Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin.


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