Chapter 152 – The Books in the Bookstore

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The first thing Wang Xiao Yu noticed when she came into the bookstore was the drawings on the wall. Now, she looked even closer at it.

At this moment, she saw a sentence at the side which she hadn’t noticed previously. It wrote: Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s story.

Ke Yan? Who’s that?

Wang Xiao Yu didn’t question and looked at the drawings.

The drawing’s sequence went like this: the first drawing was a chibi person leaning against the railing of a balcony. This person looked like the boss; it was drawn so realistically that Wang Xiao Yu could tell just from a glance.

Below the boss’s drawing was a chibi person, drawn with a wooden expression as his hand was stretched out. In his hand was a piece of chain of some sort.

Wang Xiao Yu had a feeling that the one who caught the chain was the person she saw previously. She couldn’t suppress her curiosity, so she asked Jiang Qi, “Boss, who was that person just now?”

“It’s Ke Yan.” Jiang Qi was currently reading and replied to her offhandedly.

Ke Yan? So it really was the character in the drawing. But Wang Xiao Yu remembered that the Ke Group’s president was also called Ke Yan. Could they be the same person?

She didn’t focus too much on this question. Wang Xiao Yu continued looking downwards. The second drawing was a stormy and rainy night, where a little guy carried an open umbrella, standing outside the entrance of a house. It seemed like the umbrella was about to fly away from the strong wind. The door behind him was open and behind this door, was Ke Yan who was dressed in pajamas. He was pulling Jiang Qi’s arm, as if wanting to pull him into the house.

Moving on, it was a chibi person drawn sleeping in a library. Even the sun rays shining in from the window and onto Jiang Qi’s face were drawn so realistically. Ke Yan held a book to cover Jiang Qi’s face, seemingly helping him to shade from the sunshine.

In the fourth drawing, it depicted a scene at night where Ke Yan was holding Jiang Qi’s hand and Jiang Qi’s face was all red and blushing.

Andon the side, drew a picture of Ke Yan asleep and Jiang Qi sneakily peeking at him

In the fifth drawing, it was a scene in a forest. Jiang Qi lay on Ke Yan’s legs, asleep. Ke Yan was reading with a serious face.

In the sixth drawing, it was also in the forest. Jiang Qi was reading a book with no title, but his face was very red. Ke Yan noticed it and was looking at him.

In the seventh drawing, it was on a set of stairs when Jiang Qi fell and Ke Yan caught Jiang Qi, hugging him.

The final drawing was a scene of them hugging each other under a Christmas tree.

Looking at these, Wang Xiao Yu wanted to see more of them but the drawings were all finished. However, based on the drawings, her boss and Ke Yan were definitely not in an ordinary relationship. It was more like a lovers’ relationship.  

These few drawings were clearly the scenes of how they met, their love story. But, Wang Xiao Yu didn’t dare to ask Boss, because she was afraid that Boss would find her very gossipy and wouldn’t pass her probation period.

In the morning, there was a slow stream of customers, some bought books, some read. Since there weren’t many, it was considerably relaxed.

When afternoon arrived, Jiang Qi looked at the time then gathered up his books. It was time to find Ke Yan for lunch. Before leaving, he allowed Wang Xiao Yu and Zhu Zi Hao to take their lunch breaks in turns. If there were no customers, they would close shop first, have their lunch, then reopen again.

As employees, they obviously didn’t close the shop and eat together, so they called for delivery.

When Jiang Qi entered Ke Group’s building, the people who saw him weren’t surprised. They had long guessed that he would definitely have lunch together with President.

Even the security guard at the door didn’t question why an employee who had already resigned was back at the company. This was because almost everyone in the company knew about Jiang Qi and their President’s relationship.

Jiang Qi went to Ke Yan’s office and saw that he was still doing work. Walking to the front of his desk, he said, “You’re still busy? Eat before you continue.”

“I was just waiting for you. Let’s go, let’s have lunch.” Ke Yan noticed Jiang Qi and immediately put down his work and stood up to eat with Jiang Qi.

The two reached the company’s canteen. Jiang Qi ordered a few of his favourite dishes and said, “The canteen’s food is so good, I can’t bear to not eat here.”

“Then should I rejoice that the company has good food so that you’ll accompany me for lunch?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Qi laughed.

But he was pinched by Ke Yan in the face.

When the other employees watched their interactions, it purely felt as if they were provoking those without a partner.

After their meal, Jiang Qi wanted to return to the bookstore. Ke Yan remembered that he still had a lot of work left to do and furthermore, he figured that the friends Jiang Qi made in the office were going to visit the bookstore today. If he went, those people would definitely be very awkward and restrained, so he didn’t accompany Jiang Qi back to the store.

No sooner had Jiang Qi returned that Xiao An and Jiang Lu stopped by, followed by Chang Qing behind. Some other employees had come in groups of 2 to 3 as they were all curious about the store that President gave Jiang Qi, even Lin Zheng Rui had come.

Jiang Qi had Zhu Zi Hao serve them some drinks as he sat to chat with them. Lin Zheng Rui congratulated Jiang Qi’s opening of the bookstore first, then asked, “President didn’t come today?”

“Nope. He still has work to do. Oh right, Chang Qing, how’s work? Have you adapted to it?”

“Don’t worry Manager, I’ve adapted well.”

“I’m no longer a manager so just call me Jiang Qi.”

“I think I’ll stick to ‘Manager’ since I’m too used to it already.”

“Alright then.” Jiang Qi didn’t insist. It was all good so long as he had adjusted well to his work.

Xiao An and Jiang Lu were unable to sit still. They walked around the store, especially the wall which had the drawings, as they discussed.

Xiao An was excited. “I wanted to see the entire drawing the last time I was here, but there wasn’t time. Now I can finally take my time to have a proper look at it.”

“Xiao An, this is totally the entire process of my brother and brother-in-law’s love life. I didn’t expect that brother-in-law would be so romantic, drawing everything out.”

“Yeah.” Xiao An too, hadn’t expected that the usually cold and indifferent President would actually be this romantic.

Because there were still customers, Wang Xiao Yu didn’t go over and join their discussion even though she was very curious about Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s relationship.

Looking past the special wall, Xiao An and Jiang Lu were pleasantly surprised to have found a ‘fujoshi’ section that was suggested by them. There were all sorts of danmei manga and novels that were more than enough for them to read their hearts out.

But time was limited. The work shift hours were starting soon and Jiang Qi allowed them to bring back the books that they didn’t finish reading.

The number of customers that came in the afternoon were considerably good. Jiang Qi sat as he counted money and read at the same time, waiting for Ke Yan to end work so that they could go home together.

When it was time for the employees to end work, Zhu Zi Hao had a fright. Even though Jiang Qi said that he would release them early, he didn’t think that it would be this early.

Jiang Qi closed the store’s entrance and went to the office building to wait for Ke Yan. It was about time for Ke Yan to end work.


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