Chapter 149 – Aunt

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Aunt1wife of the father’s younger brother

On the weekend, Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu woke up early. They were going home because Elder Brother Yang had said that he wanted to meet Lin Zi Rui. Since he was at home this weekend, he asked Yang Shao Yu to bring Lin Zi Rui home.

Elder Brother Yang had always woken up early every time he was at home because Father Yang hated people who laze around all day in bed. If he woke up a little later, Old Master’s mood would be ruined so much that he wouldn’t even stomach his lunch, let alone breakfast.

Hence, he woke up early at home despite his usual love for sleeping in.

However, today, Father Yang had gone out early in the morning to his friend’s house next door to see their newly bought fishing rod.

So it was a waste to have woken up so early today.

Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui also woke up early, so when they arrived at Yang house, it was only around 9am.

Lin Zi Rui followed Yang Shao Yu in and immediately saw Elder Brother Yang who was sitting on the sofa.

Elder Brother Yang had also seen Lin Zi Rui whom Yang Shao Yu had brought back. He looked delicate and pretty, with fair skin. He heard that Lin Zi Rui was a doctor and was a little skinnier than Yang Shao Yu.

“Zi Rui, this is my elder brother. Elder Brother, this is my lover, Lin Zi Rui.” Yang Shao Yu introduced Lin Zi Rui to his Elder Brother solemnly.

Elder Brother Yang hadn’t expected Yang Shao Yu to be so earnest, raised a brow and looked at Lin Zi Rui. He must be really special to be able to make his younger brother so serious.

Lin Zi Rui also hadn’t expected Yang Shao Yu to introduce him as such and flushed red. Following Yang Shao Yu’s words, he greeted, “Elder Brother, nice to meet you. I am Lin Zi Rui.”

“I am Shao Yu’s elder brother. I’ve never seen Shao Yu this serious about someone before. You two must live well together.” Elder Brother Yang’s reply was quick and he could now immediately show off his ‘big brother’ aura.

“Don’t worry, Elder Brother. We will definitely be happy together.” Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu guaranteed.

“That’s good then.” Elder Brother Yang nodded.

“Are Shao Yu and Zi Rui here already?” Mother Yang and Elder Sister-in-law heard some voices, so they both came out of the kitchen to take a look.

“This is Elder Sister2shortened it to ‘eldest sister’ for easier translation and smoother reading experience..” Yang Shao Yu pointed out the young woman next to Mother Yang.

“Mom, Elder Sister, I’ve brought Zi Rui home.” Yang Shao Yu called out first, afraid that Lin Zi Rui would be embarrassed.

“Mom, Elder Sister.” Lin Zi Rui also followed and called out in greeting.

Mother Yang had already met Lin Zi Rui and even chatted with him, so she nodded as she smiled.

Elder Sister Yang didn’t object to Lin Zi Rui calling her so and smiled as she replied, “I heard that you’re a doctor. It must be very busy on usual days.”

“Yes, but there will be one or two days off every week.”

“Your dad caught a lot of fish yesterday, so I made you some fish stew to nourish your body since Shao Yu said that you aren’t in very good health.” Mother Yang’s cooking skills were very good. It was just that she had been too lazy to cook in the past few years. In addition, there was an auntie in-charge of cooking and helpers at home, so it was even rarer for her to cook personally. Since Shao Yu brought Zi Rui home, she wanted to let him try her cooking.

“Thank you, Mom.” Lin Zi Rui couldn’t help thinking inwardly that he hadn’t even eaten his biological mother’s cooking before, and today, he could try a mother’s home cooked meal. He felt really touched; his heart had a sweet and sour feeling. He had an impulse to cry at this moment but it was a feeling of warmth, not sorrow.

“Zi Rui, you’re in for good food today. Mom’s fish dishes are always very delicious.” Elder Brother Yang hadn’t had his mom’s cooking in a very long time.

“Yeah, I’m really blessed.” Lin Zi Rui said and his hand was tightly held by Yang Shao Yu. Yang Shao Yu’s warmth from his palm transferred over to Lin Zi Rui’s hand. His hand was grabbed very tightly, as if Yang Shao Yu wanted to suck away all the coldness, leaving only gentle warmth for Lin Zi Rui.

Elder Brother Yang noticed the two’s small actions and then finally realised that the younger brother who kept proclaiming that he would never get married in this life, had really grown up to become a caring and gentle man. He learnt how to care for the person he liked and even brought him home. Even if it was a man, Lin Zi Rui was able to make his brother this infatuated. So what if he was a male? There wasn’t anything bad about it.

Mother Yang went back to the kitchen to continue cooking and Elder Sister Yang naturally followed to help out. The auntie in-charge of cooking was playing a supporting role instead.

Father Yang came home from outside at this time. Seeing Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu at home, he smiled candidly, “I thought that both of you would be here in the afternoon. Besides, Zi Rui’s hard at work usually and this is a rare chance for him to rest so he should sleep a while longer, no need to hurry back.”

“No worries, Dad. I’ve rested well so I wanted to come back earlier.” Lin Zi Rui liked Father Yang’s personality, the feeling of a carefree and casual person.

“That’s good to hear.”

Elder Brother Yang, on the other hand, was currently suspecting that the person in front of him wasn’t his dad. Sleep a little longer? How did he not say this to his own son before? If he got up late on usual days, his dad would look at him with all sorts of displeased eyes. Aye, the difference in treatment was so apparent.

“By the way, where’s Xiao De?” Father Yang sat down and didn’t see his little grandson.

“He’s doing his homework in his room. He should be done anytime soon.” Elder Brother Yang wasn’t very intrusive over his son’s learning and his son was still young. As long as he finished the homework his teacher gave on time, Elder Brother Yang would not force the child to do some extra lessons.

Just as he said, Elder brother Yang’s son, Yang Wen De, ran down from upstairs. A “da-da-da” sound travelled over and the crowd turned to look at the stairs. Yang Wen De saw so many people in the living room and froze a little. Then, he saw Yang Shao Yu and immediately used his little legs to sprint towards Yang Shao Yu with two arms spread out, wanting a hug from Yang Shao Yu.

Yang Shao Yu carried up Yang Xiao De in one fell swoop. Yang Xiao De hugged Yang Shao Yu’s neck with his short arms, and sweetly called out, “Uncle.”

“Yang Xiao De is such a good boy.” Yang Xiao De was Yang Wen De’s childhood name.

Yang Xiao De noticed Lin Zi Rui. Although he was hugging Yang Shao Yu, his eyes had always been staring at Lin Zi Rui who was beside Yang Shao Yu. His eyes were filled with curiosity. He seemed to have never seen this gege3an older brother, but since Xiao De is just a child, leaving it in its pinyin form sounds cute. before.

Lin Zi Rui gave Yang Xiao De a smile. Facing such a young child, he didn’t know how to greet him.

Father Yang was a little jealous. “Xiao De, why didn’t you hug Grandpa but hug Uncle instead?”

“Xiao De hasn’t seen Uncle in a very long time.” Yang Xiao De replied as he kept looking at Lin Zi Rui.

Yang Shao Yu then placed Yang Xiao De on Lin Zi Rui’s lap. Lin Zi Rui was the one who froze instead, then wrapped his arms around Yang Xiao De after a while.

Yang Xiao De wasn’t afraid of strangers. He blinked his big black eyes in Lin Zi Rui’s embrace, reached out a hand to grab Lin Zi Rui’s shirt and looked at his uncle and Lin Zi Rui. This gege seemed to be Uncle’s friend, so he asked, “Uncle, is this gege your friend?”

Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui and smiled, “No, he is Uncle’s lover, Uncle’s wife.”

“Wife? Is that the same meaning as wifey?” Yang Xiao De had often heard his dad calling his mom ‘wife’ or ‘wifey’, so even though Yang Xiao De was still a young kid, he knew what that meant.

“That’s right. Xiao De is so smart.” Yang Shao Yu pinched Yang Xiao De’s face.

Father Yang and Elder Brother Yang laughed too. He was really a little rascal.

“Then do I have to call this gege ‘aunt’?” This next sentence of Yang Xiao De had everyone blanked out for a while, while Lin Zi Rui’s face became hotter.

Yang Shao Yu heard this address and liked it. He lowered his head to give a kiss on Xiao De’s face. “Xiao De is really so smart! How did you know to call ‘aunt’?”

Yang Xiao De heard the praise and delightfully raised his face. “I read it from a book that Uncle’s wife should be called Aunt.” Yang Xiao De didn’t care that the illustration on the book showed a long-haired female aunt but it turned out to be a short-haired male aunt in real life.

Lin Zi Rui also smiled after the feeling of embarrassment passed. He held Yang Xiao De’s hand and gently pinched it. This child was so clever.

Father Yang and Elder Brother Yang weren’t worried that Xiao De would grow up to be like his Uncle and wouldn’t prevent Xiao De from knowing who Lin Zi Rui was just because of that. Since Lin Zi Rui was the person Yang Shao Yu was going to spend a lifetime with, as Yang Shao Yu’s dad and elder brother, they would definitely treat Lin Zi Rui well and respect him.

This was the basic thing they should do for Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu as their family.




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  • 1
    wife of the father’s younger brother
  • 2
    shortened it to ‘eldest sister’ for easier translation and smoother reading experience.
  • 3
    an older brother, but since Xiao De is just a child, leaving it in its pinyin form sounds cute.


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