Chapter 148 – Trying On The Wedding Suit

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As it was a suit to be worn for the wedding, Ke Yan specially called to ask Ke Shao which brands were of better quality.

“I feel that the bridal boutique I went to before was pretty good. You can check that out and can even take some wedding photos there too.”

“Okay, got it.” Ke Yan hung up the phone and asked Jiang Qi, “Shall we take our wedding photos today?”

“Wedding photos? I am okay but will they help us take the photos?” Jiang Qi thought of how both of them were males but his heart was hesitant because of another reason.

“Of course they will.”

“But I don’t want to take the photos.” Jiang Qi revealed the reason for his hesitation.

“Why?” Ke Yan was surprised.

“I don’t like that feeling. We might as well hang a photo of the actual wedding scene in our room.” Jiang Qi preferred the feeling of having that exact moment of happiness shot and kept as a memory, not just a pose for a photo.

“Okay, that’s good too.” Ke Yan nodded in agreement. That idea was indeed pretty good.

Ke Yan drove the car towards the place Ke Shao spoke of.

As expected of a place Ke Shao would recommend, the store was decorated very elegantly and full of class. 

The moment they entered, all the employees welcomed them in an orderly fashion. 

One employee came over to ask, “These two gentlemen, may I ask which of you is the groom?”

“We both are.” Ke Yan replied.

The employee noticed Ke Yan’s imposing aura and knew that he wasn’t just an ordinary man. Even if he was dressed in regular clothes, he still had more grandeur than other men in suits.

Simply put, he was a person with money.

“If you’re looking for suits, it is this way.” The employee led the way.

Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi’s hand as they followed the employee upstairs.

“Both of you are friends with the marriages on the same day?” The employee asked warmly. Then she turned her head and saw the linked hands, stuttered as she asked, “Where, where is the bride? It will be better if the bride can be here too.”

“There’s no bride, it’s the two of us who are getting married.” Ke Yan eyed the employee.

The employee felt shivers running through her whole body suddenly. If she had just a little lesser ability for discerning judgements and asked what shouldn’t be asked, it would have ended very horribly.

“This way please.” Although the employee seemed very calm on the surface, her heart was not at all calm. Two men? This was her first time seeing two men coming to try on suits for their wedding in close to ten years of working here.

The employee brought the two men to the male’s suit section, and immediately chose two sets of suits to show them. Among the two was a white suit. “These two sets are the store’s newest design and this white suit is very suitable for this gentleman.” The employee pointed to Jiang Qi.

Ke Yan nodded. This employee was considered to have a good taste. He thought that a white suit on Jiang Qi would definitely look good too.

“Go and try it.” Ke Yan handed the suit to Jiang Qi.

“Okay.” Jiang Qi walked towards the changing room.

While Jiang Qi went to try on his clothes, the employee continued promoting to Ke Yan, “We provide wedding photoshoots too. A lot of newlyweds who use our service are very satisfied.”

“Wedding photos? Got it, no need for that.” Since Jiang Qi didn’t want it, Ke Yan only nodded his head to show his understanding, but didn’t say that he would take the photos.

How could the employee easily give up on a chance to increase her sales commission? Hence she persuaded again, “A wedding only happens once in a lifetime and that applies to the wedding photos……”

The employee didn’t manage to finish speaking as Jiang Qi had already come out after changing. Ke Yan immediately stood up and walked towards Jiang Qi.

The employee could only swallow back her words that were stuck in her mouth.

“How does it look?” Jiang Qi asked Ke Yan.

“Very handsome.” Ke Yan’s eyes shone brightly and couldn’t help smiling as he neaten Jiang Qi’s collar.

“It really suits you very well.” The employee came over too. “Very few people are able to pull off a white suit as much as you do.”

The employee truly felt that Jiang Qi suited the clothes, showing that choosing this suit wasn’t purely based on business sales purposes.

“How about you? Have you looked around?”

“I feel that a black suit would be more suitable for this gentleman here.” The employee showed Ke Yan the suit she took out previously.

“Wear a white suit.” Jiang Qi had never seen Ke Yan wear such a colour before.

“Help me choose one?”


Jiang Qi looked around the store and immediately chose one suit that was very suitable for Ke Yan.

“How about this set?”

“I’ll try whatever you choose.” Ke Yan took the suit and went to the changing room to change.

The employee looked at Jiang Qi. That gentleman didn’t seem like he wanted a wedding photoshoot, so how about trying to convince this gentleman here? 

“Sir, we can also do wedding photoshoots here at our store.”

“Wedding photoshoot? No need.”

“But a wedding photoshoot is just like a wedding, a once in a lifetime event.”

“But for my wedding photo, I would rather it to be a photo from the actual event. It will be much more pleasing.”

“That’s true too.” The employee felt that this wasn’t a bad idea. It seemed like the customers today weren’t so simple. She thought that she could earn a little more sales commission.

At this time, Ke Yan came out. Jiang Qi looked over and stood up immediately. “Is it my good taste in clothes or is it you who looks good in everything?”

The employee was a little taken aback too. She still thought that Ke Yan wouldn’t fit a white suit. It looked like having a good-looking face and a good figure could make anything look nice when worn. This suit was also chosen well, showing a pretty good taste in clothes.

“It looks very good and it fits you well. Let’s settle on these two.”

After the two people changed out, the employee wrapped up the suits. They paid for it and got in the car under the employee’s gaze as she sent them out.

“We’ve dated for 7 years but only now do I finally feel a little like we’re getting married.” Jiang Qi poured out his heartfelt thoughts.

“What about before?” Ke Yan, instead, had the feeling of getting married very early on.

“It felt a little unreal previously. We are really going to get married and it’s even with both parents’ approvals.”

“Then from now on, you must always remember that you’re getting married.” Ke Yan took the chance of the red traffic light to pinch Jiang Qi’s hand.

“I know.” Jiang Qi smiled and his heart slowly felt the reality seep in.

Yeah, Ke Yan and him were just about to be married and would remain just as blissful for all of time.



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