Chapter 147 – Just As Always

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Ke Yan supported the drunk Jiang Qi into the car. Jiang Qi leaned against the car seat and shook his head in discomfort.

“What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“En. The smell in the car is unbearable.”

Ke Yan wound down the window. “Are you drunk?”

“Not that drunk,” Jiang Qi shook his head. “I didn’t drink a lot.”

“Want some water?” Ke Yan took out a bottle of mineral water.

“Not drinking, let’s just go home.”

All Jiang Qi wanted to do now was lie on the bed and rest.

“Okay.” Ke Yan adjusted the car seat backwards first and Jiang Qi felt like sleeping the moment he closed his eyes.

Ke Yan paused in his movements to remove his coat and cover Jiang Qi with it.

Then he continued to drive.

When Jiang Qi was nearly falling asleep, Ke Yan raised the window as it was too cold outside to leave it open.

Jiang Qi was sound asleep by the time they reached home.

Ke Yan tried waking Jiang Qi up a few times but he merely twitched, not waking up at all.

Ke Yan could only carry Jiang Qi up, closed the door and went to the elevator.

Back home, he placed Jiang Qi on the bed then went to fill the bathtub with hot water, preparing to give Jiang Qi a bath.

After a while, the hot water bath was ready. He came out of the bathroom and took off Jiang Qi’s clothes. He wrapped Jiang Qi up in a big towel, then carried him into the bathroom.

The temperature was just right. Jiang Qi soaked comfortably inside and opened his eyes to look at Ke Yan. “Ke Yan, it’s because of you that I’ve become so lazy.”

“Then be a little lazier.” Ke Yan had absolutely no complaints, not even a single bit of impatience. He gently bathed Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi lazily sprawled over the edge of the tub. Thanks to the comfortable warm water, he was even sleepier.

Ke Yan didn’t wash Jiang Qi for a long time. Once he was clean, Ke Yan took a fluffy big bath towel to wrap around Jiang Qi as he carried him up, walking towards the bed.

Ke Yan tucked Jiang Qi in and then speedily took a quick shower.

Once Jiang Qi was in his embrace, he fell asleep immediately.

The next day, oddly enough, it was Jiang Qi who woke up before Ke Yan. When Jiang Qi woke up, he found that his body was bare and smooth, not a single cloth on him, but he felt refreshed. It should have been Ke Yan who gave him a bath.

He carefully made small movements in Ke Yan’s arms.

“Awake?” Ke Yan opened his eyes in a second. He dropped a kiss on Jiang Qi’s forehead.

“En. I was excited last night and drank a little more wine.”

“Drink less next time. Right, how did the recruitment for the bookstore go?”

“Someone came to apply, but the store’s going to open on the following day. I’m not sure if there will be any more applicants in the next two days.” Jiang Qi thought that the post was put up for quite a while already, yet there was only one person who came to apply.

“Wait a little more, there may still be applicants within these two days.”


Just as his voice fell, Jiang Qi’s phone rang.

Jiang Qi crawled towards the bedside table but didn’t see his phone there. “Where’s my phone?” Jiang Qi was about to stand up to find it.

Ke Yan stopped him. Jiang Qi wanted to get up without wearing clothes. What if he caught a cold? Ke Yan used one arm to scoop up Jiang Qi’s used pants on the floor and took out the phone from the pockets, passing it to Jiang Qi.

He forgot to take Jiang Qi’s phone out after putting the pants on the floor.

When Jiang Qi received the phone, the other had already hung up.

Jiang Qi gave a return call. From the phone travelled a young boy’s voice, “Hello, are you the owner of the bookstore? I’m here for an interview.”

“Yes. Are you at the bookstore entrance now?”

“Yeah, where are you?”

“I’m at home.” Jiang Qi glanced at Ke Yan who was next to him.

“Ah? Then are you able to come over now?”

“I won’t be able to go over immediately. How about you come back in the afternoon?” Jiang Qi didn’t want to go over now. He hadn’t even had his breakfast yet.

“Then I’ll wait at the cafe next door for you. I can have breakfast too.”

That guy seemed like he didn’t want to waste his trip down.

“Alright then, but I may reach there a little late.”

He ended the call. Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan. “Someone came to apply for the job.”

“Then let’s get up now. I’ll make breakfast.” Ke Yan glanced at the time, it was about time they got up too.

“No, I’ll make breakfast today. It must be tired after helping me bathe last night.”

“Sure, but I’m not sure if you’re able make something new for breakfast today.”

“Even if it’s not a new menu, it will still look good and just as delicious.”

Jiang Qi’s breakfast wasn’t just leftover food with side dishes. It had eggs, bread and milk.

Saying so, they both sat up, but only Ke Yan alone got off the bed.

Jiang Qi sat on the bed, waiting for Ke Yan to bring him his clothes.

Ke Yan very quickly brought the clothes to Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi dressed himself and immediately went to wash up. Afterwards, he went downstairs to make breakfast.

Although Ke Yan need not rush and could take his time, he reckoned that Jiang Qi would make bread today since cooking rice was a little waste of time. Washing up then heading down, Jiang Qi had already quickly made breakfast. It was the same as always: A cup of warm milk, two pieces of toast, a half cooked chicken egg and there was an addition of some fruits.

Jiang Qi noticed Ke Yan coming down and called him over to eat, but saw Ke Yan having that expression of “I knew it”.

“Today’s a little different, I took time to specially cut fruits.”

“I’m more than satisfied with it. Come sit down and eat.” Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi’s hand to sit down.

“I have a good feeling about the previous girl who applied. Who knows if the one who applied today would leave first by the time we arrive,” Jiang Qi said worriedly as he bit his toast.

“He wouldn’t.”

“Since he said that he would wait for it, it shows that he should still be very interested in this job. If you’re worried, you can call him first then say that you’ll be right over.”

“No need. If he’s keen, he would wait. If not keen, it wouldn’t matter even if I called, he would not care a lot about this job.”

Jiang Qi thought so and wasn’t worried that the other would leave from impatience.

When Jiang Qi and Ke Yan reached the bookstore entrance, they didn’t see a boy there. Jiang Qi then recalled that he said that he would be at the cafe, so he went to take a look there.

Since it was a weekend, there weren’t many people. Jiang Qi could see a boy sitting in front of the window at a glance, unsure if it was him or not.

The boy sitting at the window suddenly turned his head and made eye contact with Jiang Qi. He then stood up and walked over directly.

“Are you the bookstore owner?”

“Yes, are you here to apply for the job?”

“Yeah. I thought that you would be here very late. It’s still pretty early now.” The boy looked at the time.

“Come on over.” 

Jiang Qi brought him to the bookstore. Ke Yan had already opened the doors.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Qi asked.

“I’m Zhu Zi Hao.”

“My name’s Jiang Qi. It will be like this. The trial period will be one month, and one month later, with good performance, you’d then be converted into an official employee.”

“Got it. I have no objections regarding the resignation fee, but when will I be starting work?”

“You can start next Monday.”

“No problem. Then I’ll take my leave first, I still have something on.” Zhu Zi Hao stood up.

“Okay. Sorry for making you wait so long this morning.”

“No problem.” Zhu Zi Hao said and then left.

“Why are you not a little fiercer? Not at all acting like a boss.” Ke Yan was in a corner, wanting to look at the appearance of Jiang Qi being an interviewer. Once the interviewee left, he came out and pinched Jiang Qi’s face.

“Who said that bosses must be fierce?” Jiang Qi patted Ke Yan’s hand to let go of him.

“I want to bring you to try on some suits today.” Ke Yan didn’t mind getting patted and suddenly remembered that it was about time they should try on suits, those kinds that were worn for weddings.

“What suits are we trying? Aren’t there a lot of suits at home?”

“Suits for our wedding.”

“What? Ok… okay then.” Talking about marriage, Jiang Qi’s heart was a little excited and a little nervous. Yeah, it was indeed time to prepare for the wedding.


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