Chapter 145 – Having You With Me Is Happiness

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Lin Zi Rui was still asleep when Yang Shao Yu came home. Yang Shao Yu knew that Lin Zi Rui got off work in the afternoon, so he figured that he must have been sleeping for the entire afternoon.

“Zi Rui, Zi Rui.” Yang Shao Yu called to wake Lin Zi Rui up. If he slept too much now, he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

“Wu… You’re home?” Lin Zi Rui opened his eyes and stretched his body when he saw that it was Yang Shao Yu.

“En. Get up quickly. If you continue sleeping, you won’t be able to sleep tonight.”

Lin Zi Rui sat up and told Yang Shao Yu, “My big brother and second brother came to find me at the hospital today.”

“Why were they looking for you?” Seeing how Lin Zi Rui was still willing to call them ‘big brother’ and ‘second brother’, it showed that Zi Rui did not blame them.

“The people in the house asked them to move my things out.” Lin Zi Rui remained expressionless, as if the matter didn’t concern him.

Yang Shao Yu hugged Lin Zi Rui, feeling full of heart ache for him.

“The things are still in the car, you’ll need to move them with me.”

“Okay. Let’s have dinner first. What do you want to eat?”

“I want something spicy.”

“Okay, I’ll go make it now. Hurry put on your coat, don’t walk on the ground barefooted too.” Yang Shao Yu nagged like an old mother.

Lin Zi Rui buried his head into the blanket and sneakily laughed. “Got it.”

Yang Shao Yu went to make the dishes. Although Lin Zi Rui wanted to have spicy food, Yang Shao Yu did not make it too spicy since it was bad for the stomach to eat spicy food at night.

When Lin Zi Rui finished his bath, the dishes were almost ready.

“You’re like an all-rounder wife.” He was able to cook, able to do house chores.

“Come and eat.” Yang Shao Yu pretended as if he didn’t hear Lin Zi Rui calling him an ideal wife, and scooped out two bowls of rice.

Lin Zi Rui sat down, looked at the table full of his favourite dishes and took up his chopsticks. He was starving since he missed lunch.

“Be careful not to choke.”

“Okay. By the way, if there’s a chance, let’s invite Big Brother and Second Brother over for a meal.”

“Okay, I’ll cook the dishes then.” Yang Shao Yu was very happy that Lin Zi Rui was able to untangle his heart knots. He didn’t want Lin Zi Rui to be sad, hurt, and depressed alone in his heart. It was better to get it all out into the open. However, with today’s action of Zi Rui’s parents, Zi Rui didn’t seem all that sad anymore.

“Zi Rui, is it unbearable?” Although he was afraid that if he asked, Zi Rui might get sad again, Yang Shao Yu would rather not have Zi Rui feeling depressed in his heart, being sad alone.

“En?” Lin Zi Rui bit his meat as he looked at Yang Shao Yu.

“Are you sad that your parents treated you like this?”

Lin Zi Rui put down his chopsticks. “Not very sad anymore. If it was the past, I would definitely be very sad and would think, ‘I’m chased out by my parents, I can only be alone in the future. Going to work alone, eating alone.’ The one thing I’m most afraid of is coming home and still having to be alone. But now there’s you, who treats me better than my parents, loves me as I love you. I’m no longer scared since I have you with me. It’s only happiness that I feel, so I’m not scared.”

“Not only me, you still have my mom and dad. They will dote on you a lot.” Yang Shao Yu held onto Lin Zi Rui’s hand.

“That’s right, so I will no longer be sad.” Lin Zi Rui smiled.

“I’m relieved if you’re not sad. Eat quickly, did you miss your lunch again?”

“How did you know?”

“Seeing you eating so quickly, I figured that you must have been hungry for a long time.”

“Yeah, I was too sleepy, impatient to come home to sleep.” Lin Zi Rui didn’t dare to look at Yang Shao Yu in his eyes.

“I’ll be angry if this happens again.”

“Got it. Eat quickly too.” Lin Zi Rui fawned over Yang Shao Yu by giving him a piece of meat.

Yang Shao Yu ate the meat. Lin Zi Rui smiled. Yang Shao Yu today was easy to talk to. If it was in the past and he didn’t eat his lunch, Shao Yu would definitely get angry and would specially run down to his hospital the next day to eat lunch together, supervising his meal, then return back to his office.

Lin Zi Rui guessed it this time round too. Although Yang Shao Yu wasn’t angry last night, he still ran to the hospital to watch him swallow down his meal.

“What do you want to eat today? I’ll go and buy it.” Yang Shao Yu reached Lin Zi Rui’s office. Lin Zi Rui was indeed still in. It was already time for lunch, but Lin Zi Rui didn’t have the appearance of preparing to eat.

“Why are you here?” Lin Zi Rui raised his head from staring at medical records.

“I just knew that you wouldn’t eat your meals on time, that’s why I’m here now.” Yang Shao Yu knocked on Lin Zi Rui’s head.

Lin Zi Rui blinked his sore eyes. “I forgot about the time.”

“Why? Does your eyes hurt?” Yang Shao Yu noticed Lin Zi Rui’s unnatural blinking. 

“En. Stared at it for too long.”

Yang Shao Yu glanced at the table full of books. He had Lin Zi Rui close his eyes and proceeded to give him an eye massage.

“You can even do this?” Lin Zi Rui closed his eyes, letting Yang Shao Yu massage them, then comfortably looked upwards.

“I saw that you seem to be a little nearsighted and would sometimes rub your eyes, so I specially tried to learn this, not sure if it will help.”

“Very useful, very comfortable.”

“That’s great then. What do you want for lunch?”

“I want ramen with extra eggs and extra spice.”

“Okay, then I’ll come back after buying. It’s very cold outside.”

“Okay, it’s fine already. I’ll wait for you to return.” Lin Zi Rui felt way better.

Yang Shao Yu went out to buy noodles. Lin Zi Rui rested in his seat for a while. He looked at the time. Shao Yu should be back anytime soon.

Walking out of his office, he strolled slowly towards the nurse’s station.

As the nurse’s station would be the first thing that people notice once the elevator doors open, Lin Zi Rui sat there while waiting for Yang Shao Yu.

“Doctor Lin, are you waiting for somebody?” A nurse asked.


“Waiting for Mr. Yang?” The nurse also knew that Mr. Yang and Doctor Lin’s relationship was very close. She would often see Mr. Yang at the hospital to find Doctor Lin.

“Yes, he went to buy noodles.”

“Oh, Mr. Yang treats you so well, even buying noodles for you.”

“Yeah.” Saying so, Yang Shao Yu came up from the elevator while holding two bowls of noodles in his hand.

“Waiting for me here?” Yang Shao Yu saw Lin Zi Rui coming out from the nurse’s station.

“En. I’m so hungry.” Lin Zi Rui inhaled the fragrance of the noodles and his tummy made some grumbling noises.

“Mr. Yang.” The nurses greeted Yang Shao Yu.

“Hello everyone.” Yang Shao Yu also recognised the few nurses here.

“Came over to find Doctor Lin for lunch?” Yang Shao Yu was very handsome and even when they chatted with him, Yang Shao Yu was not impatient or bothered.

So a lot of nurses would chat with Yang Shao Yu, especially the unmarried maidens.

“Yeah. Zi Rui tends to keep forgetting about his meals, leaving me with no choice but to personally eat with him.” Although his words sound a little as if he was complaining, the expression on his face was still very gentle and warm.

“Let’s go, I’m hungry.” Lin Zi Rui was a little shy when Yang Shao Yu said such things in front of so many people.

“Alright, let’s go.” Lin Zi Rui said he was hungry, so Yang Shao Yu immediately stopped chatting, quickly heading over to Lin Zi Rui’s office to eat.

Actually, Yang Shao Yu wasn’t very patient to just anyone, but because they were Lin Zi Rui’s colleagues, he made his attitude nicer a little.

This was also part of Yang Shao Yu’s gentleness.



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