Chapter 144 – The First Employee

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The company’s current excitement——the topic that was most discussed was the kiss shared by President and Manager Jiang in the lift.

At the start, there were only a handful of people who knew about it and thereafter, this piece of news was sent into the company’s group chat.

This group chat had been obviously formed without Manager Jiang and President’s knowledge. This group chat was formed by the employees who saw President and Manager Jiang’s ‘adultery’.

The group consisted of employees from the lower and mid tiers.

And the friends of those employees just to gossip together.

When the news was first released in the group, no one believed it at first.

After a while, they heard others talking about it and slowly, more people started believing.

This morning, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi left the house and were already late for work. It was a good thing that the distance from their house to the company wasn’t very far, so they weren’t too late when they arrived.

Coming out from the car, Jiang Qi supported his waist. How terribly sore.

“Are you okay?” Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to support his waist.

“No problem. Don’t hug me when we’re in the office.” Jiang Qi rejected being too intimate in the company.

“You’re already going to resign and you still won’t let me hug you in the office. It’s fine if you didn’t want it last time, but now that everyone knows, I won’t act like we used to.” Ke Yan also stated his stance.

“Humph, I still haven’t settled the accounts for yesterday.” Jiang Qi thought about yesterday’s awkward situation in the lift.

However, the only person who was awkward in the lift was Jiang Qi. Ke Yan was shameless and he liked to watch bustling excitement. 

Ke Yan still supported Jiang Qi’s waist. Even though Jiang Qi said verbally that he didn’t want the intimacy, he did not reject Ke Yan’s help.

As the two went into the elevator, the security guard at the carpark uploaded the photo he just took into the group chat.

Since it was during work hours, the number of people who saw the photo wasn’t many, but those who saw the uploaded photo and didn’t believe the news about the elevator kiss were now converted into believers before lunch break.

The two were so affectionate in the office! Could they leave the single dogs alone!!

But there were two who felt indignant and depressed. How could they not be there to personally witness it, when they clearly had a good relationship with Jiang Qi? Why did they only find out about such things after reading the group chat?


In the hospital, Lin Zi Rui was working the midnight shift yesterday and only after changing the medication of some patients did he then head back to his office to tidy up and clock out.

However, he unexpectedly saw Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin in his office. They even brought a few luggage with them.

He knew what they meant without the need for words.

“Xiao Rui.” Big Brother Lin stood up as he saw Lin Zi Rui enter.

“Big Brother.”

“……Thank you for still calling me ‘big brother’.” Big Brother Lin’s heart was full of complexity. He felt like he let down Lin Zi Rui even more.

“Zi Rui, I’m sorry. It’s all Big Brother and Second Brother’s faults. We thought that we treated you good enough, but……” Second Brother Lin also stood up but he didn’t dare to look at Lin Zi Rui.

“You guys were pretty good to me these few years. I don’t blame you.” In Lin Zi Rui’s heart, he didn’t think that his brothers were at fault. He only felt bitter disappointment towards his parents.

“Xiao Rui, we hope that you can be happy together with Yang Shao Yu.” Big Brother Lin was truly wishing them well.

“Yeah, Xiao Rui, Yang Shao Yu has been treating you well, hasn’t he?”

“Very well.” Lin Zi Rui nodded.

“Then that’s good.” Second Brother Lin was relieved, but there was still another matter, “Xiao Rui, mom and dad, they……”

“They wanted you to pack up my things and give them to me?” Lin Zi Rui looked at the few huge luggage and guessed it.

“Yes, we……”

Lin Zi Rui looked at those few boxes of luggage. The packaging of the box was well cared for and on the outside of the box, the contents were written on it.

“Thank you. Come over to Shao Yu’s and my house to have a meal anytime.” Lin Zi Rui’s heart was soft and these two older brothers did indeed take more care of him than his parents ever did.

“Really? Ok, okay.” Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin were pleasantly surprised; They didn’t think that Zi Rui would still be willing to have a meal together.

“I’m clocking off, I’ll take my leave first. I’ll call you guys another time.” Lin Zi Rui was exhausted from his work and really wanted to go home and have a good night’s sleep.

“We’ll send you back, there’s so much luggage to move.”

“No need, I drove my own car here.”

“Then, then we’ll help you move it to the car.”

“Okay.” Lin Zi Rui took off his white gown.

Holding his car keys, the three of them went to move the boxes into Lin Zi Rui’s car.

After bidding farewell to his brothers, Lin Zi Rui drove back home, parked his car and went straight up the elevator and to the second level to sleep, without even taking out the boxes from the car.

When Shao Yu comes home then we’ll move it.



In the office, it was close to office hours when Jiang Qi’s phone rang. It was an unknown number. Picking up the call, he answered, “Hello.”

“Hello, are you the owner of the bookstore opposite Ke Group?” It was a girl’s voice.

“Yes.” Jiang Qi remembered that he had a recruitment signboard put up. Could it be a call for employment?

“It’s like this, I would like to apply for a job. I wish to work here.”

“Are you outside the bookstore now?” Jiang Qi got excited, this was his first applicant!


“Wait for me, I’ll be there in a jiffy.” Jiang Qi hung up the phone and ran out of his office. He called Ke Yan in the lift. “Ke Yan, someone applied for the job, I’m about to head there now.”

“Okay, need me to go with you?”

“No need, you can continue with your work.” Jiang Qi was currently the company’s most relaxed person. He could basically leave the company in advance, no need to wait for the stipulated week to resign.

Looking afar from the company’s entrance, he saw a girl with a ponytail tied behind her hair standing outside the bookstore.

Once the traffic light turned green, Jiang Qi quickly walked over to her.

“Hello.” Jiang Qi stood in front of the girl.

“Hello, I’m here to apply for the job.” This girl was wearing spectacles, dressed very simply.

“Okay, come on in.” Jiang Qi opened the door.

The girl went in and looked around the store’s decoration. She then noticed the chibi drawings on the wall.

“Out of these 2 characters, one of them is you, who is the other one?

“You can tell that it’s me?”

“Yeah, it’s drawn very similar to the real person.”

“He’s my friend.” Jiang Qi wouldn’t say too much in front of a stranger.

“Is that so?” It clearly wasn’t. The drawings of these two characters were so intimate, completely looking like a pair of lovers.

“Have a seat.” Jiang Qi and the girl sat opposite each other.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Qi asked.

“I’m Wang Xiao Yu.”

“I’m Jiang Qi. Have you had any jobs before?”

“No. After graduation, I’ve been constantly holed up at home. My family couldn’t stand that I was so lazy, so they had me find a job outside.”

“So it’s like this.” He was considered her first boss.

“Firstly, if you want to work here, the trial period is a month. If you perform well, you will be converted to an official employee. The trial period and official employee salaries are clearly stated outside. Next, there will be an off day once every week. If you want to work during the night shift, you can clock off a little earlier.”

“Okay, then when will I be starting work?” Wang Xiao Yu had no objections.

“If there are no objections, then we’ll settle for next Monday. Oh right, what’s your handphone number?” Jiang Qi still needed to get back to the office.


“Okay, then report to work on Monday.”

The two walked out of the store. Jiang Qi closed the door and said to his first employee, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” She saw her boss walking towards the Ke Group on the opposite side. Feeling dubious, could he be a Ke Group employee?

Pushing up her spectacles, she eyed the store’s exterior. This store looked really good and it gave her a type of special feeling.



T/N: Some mundane everyday life going on in this chapter (well except for the pair of disappointing brothers)~! Thanks to the last line, I’m having a good feeling about this new employee :3

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