Chapter 143 – Depend On

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Since he was embarrassed, Jiang Qi did not call Ke Yan for the entire afternoon.

After work, he was still feeling a little awkward, so he took Ke Yan’s exclusive elevator down to the carpark.

Ke Yan was already waiting for him in the car. The moment Jiang Qi entered the car, he asked, “How did Xiao Ma find out?”

“You actually forgot about it? It was when Xiao Ma came over to pass some documents.”

Jiang Qi remembered now. That time when Xiao Ma went to their house to pass some documents, he then saw them being intimate. Furthermore, he knew that they were exposed. He patted his head. “How could I have completely forgotten about this? My memory seems to be a little weak recently, I may need to nourish my brain.”

Ke Yan knocked on Jiang Qi’s head.

Ke Yan turned on the engine and started driving off.

“What should I eat to nourish my brain? Peaches?” Jiang Qi was still mulling over this question.

“No need for that. It’s better if you can be a little dumber.” Ke Yan watched Jiang Qi acting like that and couldn’t resist playing with him.

“The reason I became like this is because of you. When I’m with you, I don’t need to worry about anything and have no need to feel troubled, so I ended up forgetting a few less important matters.” Jiang Qi felt frustrated; how could he have forgotten such an important thing? However…… “Ke Yan, did you forget about it too?” 

Ke Yan glanced over at Jiang Qi and without a hint of awkwardness, replied, “I did forget too.”

“Never thought that you’d forget too. Looks like I’m still not foolish, but you remembered about it first. Talking about this, I’m too reliant on you.” Jiang Qi reflected and suddenly wanted to try being alone, to see what he would be like without depending on Ke Yan. “I’m going to sleep alone tonight.”


“Because I rely on you too much. Also, I’m going to work by myself tomorrow.”

“No way.”

“Why?” Jiang Qi disagreed.

“I’m not used to sleeping without you and won’t be able to sleep well either. The important thing is, won’t you feel cold sleeping alone?” Ke Yan absolutely did not want to sleep separately.

“Then it’s decided. Besides, the weather hasn’t been so cold recently, turning on the heater while holding the hand warmer is enough. I don’t want to depend on you so much.”

“Is it bad if you rely on me?” Ke Yan didn’t understand.

“It’s good but to rely on you constantly, I feel like it’s not so good. I also want to have you rely on me instead sometimes.” Jiang Qi did not want to be the only one relying on Ke Yan. He wished that Ke Yan would depend on him too occasionally, like when he’s tired.

“……” Ke Yan stayed silent. He understood Jiang Qi’s intentions, but all he wanted was for Jiang Qi to rely on him.

Just like this, the two went home in silence.

It’s been a long time since the two had experienced a cold war.

However, the cold war was only a cold war. When getting out of the car, Ke Yan still helped Jiang Qi to wrap the scarf around himself when he had forgotten to.

And when it was bath time, Jiang Qi helped Ke Yan to prepare his clothes.

However, when it was time to sleep, Jiang Qi hugged the pillow and started to walk towards the guest room to sleep.

Ke Yan tugged onto Jiang Qi. “I’ll sleep in the guest room.”

“No need, I will sleep in the guest room.” Jiang Qi persisted.

Ke Yan let go of his hand and watched as Jiang Qi walked out of the room. Lying on the bed, he wondered: just why exactly had they fought? It wasn’t considered a fight, it was just a matter of having different opinions.

He sighed. Depend on. These were words that Ke Yan never really thought about, but Jiang Qi seemed to be very mindful of it.

Since Jiang Qi cared a lot about it, Ke Yan calmed down and gave it some proper thoughts.

Jiang Qi placed the pillow onto the guest room’s bed, turned on the room heater and charged the electric hand warmer.

He sat there alone, feeling a little lonely.

Jiang Qi turned on the tv. He suddenly had no idea what Ke Yan and him were fighting about. But to say that it was a fight was inaccurate, it just seemed like he was throwing a tantrum.

The hand warmer was heated. Jiang Qi lay on the bed. Why was it still so cold? He was tightly wrapped around with warmth, but it was still cold.

The space next to him felt so empty. I really miss Ke Yan.

Reminiscing about Ke Yan’s body heat, Ke Yan’s smell, Ke Yan’s hug and Ke Yan’s gentle warmth.

He really didn’t know if his brain was damaged, insisting on making trouble with Ke Yan.

Jiang Qi thought and dazedly fell asleep, but kept feeling slightly uncomfortable somewhere.

But Ke Yan did not sleep. He kept pondering about the words ‘depend on’. He flipped around, his habit incurring his desire to hug Jiang Qi into his bosom to sleep in. But all he touched was an empty space.

Jiang Qi was in the guest room! It was not comfortable at all to sleep without Jiang Qi next to him.

In the middle of the night, Jiang Qi, who would usually feel nothing when he was sleeping, suddenly felt an unexpected stream of warmth. His waist was tightened, then he felt as if his entire body was warm. It felt very comfortable. He seemed to have picked up Ke Yan’s smell too.

Jiang Qi slept very well for the rest of the night.

However, when he woke up in the morning, he saw Ke Yan’s pajamas in front of him. Raising his head, he saw Ke Yan’s handsome face.

No wonder he slept so comfortably at night; Ke Yan came over to sleep together while hugging him in the middle of the night.

Caressing Ke Yan’s face, he regretted yesterday’s random tantrum. He might have been too reliant on Ke Yan, but just as Ke Yan said, what was so terrible about relying on him? Jiang Qi still liked relying on Ke Yan the most.

Kissing Ke Yan’s chin, he successfully woke Ke Yan up.


Hearing Ke Yan’s usual morning hoarse voice, Jiang Qi obediently admitted his mistake. “I made trouble out of nothing yesterday. Sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. I thought about it for a very long time last night. Actually, I’ve always been relying on you too. I depend on you to tie my tie, keep my clothes, hug you to sleep at night and hug you in the morning. When I’m tired, I will feel re-energized with you by my side.”

“En, I know my mistake. I don’t think that it’s bad for me to rely on you. In fact, I feel happy knowing that I have someone to rely on.” Jiang Qi rubbed his head onto Ke Yan’s chest.

Ke Yan pressed his lips against Jiang Qi’s forehead.

The two lay hugging each other on the bed. Suddenly, Jiang Qi pinched a bunch of flesh on Ke Yan’s waist. “Why did you have to kiss me in the lift yesterday? And so many people saw it too.” Jiang Qi remembered, feeling shy.

“I couldn’t resist.” Ke Yan took a sharp breath of cold air. Jiang Qi didn’t pinch him lightly.

“Humph. Please maintain a distance from me at the company today.”

“No need for that, right?”

Jiang Qi pinched even harder. “Until everyone who saw it forgets about it, you’re not allowed to come too close to me in the company.” He said and then released his hand. 

“Since it’s like this, then I’ll just take my compensation at home.” Ke Yan said while he tried to remove Jiang Qi’s pajamas.

“No can do. It’s already morning and we’re about to be late for work.” Jiang Qi desperately held onto his clothes.

“No problem. Everyone in the office knows that you’re the President’s wife. So what if you’re late? Who would dare to say anything? Besides, you’re about to resign already, just enjoy the perks of being the President’s wife.”

“Even if I want to enjoy it, I don’t want to do it in the morning.” Jiang Qi was still unwilling, but very soon, he was stripped completely naked by Ke Yan and his entire body was kissed several times.

And thus, Jiang Qi had a ‘rigorous exercise’ early in the morning.

He was late by the time he got to work. His whole body was sore and soft. Since he had already thought it through, he sat in Ke Yan’s car to work.



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