Chapter 142 – Everything Was Seen

President Wife is a Man
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“Manager Wang, do you have anything for me?” Jiang Qi poured two cups of water.

“Jiang Qi, I had wanted to steal Ke Yan from you, but after seeing Sun Nian Qing’s downfall, I don’t dare to.” Wang Si Qi was still very sensible and knew when to be flexible. She didn’t want to end up like Sun Nian Qing. It was only that she couldn’t help feeling unresigned in her heart.

“So you looked for me just for this matter?” Jiang Qi noticed that Wang Si Qi looked as if she still had something else.

“No, I still want to ask you a question.”

“Ask away.”

“You and Ke Yan met each other in college, so that is to say that both of you have been together since then?”

“Yes.” Jiang Qi nodded.

“……” Wang Si Qi had this answer in her heart already, but she still wanted a confirmation. It seemed like Ke Yan couldn’t be stolen by her anymore.

A pair of lovers being together for so long and it was even a same-sex couple. It just stands to reason that they were deeply in love. How could they be separated? How could they steal from Jiang Qi?

“I’ve disturbed you.” Wang Si Qi left the office right after saying so. Luckily, she didn’t follow Sun Nian Qing to such a degrading shameless level. Although she wanted to be the president’s wife, she didn’t want to lose both the president’s wife role and her job.

She didn’t expect that the role of being the president’s wife, which she yearned for, was actually Jiang Qi’s. Jiang Qi was the real president’s wife and this ‘president’s wife’ was actually a man.

Wang Si Qi left. Jiang Qi sat in his office, bored. Most of his work had been transferred to Chang Qing. Ke Yan was also not in the office. He then decided to go and take a look at the bookstore.

Using the keys to open up the bookstore’s entrance, it was seen that it was already furnished, even the books were ready for sales. He inhaled the musky scent of a room full of books. Jiang Qi walked to the children’s book section. The furnishing of this section was beautiful. There were colourful seating, small light green tables and chairs, and the bookshelves were filled with children’s storybooks, fairy tales, comics and even some informative books.

The most special thing was that Jiang Qi actually designed a place for fujoshi. There were danmei novels and comics. The reason for designing a fujoshi section was because of Xiao An and Mo Lu’s recommendation. Jiang Qi felt that fujoshis were really mystical, able to unconditionally support two men being together.1we can only dream…….

Other than these, there were some magazines and some stationeries on sale.

The second floor was for the adults.

Everything that was needed was already there.

But Jiang Qi still felt that something was missing. What was missing?

Just as he was thinking that, Ke Yan’s call came in. “Are you in the store?”

“Yeah, you didn’t drink right?”

“No, and I bought you pudding too.”

“Really? Where are you now?”

“At the bookstore entrance.” Ke Yan said and hung up the phone. He walked into the bookstore.

“How come you’re back so fast?”

“It’s already time for work.” Ke Yan looked at the time. He went out for almost two hours already.

“Forgot about the time.” Jiang Qi didn’t think that he would stay at the store for such a long time.

“This store’s pudding is really delicious. Come taste it.” Ke Yan opened the outer packaging of the pudding.

Jiang Qi took the spoon and scooped out a bite. “En, really delicious. Oh right, Ke Yan, I keep feeling as if the store is missing something that needs to be prepared.”

“No hired employees yet.” Ke Yan immediately pointed out the thing that Jiang Qi could not figure out.

“Right, no wonder I keep feeling like I’m missing something.” Jiang Qi had a big realization then immediately went to take a paper and pen out.

“How many should we hire?”


“Will this be too many?” Jiang Qi originally wanted to hire only 2 staff members.

“Not at all. The bookstore is rather big and has two floors. 4 may be too little, 5 should be better.”

“5 is too many people. Counting myself in, we will have 6 in total. Let’s stick to 4.”

Jiang Qi thought for a while before he started writing. When he went to the salary section, he asked Ke Yan, “How much for 1 month of salary?”

“Firstly, we need to have a trial month. The trial month’s pay will be $1300, and the official employee will be $3000.”

“Okay.” Jiang Qi listened to Ke Yan.

After writing out the hiring signage, they went outside to paste it onto the wooden decoration board. 

After closing the door, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan returned to the company together. The car was already parked at the carpark by the driver, so the two took this rare chance to walk in from the company’s main entrance. 

The front desk employee saw the two walk in and she immediately stood up from her original sitting position and greeted, “Good afternoon President. Good afternoon Manager Jiang.”

When the two went into the elevator, the front desk employee sat and started discussing with other colleagues.

In the elevator, Jiang Qi mentioned to Ke Yan, “Today I ate with Manager Lin. He said that he already knew about our relationship long ago and even saw us……”

“What?” Ke Yan was full of mischief. 

“Just that one.” Jiang Qi eyed Ke Yan.

“What is that?” 

“It’s kis, kissing.” Jiang Qi said softly.

“Is it like this?” Ke Yan lowered his head to kiss Jiang Qi.

“Wu……” His mouth was blocked by a kiss.

“Ding……” At this moment, the lift door opened.

Jiang Qi had not forgotten where he was and quickly pushed Ke Yan away.

But everyone waiting outside the lift saw and the crowd went, “……”

What did they see? Too explosive, President and Jiang Qi were kissing in the lift. It, it was really a stroke of good luck. The people waiting for the lift saw this scene with their own two eyes.

Jiang Qi’s face was crazy red. Everyone had seen them. He glared fiercely at Ke Yan.

I hope that they don’t come into the elevator. The elevator had not stopped at Jiang Qi’s level. It was stopped halfway.

The crowd was not bothered about their fear of the President now as they slowly fought their way into the elevator. The people who didn’t manage to squeeze in could only look on in regret.

In the elevator, Jiang Qi desperately wanted to have a hole for him to drill into right now.

He could feel the others’ gaze on him.

He secretly stretched out his hand to pinch Ke Yan who was standing next to him as if nothing happened.

Ke Yan was pinched but he smiled. In the quiet elevator, everyone’s gaze turned to Ke Yan.

Ke Yan calmly hugged Jiang Qi’s waist, lowered his head and said softly to Jiang Qi’s ears, “Xiao Ma had also seen us kiss.”

Jiang Qi froze a little. “What?” His volume was a little loud because he was just so surprised.

But right after he said that, he covered his mouth.

When the elevator reached, Jiang Qi used his elbow to poke Ke Yan’s belly. He didn’t even ask when Xiao Ma saw them kissing and hurriedly scrambled off the elevator.

Everyone in the office saw Jiang Qi’s red face and his lowered head as he entered the office.

Jiang Qi covered his face. Everything was seen.



T/N: Lmao I didn’t even realise that the ending line was the exact same as the title. Naughty naughty Ke Yan~

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Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 1.5 hours

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    we can only dream…….


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