Chapter 141 – So It Was Made Known Since Long Ago

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Over at Jiang Qi’s side, the two families shared a meal and proceeded home. After seeing the parents off, the two people sat on the sofa. Jiang Qi leaned his head onto Ke Yan’s chest. “Although it’s great that they get along well, it’s so tiring.”

“You were too nervous.”

“Oh right. The person who would take over my position has been decided. I’ve been training him during this period. I feel that he is ready for the position of Department Manager already.” Jiang Qi brought up this matter. The main point was that he had been spending most of his time and attention on the bookstore and Chang Qing’s work was good. He was hardworking as well.

“You want to leave the company already?” Ke Yan played with Jiang Qi’s fingers.

“Not really, I just want to open the bookstore a little earlier.” Jiang Qi tried to curry Ke Yan’s favour by flipping over their hands and shaking it.

“Are you acting cute with me?” Ke Yan raised his eyebrows. It was so rare for Jiang Qi to do so.

“Then do you agree? Right, the company’s rules state that resignation needs an advance notice of one month, but based on our relationship, do we still need to abide by it?”

“Jiang Qi.” Ke Yan bit Jiang Qi’s nape. “Now you know how to make use of our relationship. When I asked you to do so last time, you were still unwilling to.”

“Yeah, it’s you who asked me to use it, so I won’t be too polite.” Jiang Qi’s neck felt itchy and a little painful. He shrunk in his neck uncomfortably.

“Finish up the handover next week, then you can resign.” Ke Yan licked the spot where he bit.

“Okay.” Jiang Qi felt excited. It was his dream to become a bookstore owner.

“By the way, do you prefer a boy or a girl?” Ke Yan raised the matter about children.

“En? Why did you ask?”

“Didn’t we agree to adopt a child?” Ke Yan was ready to start looking for a suitable child for adoption.

“Regarding the child’s gender, I want to raise a boy. Because we are two big men and if it’s a girl, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to take good care of her.” In Jiang Qi’s heart, girls were tender. He had never raised a child before and he himself was a little rough. Besides, once the child grew up, he didn’t know how to help her resolve the ‘lady problems’ she would have.

“Then we’ll settle for a boy.” Ke Yan had never really considered the issue of gender. If Jiang Qi wanted a boy, then it’s a boy they would find.

“Do you think that there are men who can give birth?” Jiang Qi suddenly thought about this problem.

“Why? Do you want to give birth too?” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi with a blazing and passionate gaze.

“Not that.” Jiang Qi shook his head. “I just wanted to casually ask. How could a man give birth? And I’m also scared.” Jiang Qi thought of his big bellied look and the look of him giving birth. He couldn’t help giving a cold shudder.

“I’m also scared. Even if men could give birth, it is still dangerous to do so. I don’t want to see you suffer, and I am even more unwilling to see you put your life in danger.”

“It’s still better to adopt.” Jiang Qi agreed.

“Also, about the marriage, do you want to hold the wedding at the seaside or a cathedral? Or maybe on a grass patch?” Ke Yan’s desired wedding should start being arranged.

“I want to hold it in a forest.”

“Okay.” Ke Yan nodded. “Leave the rest to me. I want to give you a wedding surprise.”

“I’m very much anticipating it.” Jiang Qi believed that Ke Yan would arrange a surprise that he could never even expect, just like the bookstore. He liked the bookstore design very much; it was completely just as he wanted it to be.

“Since we’ve negotiated everything, let’s return to our room. It’s your turn to serve me well.” Ke Yan carried Jiang Qi up and walked upstairs towards the bedroom.

On Monday, Jiang Qi called Chang Qing to his office the moment he arrived.

“Manager, is there anything?” Chang Qing went in and closed the door.

“I’ll pass over all the remaining work to you this week. By next week, I will resign.” Jiang Qi took out a few business files. “And all these too, have a look at them.”

“Manager, are you really leaving?” Chang Qing suddenly felt a little reluctant towards Jiang Qi’s resignation. After all, Jiang Qi really took care of the staff and treated everyone well.

“En, though I’m a little reluctant to leave this job that I’ve been working at for so many years, I still prefer to fulfil my wish and open a bookstore.”

“Okay then.” Chang Qing also knew about Jiang Qi’s bookstore right opposite the company.

“Continue working hard.” Jiang Qi cheered him on.

“Yes.” Chang Qing nodded.

In the afternoon, Ke Yan had a banquet to attend so Jiang Qi ate alone. Lin Zheng Rui saw Jiang Qi alone and sat opposite him while carrying his tray.

“Manager Lin.” Jiang Qi greeted.

“Manager Jiang, President did not accompany you for lunch today?”

“He has a banquet.”

“Aye, I thought that you two were still unwilling to not let anyone find out about your relationship. If they all knew earlier, they would not be frightened to the point of hospitalization when they discovered about you two.”

“What?” Jiang Qi heard Lin Zheng Rui saying as if he had known about them since a long time ago.

“That time when I accidentally found out about your relationship, I was completely startled.”

“When did you know?” Jiang Qi had not realised it.

“It was when us department managers went for dinner together and then met President and President Wei. That time, we saw President and President Wei’s daughter eating together. You insisted on going in to find President.” Lin Zheng Rui recalled that moment and thought that Jiang Qi was just being drunk at that time, wanting to find Ke Yan. Now that he thought about it, Jiang Qi at that time must have been jealous, so he wanted to see Ke Yan.

“Afterwards, I was dead set on pulling you away, letting you wait for me at the resting area. After coming back from the toilet, I found that you were gone. I looked all over for you and when I finally found you back at the resting area, you and President were……” Lin Zheng Rui said till this point and his face started to turn a little odd. 

Jiang Qi’s face exploded in red. He remembered what he and Ke Yan did that time. Ke Yan and him went up to the room later. Jiang Qi was glad that they didn’t get it on at the resting area.

Lin Zheng Rui looked at Jiang Qi’s thoroughly flushed face and smiled. “I thought that I hid well, but I was caught by President afterwards.”

“Ke Yan had not told me anything.” Jiang Qi thought that Ke Yan was afraid that he (JQ) would be awkward if he met Lin Zheng Rui in the office.

But it really felt a little awkward, being caught with Ke Yan at such a scene.

Besides, he thought that he was doing a good job at keeping it a secret. He didn’t expect to have been completely exposed without his knowledge.

After his meal, Jiang Qi returned to his office and did not expect Wang Si Qi to be waiting for him there.



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