Chapter 140 – His Man

President Wife is a Man
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From that day when Lin Zi Rui came out, Lin family had never called him to go back.

It was as if they really wanted to sever all ties with him. Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin did not go to find Lin Zi Rui too. However, Lin Zi Rui still lived as per normal; going to work, resting, and just being together with Shao Yu.

If they called, he would go back. If they did not, he was also not feeling anxious.

Saturday. It was the day Jiang Qi’s parents and Ke Yan’s parents would meet each other officially.

Early in the morning, Jiang Qi was already wide awake and even rushed Ke Yan out of bed.

The doorbell rang the moment they finished washing up. Ke Yan went to open the door and saw that it was Mother and Father Jiang who had arrived.

“Dad, Mom, you’re here. Come on in.” Ke Yan called them ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ in a very natural and familiar tone.

“We hope we didn’t come too early. Did we wake you up?” Mother Jiang was afraid that since her house was far, if they left the house late and met with a traffic jam, it wouldn’t be good if they were late. So they left the house very early in the morning.

“Not early. Jiang Qi and I are already awake. We got up very early.”

Father and Mother Jiang entered the house. Ke Yan saw that Father Jiang’s hand was still holding onto a gift bag and he quickly helped Father Jiang to put the gift down.

“Dad, Mom, both of you are here so early.” Jiang Qi also came downstairs.

“Have you had your breakfast?” Mother Jiang saw Jiang Qi running down the stairs.

“Not yet.” 

“I’ll make something for you two.” Mother Jiang said as she stood up to walk towards the kitchen.

“Mom, I’ll help you.” Jiang Qi rolled up his sleeves.

“No no no, the more you help, the busier I’ll be.” Mother Jiang was quick to stop Jiang Qi.

Without Jiang Qi’s assistance, Mother Jiang quickly finished making breakfast. She made some toast, cooked two eggs and even made a pancake.

Ke Yan and Jiang Qi ate with relish.

Eating his last mouthful, Jiang Qi gave a burp. “Mom, that was delicious.”

“Of course it’s good. If only you have a tenth of my culinary skills, you could also do it yourself.” Mother Jiang felt that Jiang Qi’s cooking skills were just too embarrassing. 

Jiang Qi was silent. Mother Jiang was right.

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi amusedly. It looked like the number of people who were poisoned by Jiang Qi’s dishes was not low.

At this moment, Ke Yan’s parents had also arrived. Mother and Father Jiang walked to the door to greet them.

“Hello, in-laws1the original word used was 親家, which translates to parents of their son or daughter-in-law. I shortened it and just used this for naming purposes..”

“Oh, Jiang Qi’s parents, you came so early. It’s embarrassing for us to have come late.”

“No worries, it is us who are too early.”

After the pleasantries, they all went in to sit down.

They exchanged the meeting presents they bought for each other.

The atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Lan Ru Yin started off by saying, “Actually, when I first found out about them, I was rather disapproving, but I still agreed afterwards. After all, I can’t bear to be angry at the kids and don’t want the kids to be sad too.”

“Yeah.” Mother Jiang felt the same way.

“You must also have known about the two’s proposals. The next thing to do is to hold a wedding ceremony. I’m not sure if the in-laws have any opinions on this.”

“I don’t have any opinions, it’s alright if you guys make decisions about it.” Mother Jiang politely said.

“It’s best to just let the kids decide on their own. For us, we’ll just help them out.” Lan Ru Yin smiled.

The two chatted pretty lively and the two dads could only listen on the side, occasionally adding in a sentence or two.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan also sat on the side, watching their parents talk to each other. Jiang Qi marveled at the feeling of being able to just sit together like this.

At first, their mothers were really against the idea of them being together, but now that Jiang Qi and Ke Yan were together, they both chatted and discussed the matter of marriage together.

On Lin Zi Rui’s side at this moment, the family that had not contacted him before had finally called him to go back. Lin Zi Rui notified Yang Shao Yu the moment the call ended.

Yang Shao Yu wanted to accompany Lin Zi Rui back. He did not object to that because he thought that with Yang Shao Yu there, he would not be chased out of Lin family alone and still had to go home alone.

When the two reached the Lin house, everyone except Lin Zi Rui was seated on the sofa with a solemn and strict expression. Lin Le was the only one who looked at Lin Zi Rui with a gloating expression.

Mother Lin looked at Lin Zi Rui who brought Yang Shao Yu. Her expression became harsh instantly. “What do you mean by bringing this man back?”

“This is the man I want to be with.” Lin Zi Rui said expressionlessly.

“I don’t allow you two to be together. Must you be so disgusting, being together with a man?” 

Yang Shao Yu heard and was instantly a little infuriated, “How can you say something like this?”

“I am going to talk like this, what’s wrong? He is my son. Whatever I say is fine.”

“Mom.” Big Brother Lin called his mom, hinting to her to stop talking.

“Zi Rui, quickly break up with this man. We can still forgive you for being insensible, lost in a moment of confusion.” Father Lin looked at the son who he did not dote on since young. He did not feel a single bit of guilt in his heart.

“I do not even need your forgiveness. I only came to notify you, not to ask for your approval.” 

“You can even say such words. I really regret giving birth to you.” Mother Lin was muddled from rage.

“Looking at you, are you even considered as Zi Rui’s mother?” Yang Shao Yu was thoroughly angry. What kind of parents were these? “Even if you two did not love Zi Rui since young, how could you say such things? How could you say that you regret giving birth to him? Is this something a mother should say? Since you all are like this, then I’ll bring Zi Rui away. You two are not even suitable to be called Zi Rui’s parents.”

“Watch how you speak.” Second Brother Lin stood up suddenly. He did not find Yang Shao Yu pleasing before and now he actually dared to talk to his parents like that.

He walked quickly to Yang Shao Yu and threw a punch.

However, Yang Shao Yu blocked his fist and even punched him back.

Lin Zi Rui was frightened by the sight in front of him. Second Brother Lin was punched by Yang Shao Yu and directly fell to the floor.

Yang Shao Yu put all his might into that one punch.

Lin Zi Rui nervously asked, “Are you okay?” He carefully scanned Yang Shao Yu for any injuries.

Second Brother Lin was supported as he stood up. He looked at how Lin Zi Rui was not at all concerned about him. He felt complicated. His little brother and him were drifting further and further…….

He said that he would love Xiao Rui, care for him, but when he looked back, he was still biased towards Lin Le. Xiao Rui must have been very hurt.

“Shao Yu, let’s go. Even if my own family disapproves, I still have other family members who support us. Didn’t you say that your mom and dad are my mom and dad? I still have the love of a mom and dad in the end.”

“Good, let’s go.” Yang Shao Yu did not want Lin Zi Rui to continue staying here, listening to his own family saying such heartless words.

“Wait, stop right there Lin Zi Rui!” Lin Le stood up from the sofa. She felt so indignant. Such a handsome guy actually liked Lin Zi Rui and what did it mean if Lin Zi Rui just walked off like this? It meant that he didn’t consider his parents’ feelings. 

“Who are you? No good upbringing.”

“I am Lin Le and Lin Zi Rui is the one who is without upbringing.” 

“Oh, I remembered. You are Zi Rui’s sister. However, Zi Rui looks so good, so why do you look like a toad? It makes people nauseous. It’s enough that you are ugly, but you don’t even have an ounce of manners.”

“Wh, what?” Lin Le was frozen silly.

“Get out.” Mother Lin was unwilling to let anyone say something bad about her daughter.

“So Lin toad got it from her mommy.” Yang Shao Yu said as he walked out with Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui was not upset at all and even wanted to laugh a little.

He had a man to protect him now, someone who would fight for his injustice, someone who would discipline others for his sake.



T/N: I am SO ready to fight that freaking ‘family’!!! The end of this chapter made me so ANGRY((╬◣﹏◢)) The mommy toad and Lin toad deserve a good punch too. Also, sorry for missing yesterday’s update! Had paperwork to do T^T

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Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 2 hours


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    the original word used was 親家, which translates to parents of their son or daughter-in-law. I shortened it and just used this for naming purposes.


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  1. Finally! The family gets clapped back at. They are awful people, including the older brothers because they witnessed the abuse, knew it was unfair and still did nothing more than meaningless appeasement. I wish they regretted their terrible treatment more but it’s good enough that Lin Zi Rui has moved on and is happy


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