Chapter 139 – The Love He Gives Him

President Wife is a Man
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After work, Jiang Qi told Ke Yan about the matter of Sun Nian Qing’s talk. Ke Yan listened and immediately made a decision.

Jiang Qi watched Ke Yan’s sudden changing expression and knew what Ke Yan was thinking about. “I’m actually not that angry. I won’t stop whatever you want to do, but it’s tough to find a job these few days. Ms. Sun is also a pitiful girl.” Jiang Qi didn’t hate Sun Nian Qing. He only felt a little sympathetic for her.

Ke Yan rubbed Jiang Qi’s head and only said, “I know.”

Jiang Qi did not say anything else. He had already said what he wanted to. Besides, Sun Nian Qing’s attitude did indeed make him feel repulsive.

The next day, Ke Yan told Yang Shao Yu to notify Sun Nian Qing to submit her resignation of her own accord.

Ke Yan had wanted to directly fire Sun Nian Qing. Once other people knew that she was fired, it would be difficult to find a job in the future. However, Jiang Qi told him to not go overboard, so Ke Yan would give her a chance: To let her resign on her own. It would be less troublesome, too.

Ke Yan frowned. He felt very repulsive towards Sun Nian Qing.

Yang Shao Yu followed Ke Yan’s intentions and passed on the message to Sun Nian Qing. She immediately wanted to find Ke Yan once she heard it.

However, there was a secretary blocking the door, not letting her in. Finally, Yang Shao Yu notified Ke Yan. “Sun Nian Qing’s at the door wanting to see you. Are you going to meet her?”

“Let her in.” Ke Yan was losing his patience.

Yang Shao Yu allowed Sun Nian Qing in. Her heart rejoiced as she opened the door and walked into his office.

“Why are you looking for me?” Ke Yan’s voice was very cold.

“Ke Yan, actually, I’ve liked you for a very long time already. What’s so good about Jiang Qi, he’s even a guy. My looks are good and I’m also a female.” Sun Nian Qing said and even wanted to directly open the buttons of her shirt.

Ke Yan’s gaze turned cold. He frowned and called the security up.

“Why, why would you like Jiang Qi? Look at me, I’m so much better than Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi isn’t compatible with you.”

“You aren’t qualified to compare with Jiang Qi. Get out of my face now.” Ke Yan was really fuming mad the moment he heard Sun Nian Qing saying bad things about Jiang Qi and seeing her current actions.

Sun Nian Qing had never saw such an angry Ke Yan before. Her whole body felt as if someone splashed cold water on her. The gaze Ke Yan used to look at her made her feel afraid.

“Since you don’t want your shame, then I’ll fulfil your wishes.” Ke Yan walked to the front of Sun Nian Qing and reached out his hand……

Sun Nian Qing wasn’t happy and even felt some fear, because the Ke Yan at this moment was horrifying. He even made her shiver.

Ke Yan stretched out his hand to grab her jaw and then squeezed it tightly. “The one thing I hate most is for someone to bad-mouth Jiang Qi.” Saying so, he pushed his hand away strongly. Sun Nian Qing was flung to the ground.

Sprawled on the floor, sweat dripped down from Sun Nian Qing’s forehead. Her jaw even felt a little dislocated.

“I am a very petty person, yet you still want to challenge my bottom line. Recruiting you into the Ke Group was a mistake.” Ke Yan pulled out two pieces of tissues to wipe his hand.

At this moment, the security team arrived. The leader of the group walked forward and asked, “President, what are your orders?”

“Throw her out of the Ke Group.” Ke Yan didn’t bother looking at Sun Nian Qing and said indifferently. 

“Yes.” Two bodyguards held on to Sun Nian Qing, picking her up from the floor.

Hence, the secretaries outside the office saw Sun Nian Qing being carried out, with her messy shirt, cutting a sorry figure.

The crowd saw and had a tacit understanding. It seemed that Sun Nian Qing’s seduction on the President failed and was about to be chased out of the company.

Jiang Qi very quickly heard of the news. He didn’t foolishly plead Ke Yan for mercy towards Sun Nian Qing, because it was not at all worth it.

The news about Sun Nian Qing travelled throughout the company very soon. The company had also fired Sun Nian Qing. Wang Si Qi did not feel like gloating when she heard the news, but was instead glad that she did not try to seduce the President just like Sun Nian Qing.

The others had also known about this and only dared to discuss it secretly. There was someone who said, “The President is such a great guy and he really loves Manager Jiang. Facing a beauty’s seduction, he actually directly beat her up and then fired her.”

“What, he hit her?” The others heard and felt weird. “Didn’t they all say that he only fired her?”

“He beat her up and then fired her.” The speaker had seen Sun Nian Qing’s jaw and hence said so.

“Never thought that the President would hit women.” 

“The President would only hit a woman like Sun Nian Qing. After all, she deserved it.”

There were many discussions and many topics. However, even with all the discussions going on, no one dared to neglect their work as they were afraid of getting fired. But, even if they were being fired, they would not be as disgraceful as Sun Nian Qing and get thrown out.

The days passed one by one. Jiang Qi and Ke Yan have been buying furniture to put in the attic and settling the bookstore business recently. It should be soon that the store could be open for business.

Besides organising the bookstore, Jiang Qi also went to work. However, most of his work had been passed on to an employee named Chang Qing. His managerial role would be handed over to him in the future.

After that, he went out to eat with Ma Tong and Mo Lu occasionally. But they have been really busy recently. Not only do they have to take over the branch company, they still need to meet the dates their father arranged for them.

Their father knew that they didn’t like managing the company, so he wanted them to get married earlier, then let his son-in-law manage it.

However, Mo Lu and Ma Tong disliked going on blind dates and marriage even more.

On Lin Zi Rui’s side, his family had already come back from their vacation. He wasn’t in a rush to go home and see them. It just so happened that he had some spare time today and thinking that either way he had to go home, he decided to go back today.

Lin Zi Rui went home today without telling Yang Shao Yu.

When Lin Zi Rui arrived, the whole family was eating. Everyone was home.

When Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin saw Lin Zi Rui, they felt a little guilty. They thought about how the family decided to go on a vacation previously, they wanted to call Lin Zi Rui to go together.

Yet when Lin Le heard about it, she was very unhappy. She hated Lin Zi Rui the most. She wasn’t sure why. Even though her parents doted on her, she still hated Lin Zi Rui. Maybe the reason was because Big Brother and Second Brother doted on Lin Zi Rui. But she knew that Big Brother and Second Brother still loved her the most. She would make Lin Zi Rui recognise that fact. And so, Lin Le refused to let them call Lin Zi Rui. Seeing how unhappy Lin Le was, Lin parents were unwilling to see her like that and said, “Anyway, Zi Rui is also busy. Just listen to your sister.”

Lin Le put on a cutesy show for her two brothers. Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin couldn’t help it. Once their sister acted cute, they had no heart to refuse her. Second Brother thought that since Lin Zi Rui had not been coming home, he should have been pretty busy with work.

Maybe Lin Zi Rui still wouldn’t know of their vacation even after they come back.

They promised Lin Le quickly, but upon seeing Lin Zi Rui today, he felt very guilty, as if he let him down.

Lin Zi Rui saw how his two brothers were avoiding his gaze and did not say anything. Without even sitting down, he looked at his family. “Came back from vacation already?”

“Xiao Rui……” Big Brother Lin wanted to speak but did not know what to say. Second Brother Lin did not dare to look at Lin Zi Rui.

“I came home today to tell you something. I have fallen for someone and he is a guy.”

“What?” Mother Lin was the first to react, letting out a high pitched sound.

“I like men. I am together with the man I like. No matter if you approve or not, I will always stay with Shao Yu. I came today to let you guys know. I don’t care about whether you agree or not.” Lin Zi Rui repeated expressionlessly.

After which, the Lin family had no heart to continue eating. Lin Zi Rui finished speaking, turned around and left, not at all wanting to see the expressions on their faces. Maybe they would be horrified, disgusted, loathful, or maybe even wanting to shun him… This household had made him very sad before, but no longer would he ever feel like that.

Lin Zi Rui then walked out of the Lin house, wanting to call for a taxi. He drove the Lin family’s car today and did not wish to drive it back.

However, Lin Zi Rui unexpectedly saw Yang Shao Yu’s car when he came out from the door.

The car door opened. It really was Yang Shao Yu who came out from the car.

“How did you know that I’m here?” Lin Zi Rui recalled that he hadn’t told Yang Shao Yu where he had gone to.

“I know what your thoughts are and where you want to go. I can naturally guess it. But why didn’t you tell me that you went home?” Yang Shao Yu didn’t understand.

“I didn’t want to let you see the family members that always made me upset to tears. I feel like I’d have let you down.” Lin Zi Rui put both of his hands behind him.

“Why would you say so?” 

“Your family can make me feel warmth, give me love, but all my family can give you are insults, scolding and hateful gazes.” Lin Zi Rui said as his eyes dimmed.

“Silly boy.” Yang Shao Yu hugged Lin Zi Rui’s head and lowered his head to kiss Lin Zi Rui’s lips. “I don’t care about all these. All I care is loving you.”

“En.” Lin Zi Rui nodded and smiled a little. Just as he expected, as long as he was together with Shao Yu, he would not feel sorrowful. Shao Yu would only give him happiness.

This was the love Shao Yu gave him.



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