Chapter 137 – The Yang Parents

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What? She’s Shao Yu’s mom? She even seemed to recognise him? Lin Zi Rui glanced helplessly at Yang Shao Yu. Shao Yu said that he would definitely bring him (LZR) to his happy place, but all Lin Zi Rui could feel was helplessness.

“Come on in.” Seeing Lin Zi Rui’s helplessness and how he was stunned on the ground, Mother Yang gave Yang Shao Yu a look, where he acknowledged and nodded back. Mom, it’s up to you.

“Oh, oh, hello, I’m called Lin Zi Rui, I, Shao Yu and I……”

“I know, child. Don’t be too nervous. Come in, it’s cold outside.” Mother Yang pulled Lin Zi Rui into the house.

“This……” Lin Zi Rui looked at Yang Shao Yu, what is going on here?

“Come, take a seat.” Mother Yang let Lin Zi Rui sit down and asked, “What do you want to drink?”

“I, I’m okay with anything.” Lin Zi Rui placed his hands on his knees, squeezing them tightly.

“He likes to drink hot cocoa.” Yang Shao Yu sat next to Lin Zi Rui, holding onto Lin Zi Rui’s icy cold hands.

“Okay.” Mother Yang noticed Lin Zi Rui’s nervousness and personally went to the kitchen to get someone to make it.

Yang Shao Yu comforted Lin Zi Rui, “Don’t be nervous. My family has already agreed to let us be together and they also know about your family situation. They will definitely be good to you.”

“But how did they know?”

“I was the one who told them. I know that, in your heart, you’ve always been mindful of your family’s attitude towards you. Even if you’ve got me now, all I can give you is the love of a lover, the warmth of a home. I’m unable to give you the love of a parent. My parents are yours. They will treat you well, and they can definitely give you familial love.”

“En.” Lin Zi Rui nodded solemnly. “But, they aren’t against us?”

“Don’t worry. Although they aren’t too comfortable with it at first, they are now completely okay with our relationship.” Yang Shao Yu had Lin Zi Rui relax.

“When did you tell your parents?” Lin Zi Rui had no idea when Yang Shao Yu told his parents. Absolutely no idea.

“It’s been a while. They also know what I’m like. Besides, I have an older brother and younger brother, so my parents do not need to worry about the issue of children. They naturally have nothing to be dissatisfied about. Don’t be nervous. Don’t be scared.” Yang Shao Yu thought about how surprised his family was when they first heard Yang Shao Yu confessing that he liked a man.

“Okay, they will be my mom and dad in the future.” Lin Zi Rui let out his first real, excited smile since the time he came back from the Lin house.

“Come, the cocoa’s ready.” Mother Yang figured that it should be about time that Shao Yu had finished his talk. However, her son was really too much for not telling that child clearly. Just look at how frightened that child was!

“Thanks… Mom?” Lin Zi Rui gathered his courage to call Mother Yang ‘mom’.

Mother Yang blanked out a little, then gave a smile. She hurried to reply, “Yo, good child, I’ll be your mom in the future.”

When Lin Zi Rui called her mom, Mother Yang was indeed a little startled. Although she felt a little unused to it, as an unfamiliar person had called her ‘Mom’, Mother Yang felt pretty happy hearing Lin Zi Rui calling her ‘Mom’. Then she thought about how Zi Rui’s parents treated him and couldn’t help feeling some pity for the child.

“Mom.” Lin Zi Rui called out again. He hadn’t felt this feeling in a long time, the feeling of acknowledging ‘Mom’.

Mother Yang went over, squeezed Yang Shao Yu out of the way, and patted Lin Zi Rui’s shoulder, saying, “You’ll be my son in the future. You and Shao Yu have to stay together well. This is the first time Shao Yu had told the family head that he liked somebody. You two may be males, but Mom and Dad are not so old fashioned. We really hope that you both will be together for all of time.” 

“Definitely able to.”

Yang Shao Yu may have been pushed away, but he truly felt joy in his heart just by looking at his mom and Zi Rui’s good relationship. He would slowly heal Lin Zi Rui’s wounded heart. He wanted to make Lin Zi Rui happy everyday. As for Zi Rui’s house, he still needed to talk to them. He wasn’t sure if they would blame Zi Rui once they knew that Zi Rui was with a man.

Lin Zi Rui felt that he was feeling very magical today. He looked at Mother Yang then suddenly thought of his parents. If they knew that he was together with a man, they would definitely be very angry and would probably force Shao Yu and him apart, and maybe even break off their parent-son relationship.

“Your dad is out but should be back in a while. Eldest Brother moved out and will be back on the weekends. Because Dad and I like the environment here, we weren’t willing to move to another villa. Eldest Brother live in the city since his work is too far to commute from here. However, your eldest brother’s child fell sick recently, so he won’t come this weekend. Shao Yu still has another younger brother. He went overseas not long ago and would only be back over the New Year’s.” Mother Yang told Lin Zi Rui about all the details of their family situation.

“Eldest Brother’s kid is a little naughty, but he’s pretty cute.” Yang Shao Yu gave Lin Zi Rui the cocoa that was on the table.

“There’s visitors?” A man’s voice travelled from the direction of the door.

Lin Zi Rui gave Mother Yang a look. Mother Yang smiled. “It’s your dad.”

Mother Yang stood up to walk to the entrance and saw Father Yang changing his shoes, with his fishing rod standing at his side.

Father Yang liked to fish and would go fishing often. However, the number of times where he actually caught a fish had been countable.

“Who’s home?” Father Yang saw a pair of unfamiliar shoes at the doorway, unsure of who the visitor was.

“Shao Yu brought Zi Rui home. That child, Zi Rui, is pretty good. Be a little nicer to him.” Mother Yang wasn’t at ease with Father Yang’s carefree personality.

“Relax.” Father Yang walked into the living room and saw a person standing up. He first glared at Yang Shao Yu who was sitting on the couch, then smiled at Lin Zi Rui. “You must be Zi Rui, sit down quickly, don’t need to be too polite.”


“Call him dad.” 

Yang Shao Yu had Lin Zi Rui call out to Father Yang.

“Dad.” Lin Zi Rui had Mother Yang’s support and held on to his courage to call Father Yang ‘dad’.

“HAHAHAHA, it feels like I have another son.” Father Yang’s personality was very casual, so other than the time when he heard Shao Yu saying that he fell for another man, claiming that they must be together and then he (Dad) ruthlessly beat him (YSY) up, he had no other objections.

Lin Zi Rui heard Father Yang say so and his heart relaxed. He felt that Father and Mother Yang were really good, very warm, and it made him feel very touched. 

“I heard that you’re a doctor. Your work must be very tiring usually. Make sure you eat more nutritious food.”

“Yeah, Dad, Zi Rui has low blood sugar but doesn’t eat his meals on time. He even forgets to eat sometimes.”

“That won’t do. Meals must be eaten, if not, where would you get your energy from to treat others?”

“I got it, I’ll remember to eat.” Lin Zi Rui obediently promised Father Yang.

“Then that’s good.” Father Yang nodded.

Father Yang, Mother Yang, Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu sat together and chatted for a very long time.

Lin Zi Rui spent the entire day at Yang house feeling very delighted. He felt very content. He had the love of a lover and now, the love of a family. 



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