Chapter 136 – Going To A Place

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Jiang Qi and Ke Yan reached the Jiang house just in time for lunch, so they had their meal first. It was rare to see all the members of the family today. Even Elder Brother Jiang’s son, Jiang Wen, was home too.

Jiang Wen was three years old and was a good eater, so he was a little fat despite his young age.

When he saw Jiang Qi, he ran over to give him a hug.

Jiang Qi bent down to carry Jiang Wen.

Jiang Wen kissed Jiang Qi’s face and excitedly exclaimed, “Little Uncle, Xiao Wen did not see you for a long time.”

Jiang Qi also kissed his round and meaty face. “Uncle has not seen Xiao Wen for a long time too. Have you been a good boy?”

“En, good.” Xiao Wen nodded. He looked behind Jiang Qi, saw Ke Yan, and asked, “Uncle, who is he?”

“He is also your Uncle.” Jiang Qi placed Xiao Wen next to Ke Yan.

“Oh, is he Little Uncle’s boyfriend?”

Jiang Qi was surprised. “How did you know?”

Jiang Wen pointed to Jiang Lu. “Aunty said so.”

The crowd looked at Jiang Lu.

Jiang Lu shrunk in her neck and coughed out a dry laugh.

“Oh right. Mom, decide on a date to meet Ke Yan’s parents.” Jiang Qi started talking directly to the point.

“Meet?” Mother Jiang had not expected to meet this soon.

“Yes, my parents would like to meet you guys.” Ke Yan put down his chopsticks.

“Okay, but, where do we meet?”

“I meant to have the meeting at mine and Jiang Qi’s house. The same place you went before.”

Mother Jiang went there once and felt that Ke Yan’s suggestion was pretty good. Good thing he didn’t mention about visiting their house, because that would have made her feel as if Ke Yan’s family were here to offer her son a marriage1in the old fashioned ways, it was the husband (boy) who goes to propose/ offer marriage to the wife (girl). If KY’s family proposed the marriage to JQ’s family, it would have made JQ the wife (girl), and JQ isn’t a girl so that’s why Mom Jiang would feel uncomfortable for it to happen.. She didn’t consider it for too long before agreeing. She asked Father Jiang, “When should we meet Ke Yan’s parents?”

Father Jiang thought about it and said, “Then set it on next Saturday. You guys can take a good rest while Mom and I prepare for it.”

“Okay.” Jiang Qi drank some water. The dishes today were a little salty.

“En? Brother, your hand, the thing on your hand is a…… ring?” Jiang Lu was always staring at her brother and brother-in-law, and had just so happened to see Jiang Qi holding the cup with his left hand. That was when she noticed the ring on Jiang Qi’s finger.

“Yes.” Jiang Qi looked at the ring on his finger.

“Never expected you two to have proposed marriage.” Yun Hui bit her chopsticks, wishing to see the scene of their proposal.

Jiang Lu’s eyes were even gleaming, beaming with brightness.

Mother Jiang noticed the ring too. Aye, it looked like her second son was about to get married too. Although Ke Yan was a male, his qualifications were pretty good.

After the meal, the two stayed in Jiang house and called Lan Ru Yin to notify her about the meeting on Saturday with Jiang Qi’s parents.

Lin Zi Rui was recently always in Yang Shao Yu’s house, seemingly never returning home. 

Today just so happened to be his rest day. Lin Zi Rui wanted to take a trip back and retrieve some medical books too at the same time.

Lin Zi Rui went home and opened the door. He found that the house was a little too quiet. He walked in and found that there was no one in the living room. The Auntie cooking in the kitchen turned to look at the source of the sound. It was from Lin Zi Rui.

“Third Young Master.”

“Where’s everyone?”

“Don’t you know?” Auntie Zhao felt a little troubled as she looked at Lin Zi Rui.

“What’s going on?” The gaze of sympathy Auntie Zhao gave him made Lin Zi Rui’s heart feel uncomfortable.

“Old Master, Old Madam and the two young masters with the little miss have gone for a 3-day-2-night vacation. They will be back the day after. The helpers had gone to take care of them.”

“But why didn’t anyone notify me?” Lin Zi Rui said and felt that he asked a silly question. He smiled in self-ridicule and went upstairs.

Auntie Zhao looked at Lin Zi Rui’s back in sympathy. She sighed. They were all biological, yet the difference between them was so huge. Shaking her head, she reckoned that the Third Young Master would be sad.

The old Lin Zi Rui would have indeed been sad. Even if he put up a front that showed that it didn’t bother him, he would still feel hung up over it in his heart. However, it was different now. He had Yang Shao Yu. Even if his heart was still feeling a little terrible, he would not feel sad anymore.

Lin Zi Rui opened up his closet and took out all the clothes. He fit everything into the luggage, and then put in some important medical books he wanted to bring into the luggage too. He looked at the room he stayed in for more than 20 years, then turned around to leave.

He had a home now, a home with him and Yang Shao Yu.

Dragging the luggage into his house, Yang Shao Yu heard the sound and came out immediately. “Why are you back so early?”

“There was no one at home, so I packed some things and came back.”

“Why do I feel like you’re not too happy?” Yang Shao Yu held Lin Zi Rui’s hands and rubbed it a little. His hands were so cold from the outside.

“I am not exactly happy, but I’m not very unhappy. It’s just that being ignored by your family doesn’t really feel that good. My heart feels a little sad, that’s all.”

Yang Shao Yu did not ask any further. He picked up Lin Zi Rui and carried him over to the sofa. “No worries, my parents are your parents. They are very good and will definitely like you.”

“Really?” Lin Zi Rui leaned his head onto Yang Shao Yu’s chest.

“I’ll bring you to a place.” Yang Shao Yu suggested all of a sudden and then pulled up Lin Zi Rui, wrapping the scarf tightly around him.

“Where are we going?” Lin Zi Rui didn’t understand why Yang Shao Yu wanted to bring him somewhere all of a sudden.

“Somewhere you can be happy at.” Opening the door, he pulled Lin Zi Rui out.

“A place I can be happy at?” Lin Zi Rui still did not know where Yang Shao Yu wanted to bring him to.

“You’ll know shortly.” Yang Shao Yu said mysteriously.

Although he said that he’d know in a while, he drove the car for a very long time before reaching.

Driving into a villa, Lin Zi Rui opened the window to look out. He had never been to such a place before, what were they here for?

“Come, get out of the car.” Yang Shao Yu stopped the car.

“Where is this?” Lin Zi Rui’s hand was held in Yang Shao Yu’s as he walked into the house.

“You’ll know once you meet the person.”

Yang Shao Yu rang the doorbell and after a while, someone opened the door. It was a very beautiful housewife, who froze a little after seeing Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui.

Then, she smiled and said to Lin Zi Rui, “Come on, come in quickly.”

Lin Zi Rui still had not realised who this person was, but it felt as if she recognised him. “You are?”

“I’m Shao Yu’s mother.”

WHAT? Lin Zi Rui was shocked!!!




T/N: Dayum YSY really scaring LZR right here. The only people I hate in this book have gotta be the Lin family… how can they just ignore a living, big, breathing son of theirs? So angry (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ


Sorry for missing yesterday’s update! was too busy catching up on can ci pin which i totally forgot to read while waiting for updates ><

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    in the old fashioned ways, it was the husband (boy) who goes to propose/ offer marriage to the wife (girl). If KY’s family proposed the marriage to JQ’s family, it would have made JQ the wife (girl), and JQ isn’t a girl so that’s why Mom Jiang would feel uncomfortable for it to happen.


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