Chapter 135 – How To Meet The Parents

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Spoiler in title: ‘Parents’1in-laws!

When morning came, Jiang Qi, who rarely woke up first, had risen before Ke Yan. He wiggled his sore and soft body. He stretched out a hand to caress Ke Yan’s face, then saw the ring on his finger. His smile was full of happiness. Using his hand to cover his face, he felt really blessed.

Ke Yan had proposed to him yesterday. Jiang Qi looked at the ring that was on his finger and the ring that he bought for Ke Yan. They were similar, very simple rings that had the engraved words ‘KY&JQ’ on them.

Jiang Qi used his finger to touch the ring, then suddenly took it off. Looking at the inside of the ring, he had indeed found something engraved on it. It was a string of numbers. Jiang Qi looked even closer, and the numbers were: 2008.2015.12.25

25 December 2008 was the day they officially got together and 25 December 2015 was the day they proposed.

Jiang Qi felt that Ke Yan and him were really telepathic. 

He had also engraved their initials and some important dates on the ring.

Putting the ring back on, he kissed it and then kissed Ke Yan. He hid himself in Ke Yan’s embrace and continued to sleep. 

It was a Saturday today and Saturdays were the best days to sleep in, so Jiang Qi did not want to wake up so early.

At 10 in the morning, Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao reached Ke Yan’s and Jiang Qi’s house. The driver opened the door for them and Lan Ru Yin alighted. Ke Shao had gotten off by herself. Lan Ru Yin looked at her watch. They should be awake at this time.

However, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi were still sleeping.

Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao reached their door. Lan Ru Yin took her keys out from her purse and opened the door. The moment she opened the door, she saw the shoes that were placed in a mess.

Lan Ru Yin raised her head. From the walkway to the living room, there were clothes all over the floor.

There were coats, belts, pants and sweaters. Jiang Qi, especially, had more clothes since it was winter.

Looking at the messily dumped clothes on the floor, Lan Ru Yin frowned. Ke Shao saw and exclaimed, “Looks like they had a passionate night. I reckon that they aren’t awake now.”

“My goodness. Just what time is it already?” Lan Ru Yin followed the trail of clothes and walked into their bedroom.

Ke Shao followed too.

Ke Shao thought that the two were still asleep and wanted to knock on the door.

“Wait.” Lan Ru Yin called out to Ke Shao and directly opened the door.

Lan Ru Yin walked softly towards the bed. She lowered her head and saw that Ke Yan was lying a little higher, and in his arms, laid another who only showed his head full of black hair. She already knew who it was without even looking.

Ke Shao also looked at the bed from the side, and thought to herself, if Jiang Qi were to wake up now, he would definitely be so frightened.

However, the first one to wake up was Ke Yan. Ke Yan opened his eyes and saw Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao looking at them. He wasn’t at all panicked nor shocked. He carefully sat up and covered Jiang Qi with the blanket, so that no one could see underneath. They were not wearing any clothes now.

“Why are you guys here?” Ke Yan’s voice was a little hoarse.

“I have something important to find you two to talk about. Why are you still sleeping even at this time?” Lan Ru Yin remembered that Ke Yan wasn’t a person who liked to laze in bed. He would typically be up by 7am.

“What’s the matter?” Ke Yan looked at the time.

“……” Lan Ru Yin suddenly lost her voice. She saw the scratch marks on Ke Yan’s back. How could Lan Ru Yin not know where those came from? She looked at the sleeping Jiang Qi, her voice uncontrollably got louder, “Young people must exercise restraint.”

“Shh.” Ke Yan gestured for Lan Ru Yin to be softer.

This made Lan Ru Yin mad and Ke Shao couldn’t help wanting to laugh at this situation.

“Wu.” Jiang Qi was roused by some noises. He dazedly called out, “Ke Yan?”

“En, awake?” Ke Yan replied, rubbing Jiang Qi’s head which was still hiding in the blanket.

“En.” Jiang Qi stretched his head out of the blanket and opened his eyes. He suddenly saw Ke Shao at the side of the bed and was startled, then subconsciously saw Ke Yan, then finally saw Lan Ru Yin. He was thoroughly frightened into shock. After rustling in the blanket, he sat up. “Aunty? And Sister?”

Jiang Qi sat up and the blanket could no longer cover him. His shoulders and his lower half were revealed.

Ke Yan immediately pulled up the blanket and hugged Jiang Qi’s lower half.

It was only then did Jiang Qi realise that he was not wearing any clothes. His face exploded in embarrassment and he shrunk back into Ke Yan’s side.

Ke Shao saw everything clearly. Jiang Qi’s body was full of green and purple marks, all were love bites, and she then gave a wolfish whistle just like a female hooligan.

Jiang Qi felt as if he lost all his face to meet others. He was naked and Ke Yan’s mother and sister were right there. He embarrassedly drilled his head into the blanket.

“You two leave first. We’ll go down after we change.” Ke Yan let Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao leave first.

Lan Ru Yin did not say anything else. She eyed Ke Yan and left. Ke Shao also sent Ke Yan waves of winks and said softly, “Little brother, you must have had a very fiery night.”

After saying that, she followed Lan Ru Yin out. She helped them close the door as she left.

“Come on out.” Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi to lift up the quilt.

“Why do I always let your mom see this side of me?” Jiang Qi was depressed.

“It’s nothing bad. Your face is really red.” Ke Yan touched Jiang Qi’s face. 


“En. I’ll go take the clothes for you. You can just sit and wait on the bed.” Ke Yan left the bed to take Jiang Qi’s clothes. He also had not a single shred of cloth on him.

Ke Yan quickly took out the clothes for Jiang Qi and himself. When the two of them changed and went downstairs, Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao were already seated on the sofa, drinking some coffee.

Jiang Qi looked at the clothes scattered on the ground and silently picked them up. He thought about how Ke Yan and him were unable to control themselves once they reached the front door……

“Sit down.” Lan Ru Yin had both of them sit.

“Mom, why did you come over today?” Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sat. Naturally, Ke Yan started off first.

Lan Ru Yin looked at Jiang Qi’s soft yellow shirt and white pants. The pale yellow shirt really suited him. There wasn’t a single misplaced feeling just because it was a 27 year old man wearing it.

Putting down the cup, she said, “It’s like this. Since the both of you are together, and your dad and I have already approved of the both of you, your sister and I are here to discuss with you about which day would be good to visit the Jiang family’s parents. The people we should meet still have to be met, and it’s a good time to have a nice chat.”

“Meet the parents? Jiang Qi, what do you say?” Ke Yan asked how Jiang Qi felt, and what he replied with would be what his (KY) decision would be.

Ke Shao looked at her brother in surprise. When she saw their interactions last time, Ke Yan was not like this. He had already thought of it and then asked Jiang Qi for his opinion. However, now, it felt as if her brother wanted Jiang Qi’s opinion before daring to make a decision.

“Okay, I’ll go home and inform my mom and dad.” Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan and nodded.

“That works too. Call me after you’ve decided. I’ll go home now. You two better clean up the house fast.” After nagging at the two, Lan Ru Yin told Ke Shao, “Come with me to the mall. Let’s go buy some meeting gifts.”

Ke Shao agreed, stood up and the two were prepared to leave like this. Ke Yan suddenly remembered something and stopped the both of them. “Mom, wait a moment.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Once we set the date, don’t go to the Jiang house to visit. You and dad can just come here directly.”

“Why?” Lan Ru Yin didn’t understand.

“We are both males, it won’t be nice if you and dad went to visit Jiang Qi’s house instead.” Jiang Qi’s family might feel as if they were the wife’s house, and would not feel so great, so letting both families meet at Ke Yan and Jiang Qi’s house was the most neutral solution, with none of such problems popping up.

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan. He understood the reason for his actions. His heart felt warm and touched. Ke Yan had always managed to think of problems he didn’t think of.

Lan Ru Yin eyed the two men, since when was her son so attentive? Lan Ru Yin’s gaze was suddenly locked on to a certain direction. She looked at their hands, “You two proposed?”

“Yes, we are married, but we have not held the ceremony.” Ke Yan showed Lan Ru Yin the rings on each of their hands.

“Do you guys plan to have the ceremony?” Ke Shao looked at it but she had never expected that Ke Yan would even think about a ceremony.

“Of course. Proposal, marriage, no matter which one, I want to do it all. I want to do it all for Jiang Qi.”

Jiang Qi also hadn’t thought about having a ceremony. He felt that it was sufficient that their proposal was considered a marriage. “Ke Yan, we are also considered married like this.”

“That was a proposal. I want to give you a real wedding ceremony.” Ke Yan insisted.

“I have no objections if you want to hold a wedding. I’m also happy if both of you can be happy.” Lan Ru Yin smiled. She had truly accepted Jiang Qi in her heart because today, she felt Ke Yan’s love for Jiang Qi, a deep love that had once again surpassed her imagination. Besides, since the two had already proposed, holding a wedding ceremony would be good too.

“Thanks, Mom.” Jiang Qi suddenly thanked Lan Ru Yin loudly. “I’ll definitely love Ke Yan properly. Thank you for being so accepting of me.”

“No need for thanks. I’m going first.” Lan Ru Yin’s smile became deeper.

“Congrats.” Ke Shao also sent her regards.

“Thanks, Sister.” Jiang Qi thanked again.

Once Lan Ru Yin and Ke Shao left, Ke Yan suddenly carried Jiang Qi. “Let’s go, my wife, it’s time to meet Mom and Dad.”

Jiang Qi hugged Ke Yan’s neck, smiled and said, “Okay.”



T/N: I NEED THE WHOLE PAPAPA!!!!! Also, if it was me, I would be so pissed to wake up and find my family members staring at me and my non-existent hubby when we’re naked :3

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