Chapter 133 – Happy Christmas Eve

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The two of them went to the company’s cafeteria. Since it was not the time for lunch yet, even if it was nearly lunch time, there were still no employees at the cafeteria.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan took their food and sat down. Ke Yan watched Jiang Qi as he ate with relish and asked, “Why did you suddenly change your mind? You forbade letting others know of our relationship last time. Remember when we first came to the company, you were already afraid of anyone knowing.”

“Wasn’t the company just handed over to you? There were so many things to do. If we were to announce our relationship, those higher ups would have pestered you everyday to have me fired. Furthermore, our parents still hadn’t known of our relationship. I didn’t dare to make our relationship public. Now, since they have all approved, I have nothing to fear. I also know that you don’t like being so secretive about it. I also want to be with you openly and not hide our relationship from others just because of their opinions.”

Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand. “I’m very glad that you’d think like this.”

“Eat your food quickly. Although we’re not sneaking around anymore, I’d feel embarrassed if you do this in front of so many people.” Jiang Qi’s face reddened as he looked at the cafeteria’s uncles and aunties who were staring at them.

Ke Yan pinched Jiang Qi’s face. “Eat quickly.”


“How can this be? How can this be? Ke Yan is actually a homosexual!” Wang Si Qi did not return to her office, but followed Ke Yan and Jiang Qi to the cafeteria. Seeing their close and mushy actions, Wang Si Qi quickly walked out of the cafeteria. Ke Yan was gay. No wonder, no matter what Sun Nian Qing and she did, Ke Yan’s attitude was just as cold, unlike other guys. It was because the person he likes was Jiang Qi, a male, and a gay.

Wang Si Qi went to her office and sat on the chair. Feeling her whole body go powerless, she thought, at this rate, not only will the identity of being Ke Group’s Mrs. President be gone, even Ke Yan will be lost.

No, she must tell Sun Nian Qing of this matter and have her to think of some methods.

On the other hand, the employees who witnessed the scene this morning had slowly gone to their nearby colleagues to discuss the relationship between the two of them. They even held hands.

“It shouldn’t be lovers.” Female colleague A said as she bit on the pen tip.

“I thought so too, but aren’t they both male?” Female colleague B drank her milk tea.

“Don’t they have a name for it? Homosexual.” The fujoshi female colleague foolishly grinned widely.

“It shouldn’t be, please don’t. It’s already so rare to find someone as handsome and as rich as our President now. If President is a gay, I’ll no longer believe in true love.”

“If President and Jiang Qi are not lovers, I’d then lose faith in true love.” The fujoshi colleague finished, and was then ruthlessly beaten up by the other female colleagues that were gossiping together. 

“What are you all fighting about? No work to do anymore?” Wang Si Qi came into the tea room to pour a cup of coffee and chanced upon the female colleagues chatting in the room.

“Manager Wang.” The crowd lost their voices for a moment and then greeted Manager Wang.

“Humph. Back to your seats immediately.” Wang Si Qi poured her coffee, then humphed coldly, walking away in her high heels.

“Why is Manager Wang so fierce?” Female colleague C only dared to voice out after watching Wang Si Qi leave.

“Yeah, it’s clearly not working hours now, it’s still lunch break.”

“You all don’t know this, but Manager Wang likes the President. But no matter what she did, the President still didn’t give her a second glance.”

“How did you know?”

“It’s been a long time. That day, when I went to the coffee shop opposite to get some coffee, I saw President and Manager Wang sitting together, having coffee. I was frightened that time, I still thought they were dating. I sat on the next table to listen, and it turns out that I was wrong. Manager Wang was the only one talking. President didn’t even bother with the conversation and didn’t even bother about Manager Wang. After that, the President left first. Before leaving, he took away a box of cake. I went to ask the employees, and they said that it might be bought for the President’s girlfriend. Now that I think about it, it’s most probably bought for Manager Jiang.”

“So it’s like that. What a pity, the two are homosexuals, and especially the President, he would never like me.”

This sentence was met with ridicule. “No matter what, he still wouldn’t like you, alright?”

The two subjects of gossip made by everyone were on the 39th floor. Ke Yan was in his office and Jiang Qi looked at the time. It was close to the end of work. Jiang Qi said to Ke Yan, “I’ll go down first. Make sure to make time for me in the afternoon.”

“Okay.” Even without having Jiang Qi mentioning it, Ke Yan would definitely make time, because he had a very important thing to do tomorrow. 

After Jiang Qi went down, Ke Yan received a phone call. Once he hung up the phone, he went to the opposite side of the company. So it seemed that the shop was about ready, finishing its renovation based on Ke Yan’s instructions. There was still a little bit left that could be finished by this afternoon. Ke Yan specially instructed them to notify him when the job was just about done.

Ke Yan went over just to see the last of its renovation.

At the hospital, Lin Zi Rui had finished making his rounds and returned to his office. In the office, he saw a colleague who had good relations with him, waiting for him. 

“What’s wrong?” Lin Zi Rui asked as he sat down to rest.

“Didn’t you say that you need to take leave tomorrow and let me cover for you?”

“Yeah, why?” Lin Zi Rui hoped that he didn’t go back on his word.

“Although I agreed, my girlfriend’s hard to convince.” The male colleague smiled mischievously.

“No, I have something on tomorrow afternoon, I must take leave. Besides, didn’t I cover for you so many times in the past? If you’re going to be like that, don’t come and find me to cover for you on your dates.” Lin Zi Rui was rarely this insistent. 

The male colleague didn’t dare to say anything more. If it really was like that, he didn’t want to suffer losses. He hurriedly said, “Okay, okay, I won’t say anymore, but you must help me in the future.” 


The colleague left. Lin Zi Rui took a piece of chocolate from the drawers to eat.

He had something important going on tomorrow. Right, he needed to call Yang Shao Yu, to have him make some time tomorrow afternoon.

At night, Yang Shao Yu picked up Lin Zi Rui. Once in the car, Yang Shao Yu gave Lin Zi Rui an apple. “I heard that someone wanted to eat an apple today. I’ve washed it already.”

Lin Zi Rui took the apple and bit off one mouthful. It was very sweet. It was the first time someone sent him an apple on this day. Sending the apple to Yang Shao Yu’s mouth, he said, “Let’s eat together.”

“Okay.” Yang Shao Yu took a big mouth.

Jiang Qi and Ke Yan had their meal. After showering, they shared an apple together1An unusual new and popular tradition is to give apples as gifts on Christmas Eve. The apples are sold wrapped in colourful paper and decorated with gold ribbons or pictures of Santa Claus. The tradition came about because the Chinese word for Christmas Eve sounds similar to the word for apple..

Tomorrow was Christmas Day. Jiang Qi thought about the ring he had hidden. He was going to propose to Ke Yan tomorrow.

Happy Christmas Eve.


Author’s note: Luckily, I managed to post in time. Merry Christmas eve.


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Proofreader: Celare
Duration: 1 hour

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    An unusual new and popular tradition is to give apples as gifts on Christmas Eve. The apples are sold wrapped in colourful paper and decorated with gold ribbons or pictures of Santa Claus. The tradition came about because the Chinese word for Christmas Eve sounds similar to the word for apple.


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