Chapter 132 – Holding Hands In The Office

President Wife is a Man
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After the meal, Mother Jiang had them stay for the night and go to work directly from here tomorrow.

The two stayed and returned to the room. Ke Yan took out his phone, only to realise that it was flat. He used Jiang Qi’s charger, and after charging for a while, it turned on.

Once the phone was on, he saw 10+ missed calls. Opening them, he saw that it was all from Yang Shao Yu and Xiao Ma.

He called Yang Shao Yu first.

Yang Shao Yu answered the call. “Ke Yan, did you forget about this afternoon’s meeting? Why can’t I get through you by your phone? Xiao Ma even called me this afternoon.”

Hearing Yang Shao Yu’s words, Ke Yan remembered, then frowned. “Forgot. Phone’s flat.”

“As expected, you would only forget about work completely if it’s something regarding Jiang Qi.”

“Hold the meeting tomorrow.” Ke Yan said and then had a few more words with him before hanging up.

“Go bathe first.” Jiang Qi passed Ke Yan a set of pajamas.

“Yours?” Ke Yan took the clothes.

“En. But my pajamas are too small, how about I lend you my brother’s?” Jiang Qi’s stature was smaller than Ke Yan, but Ke Yan was similar to Brother Jiang’s figure.

“No need, I’ll use yours. It’s not so comfortable wearing someone else’s.” Except for Jiang Qi’s, Ke Yan was not used to using other people’s things.

Jiang Qi’s bedroom had no personal bathroom, so they could only go to the common bathroom outside the room.

Ke Yan showered then wore Jiang Qi’s pajamas. It was, as expected, too small. Even though the clothes were loose on Jiang Qi, it was pretty tight on Ke Yan.

Ke Yan returned to the room, and Jiang Qi looked at him. “It’s a little loose on me, but on you, it shrank a size.”

“You’re too skinny.”

“I’ve gained quite a lot of meat recently.”

“Is that so?” Ke Yan let Jiang Qi sit on his thighs and rubbed Jiang Qi’s waist. It was soft and warm, very comfortable.

“So itchy.” Jiang Qi wiggled in Ke Yan’s arms.

Ke Yan pressed Jiang Qi onto the bed and kissed his face and lips. “Your mouth is sweet, what did you eat just now?”

Jiang Qi thought about it. “Ate a green bean cake.”

“Why did you eat again after dinner? What if you suffer from indigestion?”

Jiang Qi lifted his head to kiss Ke Yan to stop his long-winded nagging.

After a kiss, Ke Yan wanted to say something again, so Jiang Qi kissed once more, using his tongue to lick Ke Yan’s lips. Ke Yan felt a tickle on his lips. Jiang Qi entangled his tongue with Ke Yan’s. It was rare for Jiang Qi to be so passionate. Ke Yan had long forgotten what he wanted to say to Jiang Qi about indigestion. He pressed Jiang Qi closer and deepened the kiss.

Unknowingly, Ke Yan’s hand had already reached into Jiang Qi’s clothes, lifting his clothes up.

“Knock knock——” The sudden sound from the door made the two pause in their actions. Jiang Qi had a great shock. He hurriedly came down from Ke Yan’s body and tidied himself up. “Come, come in.”

Ke Yan sat up too and saw Mother Jiang bringing in a hand warmer1forgot if I had t/n this before, but the hand warmers they use are electric warmers that are smaller in size and portable..

Mother Jiang came in, saw the two of them sitting on the bed, and gave the two a look. Ke Yan was steady and composed, his face expressionless. But Jiang Qi’s face was red and full of panic. Just by seeing the two of them, she knew what they had been doing previously.

Jiang Qi’s lips were red and swollen, both hands still pulling on his clothes.

Mother Jiang sighed, her original hope of Jiang Qi being the top was already not big. Seeing them now, the chances of him being the top was absolutely zero.

Putting the hand warmer on the bed, she said, “It’s warmed up already, quickly take a shower before sleeping on the bed.”

“Got, got it.” Jiang Qi put the hand warmer into the blanket.

“I’ll go out first, sleep early.” Mother Jiang left and emphasised on “sleep early”. Jiang Qi heard and his face was burning hot. He took the clothes and claim that he would go and bathe.

Ke Yan laughed lightly as he watched Jiang Qi, then prepared to go out to refill the thermal flask with hot water.

Waiting for Jiang Qi to finish his bath, Ke Yan was already lying in bed watching tv. Once he was done, Jiang Qi quickly burrowed into the blanket. Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi and shocked Jiang Qi. “Why are you not wearing clothes?”

“Too tight, removed the clothes.”

“Not cold?” Jiang Qi rubbed Ke Yan’s bare arm.

“Not cold, perfect for warming your body.”

Jiang Qi smiled. “Why are you not reading? It’s so rare to see you watching tv alone.”

“Watching it occasionally is pretty good too. Are you warm?” Ke Yan was just like an extra large, and wouldn’t turn cold, hand warmer. 

It was better than a hand warmer, and warmer too.

“En, very comfortable.” Jiang Qi rubbed himself against Ke Yan.

“What are you doing at the door?” Father Jiang came out to get some water and saw Mother Jiang pasting her ear onto Jiang Qi’s room door trying to eavesdrop.

“Shh, I’m trying to hear what they are doing.”

“Wife, it’s not that I want to nag at you, but, this, what if the child finds out? And what are you trying to listen for?” Father Jiang also lowered his voice, afraid of letting Ke Yan and Jiang Qi hear.

“Just casually listening, let’s go back to our room.” Mother Jiang could not hear anything so she stopped trying, turned around, and went back to her room.

Father Jiang watched as Mother Jiang left, then looked at the room door. Good thing they did not realise it. If not, how awkward would it have been?

The next day, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan ate their breakfast, then went to the company. Jiang Lu followed, hitching a ride.

Jiang Lu sat in the back seat, Ke Yan drove, and Jiang Qi sat in the front passenger seat. Jiang Lu looked at them. It really felt as if they were husband and wife. Oh, no, it should be two husbands.

Secretly taking out her phone, she muted the sound, and took a picture of the both of them.

Once Ke Yan reached the office, he immediately called Yang Shao Yu to start the meeting.

And as for Jiang Qi, when he first reached the office, he was bombarded by Xiao An with lots of questions, such as: 

“Aunty really agreed to let you two be together?”

“When’s the marriage?”

“Have you met the President’s parents?”

Jiang Qi helplessly looked at Xiao An. “Didn’t you used to come into the office very late? Why are you so early these few days?”

“I’m too excited, so I came early.” Xiao An was so excited she couldn’t sleep the entire night, and got up once the first morning alarm rang.

“Since you’re here early, then quickly get back to work. I’m also going to do my work.”

“Fine, then answer a question of mine.”

“Ask away.” Jiang Qi reckoned that if he didn’t answer it, Xiao An would stay here today.

“Have you met the President’s parents?” 

“Met them, they have already approved of us.” Jiang Qi thought about it and felt that his luck was very good, because both sides’ parents agreed to let them be together.

“That’s good. Then I’ll go do my work.” Xiao An got a satisfactory answer, and she felt like her whole body would be gushing with enthusiasm the entire day.

Xiao An walked out of the office, Jiang Qi sat down with the corners of his mouth hooked up. His mood today was pretty good.

Due to yesterday’s meeting being unfinished and delayed till today, the company’s higher ups entered the meeting on time, thinking that today, they wouldn’t be waiting for nothing for an hour again.

They did not need to waste one hour waiting because Ke Yan was already seated in the meeting room. Lin Zheng Rui sat beside Jiang Qi, his complexion looking poor. He was nervous for half of yesterday and ended up waiting in the meeting room for an hour, only to find out that the meeting was cancelled. His tummy had been uncomfortable the entire day and had not expected that the delayed meeting would be held today. His tummy would need to be uncomfortable again for the whole day. It was really tough on him.

Jiang Qi looked at Lin Zheng Rui’s pale face and comforted him. “Relax, Ke Yan’s mood today is really good.”

“Really? Then that’s good, at least that made me feel a little better.”

“Actually, Ke Yan isn’t that scary and wouldn’t be angry without a reason. Don’t be so afraid of him, he’s very patient.”

He’s only patient with you.

Lin Zheng Rui silently thought.

However, after Lin Zheng Rui heard Jiang Qi’s words, he suddenly felt that Jiang Qi was different from last time.

But what was different? Lin Zheng Rui could not say it.

After the meeting ended, Ke Yan left first, then the rest got up from their seats to leave the room once Ke Yan was out.

Having Jiang Qi’s comfort, Lin Zheng Rui’s tummy wasn’t feeling as terrible today and wanted to chat with Jiang Qi. However, when he turned around, he realised that Jiang Qi was long gone without a trace of his shadow.

Where could Jiang Qi have gone to? Once Ke Yan left the meeting room, Jiang Qi immediately followed, looked at the direction where Ke Yan was, and called out, “Ke Yan.”

Ke Yan turned around.

Following behind Ke Yan was Xiao Ma and another secretary. They both hurried to a stop, still following behind Ke Yan.

Jiang Qi smiled. “It’s going to be noon soon. I’m hungry, come and accompany me for lunch.”

Ke Yan raised his eyebrows at Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi called for Ke Yan, but his voice was naturally loud. The moment he called out, it was as if everyone was being ordered. The surrounding employees couldn’t help but turn to look at Jiang Qi and break out into cold sweat because of Jiang Qi’s attitude towards the President. Of course, there would be some who felt a sense of schadenfreude, waiting for the scene where the President treated Jiang Qi coldly.

After all, no matter if you were good friends with the President, don’t forget what the President’s personality was like. Furthermore, it was in the company and in front of so many people. Commanding the President like that, it was as if he was afraid to live.

However, except for Xiao Ma, no one could have guessed that Ke Yan had actually sent Jiang Qi a smile. He gave his files to the secretary next to him. He then walked towards Jiang Qi and replied with a warm and gentle voice, “Okay.”

“Let’s go then.” Jiang Qi linked their hands together.

Ke Yan’s heart experienced a shock. His steps faltered a little, but quickly recovered. Strongly gripping back Jiang Qi’s hand, he continued walking without stopping.

The crowd was astonished. They remained in their original spots, unable to come back to their senses. The President’s attitude was so good-natured, was it still the President? Also, if they didn’t see it wrongly, the two of them were walking while holding hands right? Holding hands. Even if they were the closest of friends, between boys, they would never be this affectionate and link hands just like girls would.

This was too affectionate. It made people feel like they were dating. However, what was going on with President and Manager Jiang?

Wang Si Qi, who witnessed this situation, curled up her fist. Her long fingernails pressed deeply into the flesh of her palm, leaving curved fingernail indents.

Could it be that they are truly in a lovers’ relationship—— attached together?


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    forgot if I had t/n this before, but the hand warmers they use are electric warmers that are smaller in size and portable.


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