Chapter 131 – Agree

President Wife is a Man
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Mother Jiang and Ke Yan sat facing each other on the sofa. Mother Jiang started first, “Firstly, your parents? Do they agree to let you and Jiang Qi be together?”

“They have already agreed.”

“Even if they agreed, how about children? If your family wants a grandchild, what would you do? Find a surrogate?”

“No.” Ke Yan’s expression became firm and serious. “I’d never. In this life, I will only have Jiang Qi alone, and won’t find others. Regarding children, my elder sister has already given birth to a boy and will still continue to give birth, no need to worry.”

“Is that so?” Mother Jiang’s heart relaxed a little and wasn’t so tense.

“Jiang Qi and I should be adopting a child in the future, because Jiang Qi likes children and we can’t produce one. But, I will find a recently birthed child to adopt because I hope that when the child grows up, he will be filial to Jiang Qi and will be a little closer to Jiang Qi.” Ke Yan seriously talked about his considerations.

“Then that’s okay. For the matter with the two of you, I’m against it. The reason for opposing is because I feel that your family background is good, so what if your family members disagree? And I’m still concerned about this point, which is: what if you like someone else……”

“I dare to use my life to guarantee that I would not love anyone else besides Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi is the only person in my life ever since I was young that I’ve fallen for, the only person I used my entire being to love. I can’t leave Jiang Qi and I don’t even dare to imagine separating from Jiang Qi.”

“……” Mother Jiang felt that this outsider was very formidable. In front of her, because of Jiang Qi, he used all his heart to express his thoughts and was even slightly anxious. But when he talked about Jiang Qi, his face was full of bliss and that made her heart feel touched too. 

Besides, she was unwilling to make Jiang Qi sad because of this. Maybe, just maybe, Ke Yan was trustworthy.

“I hope that you can walk the talk. If I ever find out that you treat Jiang Qi poorly even just by a little, I will definitely make Jiang Qi leave you, then get married and have kids.”

“Don’t worry, that will never happen. I will never make that sort of situation arise.” Ke Yan smiled delightfully. “Really, thank you so much.” 

“If you want to thank me, then treat Jiang Qi well.”

“Don’t worry.” Ke Yan stood up and bowed deeply to Mother Jiang to express his gratitude. 

Jiang Qi woke up then looked around. When did he fall asleep? Ke Yan?

Sitting up, Jiang Qi smoothened down his tousled bed hair. Getting off the bed, he looked at the thermal flask next to his pillow, drank the water and felt refreshed immediately.

Walking out of the room, he actually saw Ke Yan and Mother Jiang sitting in the living room talking to one another, and they even seemed to be chatting pretty happily.

Jiang Qi pinched his face. It hurt, but what was going on?

“What are you guys talking about?”

Mother Jiang and Ke Yan turned back and saw Jiang Qi wearing a furry shirt with slightly messy hair standing at the room door.

“Nothing much. Come drink some peanut soup.” Mother Jiang helped Jiang Qi to scoop a bowl of peanut soup.

“Oh.” Jiang Qi drank a mouthful and sat next to Ke Yan.

“Okay, you two drink, I’m going out to buy some groceries. It just so happens that your brother is home, plus the two of you are here. I’ll go make some dishes you both like.” Mother Jiang said while bearing Jiang Qi’s astonished gaze, and called Yun Hui to buy groceries together. 

Jiang Qi turned his head to look at Ke Yan. “What’s going on? Why do I feel like my mom has accepted us after my sleep?”

“Yeah.” Ke Yan cupped Jiang Qi’s face, then lowered his head for a kiss. It was sweet and it had the nutty taste from the soup. “Mom has agreed, wanting me to be good to you for my whole life.”

“For real?” Jiang Qi excitedly stood up, the peanut soup in his hand almost spilling out.

Immediately putting the bowl down, he threw himself onto Ke Yan. “Really? Really? I’m so happy.”

“Silly.” Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi.

“Ke Yan, Ke Yan, Ke Yan, I’m so thankful I managed to meet you.” Jiang Qi hugged Ke Yan and mumbled Ke Yan’s name, saying his thanks.

Ke Yan did not say anything, just holding Jiang Qi tightly. His heart was full of the feeling of bless that he was lucky to have met Jiang Qi.

Being able to meet was fate; being able to love mutually was to cherish this fate. Jiang Qi had Ke Yan, which was a sort of happiness. Ke Yan had Jiang Qi and was naturally blissful too. They would be this blessed forever.

Jiang Lu came home to see her second brother, brother-in-law, big brother and Father Jiang sitting together on the sofa to watch tv and chat.

Rubbing her eyes, she checked to confirm that she didn’t see it wrongly. Wasn’t Mom hell-bent on not letting brother-in-law in?

Furthermore, recalling this afternoon’s situation in the office, it couldn’t be because the president was here, so he didn’t return to the office, right? He made the office’s higher ups wait for him for close to an hour in vain.

This afternoon, the whole company’s higher ups reached the meeting on time and were prepared to start the meeting. Of course, excluding Jiang Qi.

Yang Shao Yu had also applied for leave long ago and left the office in the afternoon to find Lin Zi Rui. Based on Ke Yan’s personality, he would definitely go back for the meeting, so he left the matter of the meeting to Xiao Ma.

Hence, such a situation occurred. 

“Xiao Lu? What are you standing at the door for?” Yun Hui brought dishes out from the kitchen and saw Jiang Lu rubbing her eyes at the doorway.

“Brother and Ke Yan are here?” Jiang Lu felt that directly calling Ke Yan by his name was something she was very not used to, and it felt a little disrespectful. 

“You don’t know this, but Mom has already agreed to their relationship.” Yun Hui smiled and told Jiang Lu.

“Really? That’s great.” Jiang Lu was very delighted and took out her phone to send Xiao An a message.

During dinner, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sat together. Jiang Lu sat across them, held her chopsticks and grinned foolishly as she looked at them.

Wasn’t a fujoshi’s heart like this? She was very glad that her brother could come home with her brother-in-law openly like this.

Jiang Qi first picked up some of Mother and Father Jiang’s favourite dishes for them, then gave Ke Yan some potato slices.

Ke Yan ate a mouthful. It was completely different from the one Jiang Qi made, it tasted really good.

Smiling, he put the de-shelled prawn on his hand into Jiang Qi’s bowl after dipping it in some sauce.

Jiang Qi very habitually ate it.

Mother Jiang looked at the two’s natural actions. It seemed that Ke Yan was really just like what Father Jiang had said before: very good at taking care of Jiang Qi. No, it should be very good at spoiling Jiang Qi.



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