Chapter 130 – Pouring Water

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After chatting with Jiang Qi and Ke Yan for a while, Jiang Bu returned to his room, wanting to take a shower and have a change of clothes.

Yun Hui followed him back to the room and helped Jiang Bu to take his clothes.

Jiang Bu removed his coat, and watched the back view of his wife taking clothes out of the wardrobe. “You don’t seem to object to their relationship?”

“Yeah, but you were not opposing nor stopping them just now, so you actually accepted them so readily?”

“Although I’m very surprised, I’ve never thought of disapproving. Besides, just look at their appearance, there’s nothing bad about being together.” Jiang Bu took the clothes from Yun Hui’s hands, planning to shower.

“Husband, you look so dashing like this.” Yun Hui smiled and praised.

Jiang Bu froze a little, then smiled. It seemed like his wife had really wished for Xiao Qi and Ke Yan to be together.

Ke Yan and Jiang Qi stayed at Jiang house. At the office, Yang Shao Yu glanced at the time, why hadn’t Ke Yan come back? It’s almost time for the meeting.

Should he delay the meeting? However, knowing of Ke Yan’s strict working ethics, he should remember about the afternoon meeting. He must be rushing back by now, so there was no need to postpone it.

On the other end, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan were sitting on the sofa. Jiang Qi leaned against the sofa. He wanted to lean against Ke Yan, but remembered that he was in his parents house, so he didn’t rest on his family1pretty sure a t/n isn’t required but it refers to his beloved Ke Yan!! 😀. But leaning against the sofa wasn’t as comfortable as lying on Ke Yan’s body.

“I don’t seem to have toured your house.” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi’s uncomfortable appearance and knew what he was thinking. He then came up with a suggestion.

“Oh right, you only saw the living room on your last visit.” Jiang Qi stood up.

“Let’s go, bring me to your room.” 


Jiang Qi brought Ke Yan to his room.

Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi’s room; the blue queen-sized bed, white desk, blue curtains, and the majority of the things were blue in colour, but……

“Why is there no bookshelf?” He knew how much Jiang Qi liked reading, yet his room had not a single bookshelf, only a small pile of two to three books on his table.

“There’s a study in the house, all the books are there.”

Jiang Qi said as he brought Ke Yan to the study.

Jiang house’s study had only one table and the rest of the space was filled with quite a few bookshelves.

Ke Yan looked and there were a lot of varieties of books. Ke Yan took a comic book down from the shelf.

“That shelf belongs to Xiao Lu. We three siblings have two shelves each, one big, one small. This was what Dad specially bought. Because the study in our house is a little smaller, he felt that he could fill the room with shelves to maximize the space.” 

Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand and walked towards a bookshelf. “This must be yours.”

“En.” Jiang Qi touched the book on the shelf.

“Um, you two are here.” Father Jiang wanted to come in to take his kifu and had chanced upon Jiang Qi and Ke Yan.

“Dad, we’re just about to return to our room. You’re here to take the kifu?”

“En. Right, I feel like your mom seems to be not that resistant anymore.”


Jiang Qi looked at Father Jiang expectantly.

Father Jiang nodded.

Back at the room, the two sat on the bed.

“So this is the bed you always sleep on.” Ke Yan sat on the bed, touching the blue blanket. “Say, if I didn’t catch your talisman that year, what if we never met?”

“But luckily, we did meet. And luckily, we are together.” Jiang Qi listened and hugged Ke Yan.

Ke Yan returned the hug and pushed him downwards, lying on the bed. “Yeah, it’s really lucky.”

“En.” Jiang Qi leaned in Ke Yan’s embrace.

The two of them cuddled just like this. Ke Yan felt that Jiang Qi, who was in his arms, had fallen asleep. Taking a look, he had really fallen asleep. Ke Yan didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, he (JQ) was this sleepy?

Covering him with the blanket, Ke Yan removed Jiang Qi’s coat and turned on the thermostat. 

After that, Ke Yan went out of the room, prepared to pour a cup of hot water.

When Ke Yan reached the kitchen, he happened to meet Mother Jiang in the kitchen too.


“Jiang Qi?”

“Jiang Qi’s sleeping, I came out to pour him some water.”

“Slept? Why would he need water if he’s sleeping?” Mother Jiang showed her dissatisfaction towards Ke Yan.

“Whenever Jiang Qi sleeps, he would wake up halfway with a dry throat and would want to drink water. That… Do you have any thermal flask?”

Regarding how Ke Yan understood Jiang Qi more than herself, Mother Jiang was silent for a while, then gave Ke Yan a thermal flask.

Ke Yan took the flask and smiled while he gave his thanks.

Mother Jiang looked at Ke Yan’s smile, thinking that her son must have been dazed till he was captivated and infatuated by this smile.

Ke Yan poured hot water into the flask first, then added in a little warm water. He drank a mouthful. The temperature was just right; not too hot and not too cold.

“Let’s have a talk.” Seeing Ke Yan’s actions, Mother Jiang suddenly said.

Ke Yan looked at Mother Jiang in surprise. But as long as she was willing to talk, it’s good enough.



T/N: how homely~ btw y’all still remembered what KY forgot? Poor YSY and co (っ´ω`)ノ(╥ω╥)

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Proofreader: Celare
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    pretty sure a t/n isn’t required but it refers to his beloved Ke Yan!! 😀


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