Chapter 127 – As Usual

President Wife is a Man
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Content Warning: This chapter may contain depictions of violence, sex, offensive language and has been marked NSFW

Ke Yan returned to the company. Since it was working hours, Jiang Qi did not look for Ke Yan. Yang Shao Yu saw that Ke Yan cut a sorry figure, and mocked, “Never thought that you would also be disciplined by someone, and it’s even by Jiang Qi’s mother. Looks like you can’t be favored by your mother-in-law.”

Ke Yan gave Yang Shao Yu a look and coldly said, “Wait till you go and meet Lin Zi Rui’s parents, then come and mock me.”

Yang Shao Yu’s smile froze. That’s right, he needed to see Zi Rui’s parents in the future too, he couldn’t be too happy now.

That night, Jiang Lu went home. During dinner, Mother Jiang brought up the matter of Ke Yan visit, and even said that she viciously hit Ke Yan.

“Mom, how can you hit someone?” Jiang Lu couldn’t help but say.

“The one I hit is Ke Yan, it’s because of him that your brother became like this.”

“How can it be the President’s fault? If Brother did not like him, he would not have brought him home, besides, feelings are the matter between the two.”

“Jiang Lu, is your skin very itchy1a way of saying “ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BEATING?” lol my mom used to say “is your butt very itchy” to refer to a beating :p?” Mother Jiang was shamed into anger.

“Okay, okay, I won’t say anymore.” Jiang Lu quickly shut her mouth, but she sneakily went to her room to send a message to her brother: 

—— Brother-in-law came home today but was beaten up by mom.

Jiang Qi received the message when Ke Yan was in the shower. Thinking of the time when Ke Yan said that he had a banquet, it should be then when he went to his house. Even more, he was beaten. He didn’t know if it was painful, didn’t know if his mom was heavy handed. 

Jiang Qi was worried in his heart, walked to the bathroom door, and opened it.

Ke Yan was currently showering and felt that the door had opened. He turned around towards the direction of the door and saw Jiang Qi standing there.

“Want to bathe together?” Ke Yan thought that Jiang Qi wanted to shower together.

“Okay.” Jiang Qi first glanced at Ke Yan’s body, but didn’t find any bruises. Because Ke Yan turned his body, Jiang Qi couldn’t see Ke Yan’s back. When Ke Yan suggested, Jiang Qi did not refuse and unbuttoned his shirt.

With just this action, Ke Yan felt his body burning up. It had been many days since they last did it.

NSFW for the thirstyJiang Qi unbuttoned his shirt one by one. He pulled off his shirt and walked into the shower. He hooked his arms around Ke Yan’s neck and took the initiative to kiss.

Ke Yan kissed Jiang Qi and unbuckled Jiang Qi’s belt, button and zipper, then tugged on the pants. The pants came loose and fell onto the floor.

Entangling Jiang Qi’s tongue, both of his hands unceasingly touched Jiang Qi’s sensitive spots.

Jiang Qi’s body also started burning up. It seemed that it had been a long time since they did it, so his body was very sensitive. He lifted his leg and rubbed the area between Ke Yan’s legs. Just as expected, it was already hardened.

Smiling lightly, he sucked on Ke Yan’s adam apple.

Ke Yan’s body trembled, but he immediately pinched the two red dots on Jiang Qi’s chest.

Jiang Qi felt his body going limp a little. It indeed had been too long since they did it, his whole body was very sensitive.

“How sensitive.” Ke Yan, who understood Jiang Qi’s body more than anyone else, had obviously noticed it too.

“Because it’s been so long~ mm~ since we did it.” Jiang Qi’s bottom part was played by Ke Yan. Jiang Qi tightly grabbed Ke Yan’s arm. The comfortable feeling made his legs soft.

“Then we can do it everyday in the future.” Ke Yan smiled naughtily.

“That won’t do, mm~ there’s still work.”

“Then enjoy it fully now.”

Jiang Qi originally wanted to see if Ke Yan’s body had any bruises, but carelessly served his bared bodied self to Ke Yan. And now, the pleasure made his head dizzy and muddled.

Ke Yan lifted Jiang Qi up. Jiang Qi hooked his legs on Ke Yan’s waist. Ke Yan held onto Jiang Qi and pressed him against the wall. His back met the ice cold wall, causing Jiang Qi to shiver uncontrollably.

“I forgot about it, it must have been very cold.” Ke Yan immediately lifted Jiang Qi off the wall.

“Not a problem.” Jiang Qi came back to his senses immediately.

Hugging Ke Yan’s neck, Jiang Qi took a look at Ke Yan’s back and saw that his back was littered with bruises. His heart immediately hurt. He could see how heavily his mom hit him.

“Let’s go back to the bed?” Ke Yan was afraid that the weather was too cold, even with the bathroom heater turned on. He was afraid that Jiang Qi would feel cold and it wouldn’t be good if he let Jiang Qi feel cold.


Ke Yan first went to wrap Jiang Qi in a bath towel, then carried him and laid him onto the bed.

Opening the towel to reveal Jiang Qi’s body, he gave a kiss on Jiang Qi’s neck. Jiang Qi raised his neck higher, both legs wrapping around Ke Yan’s waist as he panted, “Come on in.”

Ke Yan almost couldn’t resist going in directly, but he still gently opened up Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi knew Ke Yan’s personality and didn’t rush him, although he felt that the speed of Ke Yan’s preparation was much faster than usual……

After the deed, Jiang Qi laid on Ke Yan’s chest, panting. Ke Yan rubbed Jiang Qi’s back then went to the bathroom to prepare the water. He brought Jiang Qi into the bathroom and cleaned Jiang Qi up. He let Jiang Qi soak first, then went to change the bedsheets.

After settling everything, the two laid on the bed. Jiang Qi caressed the spot where Ke Yan’s bruise was, but didn’t ask Ke Yan if he went to his house today and met his mom. Could he still not understand Ke Yan? Although they said that they would resolve it together, Ke Yan definitely felt unwilling. But in Jiang Qi’s heart, he had already decided to go home tomorrow because he was just the same; unwilling to see Ke Yan like that. He was also feeling heartache for him. 


T/N: Finally we get to see some meat??!! Also, did anyone noticed that 天天就是天天 (everyday is everyday) reference!!!! (¬‿¬)

Editor: CarelessPurple

Proofreader: Celare
Duration: 1 hour

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    a way of saying “ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A BEATING?” lol my mom used to say “is your butt very itchy” to refer to a beating :p


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