Chapter 126 – One More Person To Love Him

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The next day, Jiang Qi woke up in poor spirits and found that Ke Yan had already gotten up. Sitting on the bed for a while, he then left the bed to brush his teeth, wash his face, then went down to prepare breakfast.

However, when he went down, he found that the table was already filled with the prepared breakfast.

Toasted bread, milk and fried eggs with sausage.

Drinking the milk, he felt warm, and its warmth directly pierced Jiang Qi’s heart.

“Ke Yan?” Jiang Qi called out for Ke Yan, but no one responded.

Has he went out already? But why go out so early? And the milk is still warm so he should not have left long ago.

Jiang Qi walked to the front entrance and opened the door to check if Ke Yan had come back. He happened to see Ke Yan carrying a bag of something, walking out of the elevator.

“Where did you go?”

“Went to take something.” Ke Yan entered the house, placed the bag on the table, then went to the kitchen to take a bowl.

“What’s this?”

“It’s wonton1or dumplings but they are kinda different.” Ke Yan poured out the wonton into a bowl.

“Where did you buy it from? There’s none near our house.” Jiang Qi was surprised and inhaled the fragrant aroma. Since it was a high end apartment complex, there was no one selling such food nearby.

“Called the driver to buy it. I just went down to take it.” Saying so, Ke Yan gave the chopsticks to Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi fed Ke Yan first, then started eating.

“Is it good?”

Jiang Qi nodded.

“Do you feel better after eating it?”

“Yup.” Jiang Qi smiled and wasn’t feeling as listless as before.

“Eat more.” Ke Yan also started eating his breakfast.

After breakfast, they went to the office. Since the driver drove them today, they didn’t stop in the carpark to take the lift to the 39th floor. They stopped outside the company’s entrance.

As expected, when Ke Yan alighted, everyone looked over and froze. They noticed the white bandage on Ke Yan’s head. The words “Good morning, President” were stuck in their mouths, unable to be uttered.

Ke Yan acted as if he didn’t notice, and unfeelingly went into the elevator with Jiang Qi.

In the elevator, because the President was riding it, everyone did not dare to take it and waited for the next elevator to arrive.

In the lift, Jiang Qi couldn’t help but to laugh.

Ke Yan reached out to pinch Jiang Qi’s face. Seeing Jiang Qi’s smile, he felt much better.

The elevator quickly reached its stop. Jiang Qi left first and immediately saw Xiao An waiting at the door.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao An’s expression was really too odd. Jiang Qi noticed and couldn’t help asking.

“I know everything. Jiang Qi, you and President must do your best. You can never break up, I support you two.” Xiao An’s voice gradually rose and everyone in the office heard, turning their heads to look at them.

Jiang Qi froze, then smiled. “Got it. Don’t worry, we won’t break up.” Jiang Qi guessed that it must have been Jiang Lu who told Xiao An.

Regarding how Jiang Qi did not avoid everyone and allowed them to hear his words and voice, Xiao An smiled, then said, “All the best.” She left to continue her work.

Jiang Qi also walked into his office, letting Secretary Li Jing in to report about work matters, then starting another day of work.

In the afternoon, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan ate together. After eating, Jiang Qi wanted to rest for a while at Ke Yan’s office, but Ke Yan said that he was going out.

“Where to?”

“I have a banquet to attend.” Whenever Ke Yan lies, he wouldn’t look Jiang Qi in the eyes. Only when he told the truth would he then stare straight into Jiang Qi’s eyes.

“Oh, then you mustn’t drink alcohol.” Jiang Qi worriedly took a glance at the bandage on Ke Yan’s forehead.

“Don’t worry, then I’ll go first.”

“Okay, be careful on the road.”

Ke Yan went to the carpark, opened the car door, and drove towards Jiang house.

Jiang house was a little far from the company. Ke Yan drove for a long time before reaching it. He stopped the car at the neighbourhood’s carpark, then went to the Jiang house’s front door. He took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell.

After a while, someone opened the door. The one who opened the door today was Mother Jiang.

However, when Mother Jiang opened the door and saw Ke Yan, she froze, then looked behind Ke Yan. She didn’t see Jiang Qi.

“Aunty, Jiang Qi did not come today.” Ke Yan also knew who Mother Jiang was looking for.

“Then what are you here for?” Mother Jiang put on a poker face.

“Today, I came here alone to find you about the matter with Jiang Qi and I. I hope that you can agree to let us be together.”

“Agree? No matter what I say, aren’t you two already together? If I disagree, will you guys break up?”

“Won’t and can’t break up. I love Jiang Qi, I want to be with him for a lifetime. I will do my best to make him happy, to take good care of him. I want to let Jiang Qi have a face full of smiles. When Jiang Qi feels bad, my heart will feel bad too. When he cries, I hate that I can’t give everything to him. I will keep coaxing him, only wanting him to smile. I want him to be happy, to give him happiness. It’s just like this. Furthermore, if you don’t agree, Jiang Qi would be very sad, and he would keep thinking that he did something wrong to make you hate him. However, Jiang Qi would never break up with me. He would only suffer in his heart and be upset alone. My heart hurts when he acts like that.” Ke Yan had never said such words to anyone else other than Jiang Qi. But because it was Jiang Qi’s mother, someone Jiang Qi cared about, so she naturally became someone Ke Yan would also care about.

“You say it so nicely. Jiang Qi is my son, I know, but what about you? You are the president of a company. You have power, money, and a lot of women chasing to marry you. Can you remain unseduced by the world’s temptation?” Mother Jiang could not fully believe Ke Yan. Furthermore, she continued, “Both of you are male. If you two are together, how will the world see you? You will be judged by others, being pointed at just by walking on the road. You don’t care, but I care about my son.”

“Aunty, we have been together for 7 years. In these 7 years, we have experienced a lot of things. Just as you said just now, just by walking on the road outside, showing a little affection, we would be criticised by others. However, Jiang Qi had never felt that it was anything embarrassing. He would only feel a little shy to be affectionate in front of others. In these 7 years, I definitely understand Jiang Qi. Jiang Qi hopes that when we come here, we will work hard together to gain your approval. But in the end, I couldn’t not come alone. The words you said yesterday made Jiang Qi very sad, but he worked hard to show his happy side in front of me. My heart hurts seeing him like this. I know Jiang Qi isn’t such a weak person, and I overprotected him. But, I’d rather keep protecting him like this. Although I’m a male, us being together, what’s the difference? There’s only one more person to love Jiang Qi. I ask that you approve of us.” Ke Yan said and gave Mother Jiang a deep bow.

Requesting someone with such an attitude, it was the first time in Ke Yan’s life since young. He sincerely wished that Mother Jiang could agree to let them be together.

When Mother Jiang listened to Ke Yan’s speech, this line: There’s only one more person to love Jiang Qi, made her feel a little touched, but she really did not wish to see her son with another man. Although at this moment, she felt that there was no one else who could love Jiang Qi more.

Mother Jiang immediately held up the broom, and waved it towards Ke Yan, “Get lost immediately. I’ll immediately go and arrange a blind date for Jiang Qi. I won’t agree to let my son be with you.”

“Jiang Qi would definitely not go……” Ke Yan hadn’t finished his words before getting heavily hit a few times.

“Get lost now!”

Ke Yan had no other choice, he was chased by Mother Jiang all the way down. Rolling his shoulders that were hit, he felt a little ache. He prepared to drive back to the office.

Suddenly, the phone rang. He took out to see the caller screen and his heart became unusually soft. He answered the phone and through the phone came Jiang Qi’s voice, “Ke Yan, has your banquet ended?”

“En, finished. I’m about to return to the company.”

“You didn’t drink right?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t drink.”

“Then that’s good. I’m hanging up first, drive carefully.”

“Okay, bye.” Ke Yan hung up the phone then took a look at the level of Jiang house. If it didn’t work today, he would just come back tomorrow.



Author’s note: I couldn’t log in yesterday, so I can only post today. I couldn’t write the abuse even though I wanted to abuse Ke Yan.

T/N: urgh how was that not abusing KY!! Poor baby… this sister’s cheering for you!! Even though I know where mom Jiang is coming from, I still wanna give her a good shake. ( ಥ ʖ̯ ಥ)


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