Chapter 125 – Have Faith In Me

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In the house of Jiang, Mother and Father Jiang couldn’t sleep. Yun Hui fell asleep while coaxing her son to sleep. Jiang Lu couldn’t sleep too, but it was because of excitement. Such an exciting matter, how could she not find someone to share with? The person to share it with was obviously Xiao An, so Jiang Lu called Xiao An, but no one answered. Jiang Lu could only text Xiao An:

—— Didn’t President come to my house to eat? It wasn’t just a meal, he and my brother came out.

—— Really, the two of them confessed their love to my parents.

—— My mom then hit a hole out of the President’s head, but he protected my brother so well.

—— My brother is 100% a shou, President is gong.

Jiang Lu sent quite a few messages to Xiao An, but none of her messages were replied, so she scolded, “This stupid Xiao An, where could she have gone to?”

In the end, she waited for a reply, waited, and waited, until she fell asleep.

Jiang Qi woke up once in the middle of the night and touched Ke Yan’s forehead. The doctor said that he could have a fever, so he ate some medicine in the hospital. If he had a fever in the middle of the night, he had to eat fever-reducing medicine.

Luckily Ke Yan’s body constitution was good; he didn’t have a fever.

“What’s wrong?” Ke Yan was woken up by Jiang Qi’s movements.

“Just seeing if you have a fever or not.”

“No need to worry, sleep quickly.” Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi back into his embrace snugly once more.

“En.” Jiang Qi slept deeply.

The next day, Jiang Qi woke up early. He wanted to sleep a little longer, but he just couldn’t fall back asleep. He didn’t move recklessly, afraid of waking up Ke Yan.

What’s Mom doing now? Has she woken up? Or did she not sleep the entire night because of me? Did she not want to see me?

With his back facing Ke Yan, Jiang Qi thought and mulled over it, then felt sad. Wanting him to leave Ke Yan was something impossible.

Jiang Qi sighed but he stopped himself halfway. It wouldn’t be good if Ke Yan heard him. Good thing Ke Yan was still asleep. 

“Don’t sigh.” Ke Yan, who had woken up at some unknown time, kissed Jiang Qi’s neck from the back.

“En, does your head still hurt?” Jiang Qi flipped around, facing Ke Yan.

“Not in pain, don’t worry.” Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi’s hand and pinched it.

“What should we do when we go to the office tomorrow?” Jiang Qi touched Ke Yan’s bandaged head.

“Just like this.” Ke Yan showed that he didn’t care.

“True, the others won’t dare to ask you upfront.”

“Should we go back today?” Ke Yan suddenly asked.

“I don’t know.” Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan.

Ke Yan looked straight into Jiang Qi’s eyes, “Let’s go back. We must convince mom to let us be together. I hope that you can be happy, and not be kept upset because of our family matters.”

“Okay, then let’s get up. Let’s go after our breakfast.” Jiang Qi smiled.

This was the second time going home with Ke Yan. Yesterday’s and today’s moods were completely different, but Jiang Qi still pressed the doorbell.

Why did he need to press the doorbell? It’s because he left his house keys at home. He did not bring them out.

The one who opened the door was Jiang Lu. When she saw Jiang Qi and Ke Yan, she smiled. “Brother, you two are here, come in quickly.”

“Xiao Lu.” Jiang Qi smiled gratefully.

“Thanks.” Ke Yan also thanked Jiang Lu.

Jiang Lu foolishly smiled.

“Who’s that?” Mother Jiang’s voice came from the house.

“Mom, it’s me.” Jiang Qi said.

Mother Jiang was silent. After a while, she said, “You can leave.”

Jiang Qi’s heart ached. “Mom……”

“Let me think it over. You go back first, I don’t want to see you now.”

Mother Jiang’s words made Jiang Qi’s eyes redden, his nose felt sour, but he didn’t cry. He wasn’t a girl, he wouldn’t cry so easily. Jiang Qi took a deep breath.

Ke Yan pulled Jiang Qi’s hand up. “We will go back first, let Mom think carefully.”

“En, Xiao Lu, we’ll make a move first.”

Jiang Qi bid Jiang Lu farewell.

“Okay, I’ll definitely support both of you.” Jiang Lu reluctantly let them leave.

Back at the car, Jiang Qi slumped over tiredly on his seat. Ke Yan kissed the corner of Jiang Qi’s eyes. “If you’re sad, just cry out. Lean on me and cry.”

Jiang Qi didn’t want to cry, but his heart felt so suffocated that it was unbearable. When Ke Yan said so, he threw himself over to Ke Yan’s bosom, burying his face, and sobbed, “Will Mom not want me anymore?”

“Never. She’s very angry now, but that’s because she loves you. She would never want to abandon you. Believe me, I guarantee that before Christmas comes, she will definitely forgive us.”

“Really?” Jiang Qi unconditionally trusted Ke Yan.

“Really. Believe me, Jiang Qi.” Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi tighter.

“Okay.” Jiang Qi continuously nodded, wiping his tears on Ke Yan’s clothes.

Jiang Lu sent off her brother and brother-in-law1author wrote 哥夫, which means brother’s husband.. Yes, brother-in-law, Jiang Lu quietly decided to call Ke Yan like this.

Back in her room, she held up her phone, wanting to see if Xiao An replied, but she realised that her phone was turned off at some point.

After charging her phone, the phone rang the moment it turned on. Unplugging the charger, Jiang Lu answered the call. “Hello.”

“Do you know just how many calls I made to you? Are your words true?” Xiao An’s voice travelled through the phone.

“My phone was off, I just finished charging.”

“What you said, is it true?”

“Yeah. My brother and brother-in-law just came by, but were chased away by my Mom.”

“What? That won’t do. You need to quickly think of something to help your mom agree.” Xiao An panicked.

“I’ll think of something. I’m waiting for my eldest brother to come back, then we can convince my Mom together with Dad.”

“Okay, but we’ll see them at the office tomorrow. This excitement is even more than seeing my idols in real life! I never thought that they would really be together.” Xiao An couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come, she must give Jiang Qi proper and sufficient encouragement.

No matter what, they must do their best.


Author’s note: The next chapter may abuse Ke Yan, but it won’t be too much. O(∩_∩)O

T/N: Author’s note is really scaring me. JQ’s crying really broke my heart… poor baby QAQ

Editor: CarelessPurple

Proofreader: Celare
Duration: 50 mins

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    author wrote 哥夫, which means brother’s husband.


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