Chapter 124 – Two Fools

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Everyone had came to their senses, even Father Jiang who was next to Mother Jiang hadn’t expected her to be so rash, and he couldn’t react in time. The teacup flew towards Ke Yan.

Jiang Qi was the first to react. He tugged Ke Yan’s hand towards himself, wanting to block Ke Yan.

How could Ke Yan bear to let Jiang Qi get hit? When Jiang Qi covered him, he protected Jiang Qi in his arms and lowered his head. The teacup hit Ke Yan’s head.

“Ah!” Jiang Lu and Yun Hui let out a gasp of shock.

Jiang Qi quickly removed himself from Ke Yan’s arms, and looked at his head, “Does it hurt?” Jiang Qi’s two hands continuously tried to find the spot where he was hit.

“No pain.” Ke Yan smiled, caressing Jiang Qi’s face.

Jiang Qi carefully moved aside Ke Yan’s hair and saw a small cut, with some blood flowing out. Jiang Qi’s heart hurt, as if his heart was squeezed tightly and his lungs couldn’t breathe normally. He blew on Ke Yan’s wound, pulling Ke Yan’s hands, wanting to run towards the hospital.

Ke Yan stopped Jiang Qi then looked at Mother Jiang. “Aunty, you see, I can definitely protect Jiang Qi, and you too, mustn’t hurt Jiang Qi.”

“You, what do you mean by this? He is my son, how can I hurt him?” Mother Jiang was a little remorseful after seeing the injured Ke Yan, regretting that she was too impulsive. However, seeing how her son was so panicky towards Ke Yan, and had wanted to use himself to block for Ke Yan, she was angry. And now, Ke Yan said that she wanted to hurt Jiang Qi, Mother Jiang flared up again.

“Jiang Qi is your son, what if the cup just now hits Jiang Qi?” It was the first time Ke Yan was this angry in front of Jiang family.

“I……” Mother Jiang helplessly stuttered, unsure of what to say.

“Dad, mom, sorry but Ke Yan and I will take our leave first.” Jiang Qi wanted to bring Ke Yan to the hospital for a check-up. He was even bleeding, what if something went wrong?

“Okay, quickly go to the hospital.” Father Jiang let Jiang Qi bring Ke Yan to the hospital quickly.

Jiang Qi did not say anything else and just pulled Ke Yan. Downstairs, after entering the car, Jiang Qi said a sentence, “Ke Yan is an idiot.”

“What?” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi.

“My heart hurts. Seeing you hurt, I’m scared. What if something serious happened to you?”

Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi. “Silly, I am your man, of course I have to protect you. If it was you who was hit today, I would go crazy from distress. The last thing I want to see is you getting hurt. I’ll lose my rationality if you’re hurt. I’d rather be the one who’s hurt, than to see that teacup hit you.”

“Let’s get to the hospital quickly.” Jiang Qi sniffed, he tried to control his emotions. He didn’t want to cry now, he still had to send Ke Yan to the hospital.

Jiang Qi secured the seatbelt on Ke Yan, did his, and then drove towards the hospital.

At Jiang house, once Jiang Qi and Ke Yan left, Father Jiang couldn’t resist saying to Mother Jiang, “You, how can you be so reckless? No wonder Ke Yan, that kid, was impatient with you. If it really hits your son, won’t you be the one who will have heartache?”

“Ke Yan, Ke Yan, don’t tell me you agree to let them be together? I know that I was too impulsive before, but aren’t I regretting it now? But I definitely won’t allow them to be together. I won’t let my son become a homosexual.”

“Did you not see how much Jiang Qi likes Ke Yan? He almost cried when he saw Ke Yan getting hurt.”

Father Jiang was also helpless. Even if he did not want his child to be a homosexual, seeing Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s actions before, he reckoned that they couldn’t be separated. 

“Yea, mom, just let brother and Pres, Ke Yan, be together.” Jiang Lu also came to convince Mother Jiang. She wished that her brother and President could be together.

“What do you know? Go back to your room quickly.”


“Okay, don’t say anymore.” Mother Jiang cut off Jiang Lu’s words.

She went back to her room after she finished speaking. Father Jiang sighed. Yun Hui worriedly sent Jiang Qi a text message, to ask him to come home immediately once everything was settled.

Over on their side, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi only walked out from the hospital when it was already dark. The winter days were shorter, at only 5pm, it was already dark. Ke Yan’s head was bandaged.

Jiang Qi held Ke Yan’s hand tightly, and did not let go even at the hospital. The embarrassment he felt last time when he and Ke Yan held hands outside was gone, now he only felt very reluctant to let go of Ke Yan’s hand.

Ke Yan called his driver to take them back, and told the driver to buy dinner at the shop before going. Because the driver knew that Ke Yan was very picky with food, he didn’t dare to stop at a random shop, and went to a five star hotel to buy.

When the driver reached, he saw Jiang Qi and Ke Yan waiting at the hospital. The two boarded and did not say a single word. Jiang Qi only lightly leaned his head on Ke Yan’s shoulder.

The driver couldn’t help but to look over at them, what happened today? The president was even hurt. The atmosphere was a little odd, did they fight? But it didn’t seem like it, the two were still so affectionate.

The driver could not guess what happened to these two, so he just concentrated on driving. The boss’s mood was not good today. It was better if he drove properly, in case he angered the boss.

Back home, after placing all the food on the table, Jiang Qi had not much appetite, but still wanted Ke Yan to eat a little. So he acted like he was hungry, to make Ke Yan accompany him to eat.

However, Ke Yan only ate two mouthfuls and stopped eating. Jiang Qi also placed his chopsticks down.

“Have a little more.” Ke Yan placed Jiang Qi’s favourite meat onto his plate.

“You’re not eating, so I’m not too.”

“Then I’ll eat. You too, quickly eat, don’t get hungry in the middle of the night.” Ke Yan then continued eating.

Ke Yan ate one mouth, Jiang Qi ate one mouth too. Ke Yan stopped, Jiang Qi also stopped. Ke Yan was afraid of Jiang Qi being hungry, so he continued to eat. Jiang Qi was afraid that Ke Yan did not eat enough. If he doesn’t eat, Ke Yan would also stop eating since he had not much of an appetite.

So the two continued to eat and eat, until all the dishes were finished. In the end, the two were stuffed. Jiang Qi hiccupped from the fullness.

Because they ate too much, the two did not immediately take a shower and sleep. Since they did not want to stroll around the park in such cold weather, they walked around the house, digesting their food, then bathed and prepared to sleep.

Lying on the bed, Jiang Qi couldn’t fall asleep. Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi in his arms, knowing he was still awake, then lightly patted Jiang Qi’s back, coaxing him to sleep. Jiang Qi thought about the words Mother Jiang said today and the moment Ke Yan was hit. His heart hurt and he hugged Ke Yan’s waist. “I’m sorry.”

Ke Yan’s hand paused. “Why are you sorry?”

“Because my mom, she……”

“Never say sorry to me ever again and no need to ever feel sorry. I can understand Mom’s feelings and your mom is also my mom. Even if she doesn’t like me now, I’ll work hard to make her like me, to agree to let us be together.”

“Okay.” Jiang Qi smiled, as if resolving his heart’s troubles, and suddenly felt sleepy in an instant. He closed his eyes and fell asleep while holding Ke Yan tightly.

Ke Yan rubbed Jiang Qi’s head in distress, this fool really makes people’s heart hurt.

Mother Jiang; he would definitely get her approval.

Ke Yan closed his eyes. Today was a really tiring day. He fell asleep very quickly.

Actually, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan were both idiots. Idiots who only knew how to feel heartache for each other.



T/N: guess I’m the bigger idiot then, feeling heart pain for all of them. >< 


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