Chapter 123 – Confessed

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While the two people were playing chess, Jiang Qi went to the kitchen to brew two cups of tea. Although he said that it was brewing tea, it was just pouring in the tea leaves, soaking it in hot water, then draining the water and soaking it again.

Jiang Qi’s house had proper ceremonial tea equipment, but it was only Father Jiang who occasionally used them.

Putting the tea next to the two, Jiang Qi watched as the both of them played. He didn’t watch for long before going back to his tv, because Jiang Qi felt that it was too boring.

It wasn’t long before they finished one round, and the final victor was obviously Father Jiang.

Father Jiang drank some tea. “You didn’t play for long right?”

“Yes, I’ve only learnt it two days ago.” Ke Yan surprised Father Jiang, because when he lost previously, he did not lose by a huge margin. 

“What, really? I thought that you’ve at least learnt for one to two months. Never thought that at such a young age, your comprehension skills can be so high.”

“You’ve overpraised. I hope that Uncle can teach me a few moves.”

“Okay, let’s go again.”

The two played for another couple of rounds. A while later, Mother Jiang finished cooking. Today, Mother Jiang and Yun Hui1it was actually written as “Jiang sister-in-law” but it’s just too long a name, so I just used her name directly. really cooked a full table of dishes. Jiang Qi smelled the tantalizing aroma, and all the gluttonous worms in his tummy were drawn out.

Jiang Lu came out of the room to eat and saw the full table of dishes. She exclaimed inwardly that today was such a good day for eating fine food.

Everyone sat down. Today, Eldest Jiang and Eldest Jiang’s son were not home. Eldest Jiang was on a business trip, while the child went to his grandmother’s house for the weekend.

“How’s the taste?” Mother Jiang asked Ke Yan.

“It tastes very good, it really is delicious.” Ke Yan ate with relish and couldn’t help lamenting about how Jiang Qi’s culinary skills came about.

“Then go ahead and have more.” Mother Jiang gave Ke Yan a piece of meat.

“Yes, don’t be too polite.” Yun Hui said.

“Okay, I definitely won’t hold back.”

Jiang Qi ate very fast. He hadn’t eaten his mom’s food in a long time, it was really delicious.

After eating, the bowls were placed in the kitchen. Mother Jiang sliced some fruits, poured tea, and sat with everyone on the sofa to chat.

Mother Jiang held the teacup to warm her hands and said smilingly, “Ke Yan, have you eaten Jiang Qi’s dishes?”


“Must have been inedible.”

“Although it’s not very nice, as long as it’s what he made, I will eat it all.”

“It has been tough on you. The dishes Jiang Qi makes are really unpalatable.”

“Mom, what do you mean by this?” Jiang Qi said to his Mother Jiang who was roasting him right in his face.

“I’m just telling the truth.”

“Oh right, I heard from mom that you two seemed to have met very early?” Eldest sister-in-law Yun Hui asked.

Ke Yan eyed Jiang Qi, Jiang Qi nervously nodded. Ke Yan said, “We met very early and we used to be very good friends.”

“Used to?” Everyone didn’t understand.

Ke Yan reached out to hold Jiang Qi’s hand. The two of them stood up, walked to the coffee table, and bowed towards Mother and Father Jiang. Father Jiang and Mother Jiang, who did not understand their sudden movements, shared a look.

And all Jiang Lu saw was their two interlocked hands.

“Uncle, Aunty, I hope that you can approve of Jiang Qi and I being together.” Ke Yan said first.

“Approve of you two being together? Aren’t you already living together?” Mother Jiang did not understand what Ke Yan meant, because she would have never thought of both of them being lovers.

“Not this meaning.” Jiang Qi didn’t dare to look at Mother Jiang.

“My meaning is, I love Jiang Qi. I hope that you both can approve of me and Jiang Qi being together with the identity of lovers.” Ke Yan looked at Father and Mother Jiang, then bowed again after saying.


No one said anything. The silence made Jiang Qi’s palm sweat.

“——Peng!” The cup in Mother Jiang’s hand fell.

The sharp sound roused everyone from their shock, even Mother Jiang, who was the one who accidentally loosen her hand and broke the cup.

“You, you, what did you say?” Mother Jiang’s hand was shaking a little, unable to control her speech as she stuttered. Her voice was not calm.

Yun Hui also felt that this made people unbearable, how could two men……

“Aunty, I hope that you can agree to our relationship.” Ke Yan requested as he bowed again.

“Mom, I really, really love Ke Yan.” Jiang Qi finally said something as he summoned his courage to look at Mother Jiang, then realised that Mother Jiang’s eyes were a little red, due to the anxiousness.

“Do you both know what you’re saying?” Father Jiang stood up.

“We are aware but I ask both of you to believe that I will treat Jiang Qi well, and won’t let him suffer any grievances.” Ke Yan held Jiang Qi’s hand tightly, silently conveying to Jiang Qi not to be scared.

“Believe? How do you want me to believe it?” Mother Jiang’s voice was a little sharp. “You are a man, Jiang Qi is also a man. Can two men be together for a long time? No, I should say that, can two men even be together? Is this even normal?”

“Why can’t it be normal? No matter what, I’m still your son!” Jiang Qi looked at the agitated Mother Jiang, feeling horrible in his heart. Although he let his mother down, he really did not want to leave Ke Yan, and couldn’t not bear to leave.

“Shut up! Doing such things, and even having the face to say such things…… Don’t you know that this is not normal?” This was the first time Mother Jiang said such things to Jiang Qi.

“Wife.” Father Jiang called out. Although he was very shocked that Jiang Qi liked guys, he did not want to blame Jiang Qi. He wasn’t an old fashioned person, and even though liking guys was strange, he did not think that his child was abnormal.

“Mom, calm down a little.” Although Yun Hui couldn’t accept it, she loved Jiang Qi and felt her heart ache for him. She was older than Jiang Qi by quite a number of years and was considered to have watched Jiang Qi grow up since young.

“Mom, sorry, but……”

“Since you feel sorry then break up with him.” Mother Jiang could not get over the idea and looked at Jiang Qi.

“Sorry, mom, but I don’t want to break up with Ke Yan. I like him, wouldn’t leave him, and can’t leave him.”

“Brother……” Jiang Lu had just gotten back to her senses. Her brother liked men, and the man that he liked was the President. It was something she had wished for and it came true. She…… was really too happy.

Jiang Lu couldn’t help letting out a laugh, but thankfully, Mother Jiang did not hear it. If not, she would definitely be scolded badly.

Mother Jiang’s attention was all on Jiang Qi. Hearing that Jiang Qi wouldn’t leave Ke Yan, she glared at him. She realised that Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s two hands were still tightly linked, and in a heat of anger, she grabbed the cup which Father Jiang had not finished drinking and threw it towards Ke Yan.


T/N: I teared up a little towards the end and JL just made me laugh. Also, a cliffy!!!!! Once again, thank you to Bee who hit the Ko-fi chapter release goal! (❤ ω ❤)

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    it was actually written as “Jiang sister-in-law” but it’s just too long a name, so I just used her name directly.


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