Chapter 120 – Ke Yan Who Fulfils Jiang Qi’s Wishes

At Ke Yan’s office, the usually quiet and peaceful room was suddenly barged into. Mo Lu gnashed her teeth while looking at Ke Yan and Yang Shao Yu.

“We disappeared for a few days, did both of you not realise it?”

“Didn’t you go back to your own house?” Ke Yan uncaringly continued to look at his documents.

“How did you know?”

“You didn’t mention that you’ll go overseas. Without any reasons, you suddenly disappeared for so many days. You could only have gone back to your house.” Yang Shao Yu sat lazily on Ke Yan’s sofa.

“Yeah, we went back.” Ma Tong expressionlessly said. “We can celebrate the New Year’s in the country, but must manage the country’s branch office well.”

“Is that so? Let me know if you need any help.” Ke Yan lifted his head.

“Nonsense, of course we will come find you if we need help.”

“Oh right. Ke Yan, I heard that you’re going to propose?” Yang Shao Yu suddenly recalled the thing Sun Nian Qing mentioned before.

“Yeah.” Ke Yan thought about the ring he hid at home.

“Looks like you were caught by Sun Nian Qing when you went to buy the ring. That day, she still asked me if the other person was from the company.”

“Is that so?” Ke Yan smiled, they would know soon.

“Really? You’re going to propose to Jiang Qi?” Mo Lu and Ma Tong were shocked.

“En, this month.”

“Which day?”

“……” Ke Yan did not reply to Mo Lu, because she was a big mouth1someone who cannot keep secrets and was afraid that she would mess it up.

“Since you’re going to propose, you must make it more romantic. After all, proposing, this thing, only happens once in a lifetime.” Ma Tong’s eyes were shining.

“Yeah. Others may have several times, but you and Jiang Qi would only have it once in your lives.”

Ke Yan heard and he suddenly had an idea. Although he couldn’t make everyone be happy for him and Jiang Qi, he must make Jiang Qi’s parents approve of them and bless them before Christmas comes, so that he could give Jiang Qi the best Christmas.

Ke Yan thought about how he would go and find Jiang Qi’s parents alone and get them to agree to their relationship. However, Ke Yan understood Jiang Qi. If he really did it, Jiang Qi would definitely blame him for doing so.

Because, following Jiang Qi’s words, this was the feelings between two people, so both of them needed to face (the parents) together. 

Hence, when Ke Yan told Jiang Qi about this matter at home, Jiang Qi considered it before nodding his head. “Then let’s go over this weekend. But, why did you suddenly change your mind? Didn’t you say that we would go after the New Year’s?”

“It’s because I want you to have a blessed Christmas.”

“En? What does that mean?” Jiang Qi felt that this sentence was a little weird.

“Nothing much. Anyway, you’ll know when the time comes.”

“Okay then.” Jiang Qi did not question further and started chatting to Ke Yan about the matter of the store. “The store opposite the company seems to be changing its owner, it’s been renovating recently.”

“Is that so? Are you interested?” Ke Yan could hear that Jiang Qi was a little mindful about the matter of the store changing its owner.

“Yeah, the position of the store is good since it faces the company. If I were to retire early, I would open a bookstore there, then maybe, we could adopt a child. I could make breakfast in the morning and call the both of you up. After breakfast, we could send the kid to kindergarten together, then go to work in the same direction. I would be busy in the shop during the day, have lunch with you at noon, then when afternoon ends, I could go find you in the office to pick up the kid. Although it’s simple, it’s blissful.”

Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi. “We will have, we will definitely have a child. As long as it’s something you want, I will help you accomplish it.”

“En.” For reasons unknown, Jiang Qi suddenly wanted to cry. His nose itched and his tears almost flowing out. There was someone who loved him this much, spoiled him this much, and a lover who was so good to him without reservations. Jiang Qi was very satisfied, very blessed.

“Silly.” Ke Yan suddenly called Jiang Qi ‘silly’, guessing that Jiang Qi’s eyes must be red.

Jiang Qi’s eyes were indeed red, but the corner of his mouth was curled up high, very happy.

The next day, Jiang Qi went to work in good spirits without a single drop of nervousness regarding the matter of meeting the parents on Saturday, because he knew that Ke Yan could definitely make his parents approve.

After Ke Yan entered the office, he immediately took a trip to the opposite side, because what needed to be removed was removed, and the young man responsible for this matter called Ke Yan to report.

Ke Yan hung up the phone and went to take a look personally. He told the young man, “Renovations will start tomorrow, go and treat the workers to a good meal using the company’s credit.”

“Okay, okay.” The young man nodded.

Ke Yan returned to the office very quickly. Xiao Ma, who saw Ke Yan leaving, was wondering, where did President go?

Upon returning to the office, Ke Yan sent something he had others prepare to Jiang Qi’s email.

When Jiang Qi saw the mail, he blanked out for a while, then clicked open. On top of it was written: Design your own favourite bookstore.

Jiang Qi saw that it was Ke Yan that sent him, and thought that it was because he mentioned about opening a bookstore last night, so Ke Yan sent him this. He would have never expected that the bookstore he designed would really be made real, and everything he wished for would all come true.

This was Ke Yan, the Ke Yan who fulfilled Jiang Qi’s wishes, the Ke Yan who made Jiang Qi happy.


T/N: snjfllndki I desperately need a Ke Yan in my life, someone who cherishes me till this extent <33 how can every chapter be so darn sweet?


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