Chapter 119 – Let’s Go Home

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Wang Si Qi was lost and flustered. Then, she went back to her office without even eating. She messaged Sun Nian Qing, could it really be Jiang Qi?

—— Impossible, Ke Yan definitely likes females.

Sun Nian Qing very quickly replied.

Wang Si Qi read and thought that it was logical; it might be her overthinking things.

Wang Si Qi’s heart refused to admit that Ke Yan was homosexual, so she unconsciously thought that Sun Nian Qing’s words were reasonable.

Even if she had an answer in her heart.

Lin Zi Rui did not take a break this weekend and moved his day off to today. Yang Shao Yu thought of bringing Lin Zi Rui to a place, so he settled all the important work in the morning. An hour after lunch, he left work and went to fetch Lin Zi Rui from the hospital. He passed the remaining work to Xiao Ma.

Just as the car reached the hospital, Lin Zi Rui came out.

After entering the car, he asked Yang Shao Yu, “Where are we going today?”

“Going to buy furniture.”

“Buy furniture?”

“Yup, a friend of mine is about to get married but has no time to buy furniture, so he asked me for help.”

“I see.” Lin Zi Rui nodded.

At the furniture shop, the both of them first looked at the sofa section. Yang Shao Yu asked Lin Zi Rui, “What kind of sofa do you like?”

“What kind does your friend like?”

“What you like would be what he likes. His and your tastes are very similar.”

“Is that so? If it was me, I would buy a big sofa, soft, and with lots of pillows.”

“Then just buy a style like that.”

“Is it really okay? What if he doesn’t like it?”

“He will.” Yang Shao Yu was very insistent.

“This model then. I like it a lot.” Lin Zi Rui saw a sofa model that was very big, and when he sat on it, it was also very soft.

“Okay, let’s settle on this model.”

After that, the two of them went to look at other furniture such as beds, closets, dining tables, chairs……

When it was dusk, they finally bought everything. Lin Zi Rui did not know which friend of Yang Shao Yu was this. His taste was almost exactly like his own, even his favourite model was the same.

The two of them went to eat dinner. After the meal, Yang Shao Yu sent Lin Zi Rui back to rest because he had work the next day.

Back at home, Father and Mother Lin, Big Brother Lin, Second Brother Lin, and Lin Le were watching tv in the living room.

Everyone laughed when a funny part came on.

Lin Zi Rui looked on coldly, his heart unaffected, because it was like this ever since the beginning. Even if Big Brother Lin and Second Brother Lin treated him well, Lin Zi Rui still felt that he wasn’t part of the Lin family. The Lin family had always left him out intentionally or unintentionally.

Sighing, Lin Zi Rui did not want to disturb them, so he went upstairs directly.

After going up, he wanted to call Yang Shao Yu. The call went through, but Lin Zi Rui suddenly remembered that Yang Shao Yu should still be driving, so he hung up the phone.

Yang Shao Yu immediately called back.

“Still driving?”

“I stopped at the roadside.” Yang Shao Yu stopped at the side of the road to call Lin Zi Rui.

“Oh.” Lin Zi Rui lay on his bed, his eyes looking at the ceiling, a little spiritless.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just wanted to tell you to drive carefully.”

“Then I’ll hang up first, I’ll call you when I’m home.”

“En, okay.”

Lin Zi Rui hung up the phone and lay just like this on the bed, not wanting to move. He flipped over and wrapped himself with the blanket.

However, he didn’t manage to stay wrapped for long before his phone started ringing.

Answering the phone, he didn’t even see who called.

“Zi Rui, come on down.”

“Shao Yu, are you home?”

“I’m downstairs.” Yang Shao Yu stood next to the car and raised his head to look at Lin Zi Rui’s room on the second floor.

“Downstairs…… You are at my house?” Lin Zi Rui guessed, his heart holding onto some expectations secretly.

“En. I’m downstairs at your house, so come down.”

“But, didn’t you already go home?” Lin Zi Rui speedily climbed down from the bed and ran to the balcony.

He saw Yang Shao Yu standing next to his car, holding the phone and tilting his head upwards to look at him.

“I’m here to fetch you home, together.” Yang Shao Yu’s voice was low and deep, but filled with lots of warmth. The words he spoke made Lin Zi Rui’s eyes hot. He said, Let’s go home together.

“Okay.” Lin Zi Rui ended the call right after speaking, took a few clean clothes from his closet, and ran downstairs without even dressing up.

Because the Lin family’s stairs and living room weren’t connected, they didn’t see Lin Zi Rui, and Lin Zi Rui didn’t hear the lively discussion in the living room.

“Let’s go. Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Yang Shao Yu smiled, Lin Zi Rui was going home with him.

Yang Shao Yu was originally on his way home, but when the phone rang, he quickly picked it up. He saw that it was Lin Zi Rui’s call, so he immediately stopped at one side to call him back.

The moment Lin Zi Rui opened his mouth, he felt that something was off. Lin Zi Rui’s voice was different from usual; it felt a little sad.

But Lin Zi Rui still acted as if nothing was wrong.

So, Yang Shao Yu immediately turned around after the call.

Seeing Lin Zi Rui running out while carrying his clothes, Yang Shao Yu took the clothes and placed it on the backseat.

Then, the two sat in the car. Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui, caressed his face, and said, “Silly, we are home.”

After reaching home, Lin Zi Rui felt hungry, having a sudden craving for instant noodles.

Yang Shao Yu heard and pulled up his sleeves to cook.

“Make it a little more spicy.” Lin Zi Rui didn’t forget to instruct.

“Don’t eat too spicy at night, a little spice is good enough.” Yang Shao Yu took the noodles out.


Lin Zi Rui felt that Yang Shao Yu’s appearance when he cooked the noodles was very dashing. Even if he wasn’t too familiar with cooking noodles, he still tried his best to cook them.

Lin Zi Rui slurped up all the noodles and even burped after.

Yang Shao Yu poured a cup of juice for him. Lin Zi Rui took it and drank it in one gulp.

Yang Shao Yu did not ask him what happened at home because he already knew about Lin Zi Rui’s family situation. He did not want him to say it, in case it made him feel sad again.

“Let’s keep your clothes properly.” Yang Shao Yu took the clothes on the sofa.


Although they didn’t categorise the clothes, they quickly packed away everything. Looking at Yang Shao Yu who was hanging up the clothes with him, Lin Zi Rui couldn’t resist smiling.

In the future, this was his home. In it lived a lover who cherished him, cared for him, and would accompany him for a lifetime.

This made Lin Zi Rui’s heart blissful and content.

T/N: My heart hurts for LZR QAQ!! Glad that he found his home, found YSY ♡

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