Chapter 118 – Isn’t He A Male

President Wife is a Man
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Wang Si Qi heard Sun Nian Qing’s words and thought about it for the whole afternoon. She then started to get a little suspicious, but upon seeing Sun Nian Qing’s appearance, it didn’t seem to be faked.

Looks like I have to verify the truth on my own.

However, she had to wait till tomorrow to ask the secretary to help her investigate it, since everyone had already clocked off.

Wang Si Qi packed her belongings and prepared to leave too.

When Wang Si Qi passed by the secretary’s desk at the entrance while holding her bag, she suddenly remembered that her secretary seemed to be called Jiang Qing…? It was also a ‘JQ’.

It shouldn’t be her, right? Wang Si Qi glared at the secretary’s desk and thought that there weren’t any clues that there usually would be, such as seeing her and Ke Yan together.

But Wang Si Qi had never seen it before, and Jiang Qing’s looks weren’t very good either.

Instead, the one at Ke Yan’s side, was always Jiang Qi.

Wang Si Qi shook her head in frustration. Why did she keep thinking about Jiang Qi?

If Jiang Qi was a female, then it was worth being suspicious about. But he was a male, so it was impossible.

Wang Si Qi could not think of anything solid, so she went on the elevator and headed down.

Yet, the Jiang Qi that Sun Nian Qing and Wang Si Qi wanted to find was currently at the shop opposite the company, buying cakes to eat.

When he came out with his cakes, he looked at the shop under renovation, wondering when the shop would be open for business.

Back home, both of them first ate dinner, then Jiang Qi let Ke Yan bathe first. When Ke Yan was bathing, Jiang Qi went to the study room to check if the thing he hid was still hidden.

After confirming, Jiang Qi then arranged the books again to block the item.

Back in the room, Ke Yan happened to come out after bathing.

“So fast.” Jiang Qi took the clothes he wanted to change into from the bed.

“En, go bathe.” Ke Yan wiped roughly his hair with the towel.

“Okay.” Jiang Qi walked into the bathroom.

Ke Yan walked out of the room and glanced at the study room just as he passed by it.

Then continued downstairs to drink water.

Not sure what Jiang Qi hid in the study room.

The next day, Wang Si Qi came to the office earlier than usual. Her secretary, Jiang Qing, had already arrived. Usually, she had no opinions, but today, Wang Si Qi felt that she (JQ) was exceptionally unpleasant to the eye.

“You, come in for a while.”

Jiang Qing stood up from her chair. Why did it feel that the gaze Manager Wang used to look at her was very weird?

“Manager, is there anything?” Jiang Qing walked into the office and closed the door under Wang Si Qi’s gesture.

“Go and check the company’s list for everyone whose initials are ‘JQ’.”

“‘JQ’? Okay, understood. My name also has the initials ‘JQ’.”

“I know, you can go.” Wang Si Qi had Jiang Qing leave.

Wang Si Qi had planned to eat lunch at the cafeteria this afternoon because Ke Yan was always had his lunch in the cafeteria. When they meet, she would definitely be able to spot something; after all, the human eyes would not lie. If there really was something different, it could be seen with keen observations.

Sun Nian Qing held the information that was just investigated. There were five people with ‘JQ’ as their initials.

Out of the five, there were two who were a security guard and a cleaner auntie. Other than that, there was Jiang Qi, Jiang Qing and Jing Qing.

After eliminating the possibilities, all that was left was Jiang Qing and Jing Qing. Jiang Qing was Wang Si Qi’s secretary, and that aforementioned Jing Qing was already a mother of two.

So the biggest possibility was Wang Si Qi’s secretary, Jiang Qing.

Sun Nian Qing frowned in frustration. What was Wang Si Qi doing? How could she have not realised it?

Although the two people were very frustrated, their work remained unaffected. Afternoon came after much difficulty. Wang Si Qi walked out of the office, and said to Jiang Qing, “Let’s go and have lunch together.”

“Okay……” Jiang Qing was usually treated with indifference, and now she felt weird about Wang Si Qi’s attitude but did not dare to refuse.

The two went to the cafeteria but did not see Ke Yan. Wang Si Qi panicked, was Ke Yan not eating at the cafeteria today?

At the thought of it, the elevator door opened and Ke Yan walked out. Wang Si Qi was relieved.

But before she could be fully relieved, she saw that behind Ke Yan was Jiang Qi, who was tailed after him. Wang Si Qi clenched her jaw. It was Jiang Qi again.

No, she was supposed to verify if Jiang Qing was the ‘JQ’ on the ring.

Wang Si Qi followed behind Ke Yan. Wang Si Qi thought about how she would test it.

Suddenly, Sun Nian Qing pushed Jiang Qing from the back. Jiang Qing fell forward. In front of her was Ke Yan, but when Sun Nian Qing pushed her, she pushed with some misdirection, and Jiang Qing fell sideways.

She was pushed towards Jiang Qi’s direction, but Jiang Qing thought that she would fall onto Ke Yan. Her heart rejoiced, but accompanied by everyone’s shout of surprise, Ke Yan subconsciously looked back and protected Jiang Qi, hugging him tightly in his bosom, while Jiang Qing fell flat on the floor.

Jiang Qi looked at the sprawled Jiang Qing on the floor, then came back to his senses, only to realise that Ke Yan was hugging him now. Thankfully, others’ attention was on Jiang Qing’s body. Jiang Qi blankly asked Ke Yan, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She fell.” Ke Yan released Jiang Qi, and watched others support Jiang Qing up, without a shred of sympathy or tender feelings for the fairer sex.

“Maybe the heels she wore were too high.” Jiang Qi looked at Jiang Qing’s high and slender stiletto heels.

“Right.” Ke Yan held the food tray and pulled Jiang Qi by his hand to sit.

Sun Nian Qing ran away after pushing Jiang Qing because she was afraid of getting caught, but Wang Si Qi, the insider, saw everything clearly. Ke Yan was not at all nervous about Jiang Qing’s fall. Instead, he was anxious when Jiang Qing was about to land on Jiang Qi, protecting Jiang Qi in a split second.

In addition, there was still the fact that Ke Yan often gave Jiang Qi a different treatment from the rest.

Wang Si Qi’s heart leaned towards the decision that ‘JQ’ was Jiang Qi, but…… wasn’t Jiang Qi a male?


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