Chapter 117 – Find Out

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On Monday, Jiang Qi couldn’t laze around in bed; he had to rise early. Even if it was cold outside, he still had to wake up early to go to work. However, it was fortunate that he could sit in his own car to go to work, not needing to squeeze with others in the public transport.

Jiang Qi stopped the car at the company’s carpark, looked around to see the full carpark lots, and saw that only Ke Yan’s side had several empty lots which no one dared to park on, except for Yang Shao Yu. 

Speaking of Yang Shao Yu, Jiang Qi recalled his meeting with Lin Zi Rui. He still had no idea what he (LZR) bought.

“Jiang Qi?” Ke Yan woke Jiang Qi who was deep in thought and they went up the elevator together.

Jiang Qi got off the elevator first, Ke Yan still needed to go up to the 39th floor.

“Manager.” Xiao An called out to Jiang Qi.

Although Xiao An usually called out Jiang Qi’s name directly, there were still times in the office where she called Jiang Qi manager.

“Have you gotten President his birthday gift?”

“Why did you think that I will definitely buy one for Ke Yan?”

“Don’t you live together with President?” Xiao An sent Jiang Qi a wink, meaning: Don’t hide anything from me, I know it all.

“Jiang Lu told you?”


“Hurry and go back to work.” Jiang Qi chased Xiao An out of the office.

“Humph, fine, if you don’t want to say then don’t say.” Xiao An sat back at her desk and suddenly saw Sun Nian Qing at the door.

Just as Xiao An was wondering why Sun Nian Qing was here, Sun Nian Qing saw that Xiao An was looking at her, then glared at Xiao An before leaving.

Sun Nian Qing had wanted to find Jiang Qi, but that Xiao An kept pestering Jiang Qi, not letting her get a chance to ask (Jiang Qi).

Returning to her own office, Sun Nian Qing recalled that Ke Yan entered that shop yesterday. Did he already have a girlfriend?

If not, what ring would he buy?

Yesterday, Sun Nian Qing was about to go shopping with her friends but suddenly saw Ke Yan. She followed him from behind to see where he would go and didn’t expect that he would actually enter a gem shop.

Sun Nian Qing initially thought that Ke Yan might have a girlfriend? He could be buying some jewelry for the girlfriend? But she didn’t think that Ke Yan would actually buy a ring.

And he even let the employees engrave some words. Once Ke Yan left, Sun Nian Qing went over to ask the employee what words Ke Yan engraved.

Remembering the employee’s words, the ring was engraved with the words ‘KY & JQ’; ‘KY’ was Ke Yan, then ‘JQ’? Who was that? 

Sun Nian Qing’s face darken, could Ke Yan have really gotten a girlfriend?

Or maybe, even planning to get married?

No way. Sun Nian Qing did not want to give up on Ke Yan just like that. However, she must first investigate who this ‘JQ’ person was.

And this ‘JQ’ person was currently lazing around in the tearoom, drinking his freshly brewed milk tea, looking out of the window. The window faced the opposite street and he saw that the shop on the other street was under renovation. Wasn’t that shop a specialty shop?

Was it renovating for a new look or did it close down?

Jiang Qi took another sip of his milk tea, walked out of the tearoom and planned to continue doing his work.

Sun Nian Qing decided to find that ‘JQ’ person but had no clues as to where to start from. She remembered that, except during breaks, Ke Yan seemed to rarely leave early from the company, could it be someone from the office?

But the ones who were closer to Ke Yan in the office were only Yang Shao Yu and Jiang Qi, no one else.

Just ask Jiang Qi then, Sun Nian Qing decided.

But before Sun Nian Qing could find an opportunity to ask Jiang Qi, she met Yang Shao Yu who was coincidentally having his lunch in the cafeteria. Since I met Yang Shao Yu, Sun Nian Qing thought, why don’t I ask him instead?

“Assistant Yang, you’re also having lunch here.” Sun Nian Qing thought about how she could approach the topic.

“Yes.” Yang Shao Yu eyed Sun Nian Qing.

“I would like to ask you a question.” Sun Nian Qing dived directly into the main point.

“What question?”

“Does Ke Yan have a girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend? Why do you ask?”

“I saw him buying a ring.”

“Really? Never thought he would actually propose.” Yang Shao Yu mumbled to himself.

Sun Nian Qing heard it and clenched her fist, “Then, he really has a girlfriend?”

“Since he wants to propose then of course he has, but it might not be a female.” Yang Shao Yu said that last part softly, so Sun Nian Qing did not hear clearly.

But Sun Nian Qing did not ask further, and instead asked the possibility she previously guessed, “Is it someone from the company?”

“En, yeah.” Yang Shao Yu’s phone rang and he took it out to see. His facial expression immediately changed, completely opposite from his previous perfunctory expression.

“Hello, Zi Rui. Had your meal already? I’ll pick you up tonight.”

Sun Nian Qing saw that Yang Shao Yu was on the phone and tactfully left.

However, in the company, who could it be?

Regarding the company’s stunning female beauties, it was only her, Wang Si Qi and some others.

If not her, it would definitely not be Wang Si Qi.

Sun Nian Qing did not realise that her face was a little malevolent.

“Yo, were you dumped? Your face looks just like a ghost.”

“What did you say?” Sun Nian Qing stood up agitatedly, looking angrily at Wang Si Qi.

“Have your ears gone so deaf that you can’t hear at all?”

“Humph, you will be like this too very quickly.” Sun Nian Qing reeled in her anger and smiled.

“What do you mean?” Wang Si Qi sat opposite Sun Nian Qing.

“Don’t you know? Ke Yan plans to propose.”

“You’re telling the truth?”

“Can it still be fake?”

“Who’s the other person?” Wang Si Qi hadn’t thought that Ke Yan would have a girlfriend.

Sun Nian Qing wasn’t nice enough to want to tell Wang Si Qi about her discovery, but maybe by telling Wang Si Qi, she might know something?

So Sun Nian Qing told Wang Si Qi what she found out that day. Wang Si Qi heard the letters ‘JQ’ and immediately felt that it was familiar.

Suddenly, she thought of someone. JQ, Jiang Qi?

“Could it be Jiang Qi?” Wang Si Qi subconsciously said out loud.

“Are you sick? Jiang Qi is a guy.”

“Maybe, but you’re the one who’s sick.” Wang Si Qi also thought that she was wrong. She was just a little more sensitive towards Jiang Qi. As for the reason why she was more sensitive towards Jiang Qi, it was because Ke Yan was always so good to Jiang Qi; his attitude towards him (JQ) was different from others, and the fact that she would always see Jiang Qi next to Ke Yan, made her think of Jiang Qi the instant she heard ‘JQ’.

However, Jiang Qi was a man, if it definitely wasn’t Jiang Qi, then who else could it be?

“Hey, you have any other clues?”

“I only know that it is someone from the company.”

“Is it?” Wang Si Qi unconsciously thought about Jiang Qi again, but she patted her head. I must be crazy, still thinking about Jiang Qi.

Lin Zheng Rui, Manager Lin, sitting on the next table, overheard their talk and smiled in his heart, wasn’t it Jiang Qi, Manager Jiang? They don’t even know this, but it seems that I am the only one who knows about them? No, Assistant Yang should know too. In the past, he was still scared that he knew about this matter, but it seemed like knowing and not knowing just felt so different. It was as if he was an insider, knowing the president’s secret, and had become a trusted person to the president.

Okay, fine, actually, he had also secretly caught them.


T/N: whew, very very happy SNQ didn’t spoil KY’s surprise to JQ. also, ‘JQ’ is so freaking obvious, there’s literally no need to doubt it ヾ(  ̄O ̄)ツ


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Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 1.5 hours


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