Chapter 116 – Buying Gifts

On Sunday, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan slept well and woke up naturally. Jiang Qi wanted to go to the mall at noon to see what gifts he could give to Ke Yan.

Although there was still time before Christmas, Jiang Qi wanted to select a present first.

“I’ll tag along?” Ke Yan looked at Jiang Qi who had already worn his coat properly.

“Don’t. I want to give you a surprise.” Jiang Qi wore his scarf.

“Okay then, drive carefully.” Ke Yan kissed Jiang Qi.

“En, okay, then I’m going.” Jiang Qi left the house and went on the elevator.

Watching Jiang Qi leave, Ke Yan also planned to go out; he had not received the gift he wanted to give Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi drove to the mall and parked at the carpark, his mind in deep thoughts, just what exactly should I buy for him?

Jiang Qi was strolling aimlessly in the mall and suddenly saw a person in front of him. Eh? Isn’t that Lin Zi Rui?

Lin Zi Rui had also seen Jiang Qi at the same time. Jiang Qi walked over, “Zi Rui, how coincidental.”

“Yeah. There’s no work today, so I came here to shop.” Lin Zi Rui smiled.

“I’m also here to shop. Why don’t we shop together then.”

“Okay.” Lin Zi Rui nodded.

The two shous1we probably won’t need a t/n for this…. but just in case, this means uke in jap. shou (mandarin) refers the receiving party in se*ual intercourse. here were shopping in the mall, and on Ke Yan’s end, Ke Yan drove to a shop opposite the company. In the shop, there was a young man dressed in a suit. Upon seeing Ke Yan, he came forward, politely bent his waist, and called, “President Ke.”


Ke Yan entered the shop to see the shop’s decoration.

“President Ke, I’ve already discussed it with the boss. As long as you’re satisfied, this shop can be……”

This man’s words had not been finished before Ke Yan interrupted, “Too small, take over the shop next door too and open up the floor above. I want both shops.”

“But this……” The man was put in a tough spot. Not to mention the owner’s willingness to sell, but just looking at this land and still wanting another two shops, this……

“Price isn’t a problem. No matter how much, I must get both of them.”

“Okay, okay, no problem.” That’s right, he thought too much. With Ke Group’s president here, how could he be worried that money was an issue? However, with President Ke’s words, it was sufficient. He must complete this well to leave some impression in President Ke’s heart.

“After settling everything, tear down all the decorations here. After that, notify me again. Complete it within two days.”

“Two days? But……”

“No ‘but’s. If there’s any problem, I’ll call someone else instead.”

“No no no, I can definitely complete it.”


Ke Yan looked at the time. It was still early. Jiang Qi would not have gone back so early. Ke Yan explained everything clearly here before going to another place.

On the other side, Jiang Qi and Lin Zi Rui window-shopped for a while before finding a place to sit and drink something.

“Really no idea on what to buy.” Jiang Qi drank his drink.

“I’ve almost decided on what to get.” Lin Zi Rui window-shopped for one round around the mall and then decided.

“What are you buying?” Jiang Qi asked.

“Just some things.” Lin Zi Rui kept it a secret. 

“Okay, then I’ll go and take a look again. Let’s meet up another time.” Jiang Qi bid his farewell to Lin Zi Rui.

“Okay, let’s meet again.” Lin Zi Rui also went to buy his items.

Jiang Qi aimlessly strolled around. Whatever I wanted to give was already given, so what exactly should I give for this Christmas?

Jiang Qi wondered, then he suddenly noticed a shop. He grinned excitedly, alright, let’s buy this.

He wanted to give Ke Yan this.

Jiang Qi entered the shop and finally decided to let the employees engrave some words on his gift.

After that, when Jiang Qi went home, Ke Yan was already back. Jiang Qi placed his gift inside his coat pocket. When he saw Ke Yan, he subconsciously reached up to touch his pockets before letting go.

“I, I’m going to change my clothes first.” Jiang Qi opened his mouth before Ke Yan could, and ran upstairs before he even finished speaking. After running upstairs, he tried to find places where he could hide the item.

Looking at Jiang Qi’s reaction, Ke Yan, who was on the first floor, knew that Jiang Qi must have gotten his present already and was currently trying to find somewhere to hide the gift.

When Jiang Qi hid his gift and went downstairs, he found that Ke Yan had been constantly staring at him. He froze, had he been caught? Thinking about it, he felt that it was impossible. “What are you looking at?” 

“Looking at you. Come here.”

Jiang Qi obediently walked to Ke Yan’s side.

Ke Yan reached out a hand and pulled Jiang Qi to sit in his embrace.

“Would you like to open a bookstore?”

“En.” Jiang Qi nodded. “After I’m old and retired, I’ll open a bookstore, read some books, and grow a head full of white hair with you.”

“No need to wait till after retirement.”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Qi didn’t understand.

“Nothing much.” Ke Yan pressed Jiang Qi down on the sofa and kissed him.

Jiang Qi was kissed until he was breathless and his brain was all muddled. Following Ke Yan’s deepening kiss, Jiang Qi could not remember what happened before.

And on Lin Zi Rui’s side, he brought ten big bags home, thinking of taking another trip to the mall when he was free. He didn’t manage to buy everything he wanted to buy.


Author’s note: The road jam made me just arrive home. Today’s another short chapter, really sorry, what if it can’t be any longer?

T/N: honestly as a translator, I would be happy for that to happen HAHAHA also you know, we know, what JQ and KY gifts for each other are…. Anyone wanna guess what LZR’s present is?? The prize is…. Unintentional spoilers???

Just like the title (minus the word ‘buying’), this chapter is a gift to all readers!! PWN has officially passed the 1k views mark!! (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

Editor: CarelessPurple

Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 40 mins

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    we probably won’t need a t/n for this…. but just in case, this means uke in jap. shou (mandarin) refers the receiving party in se*ual intercourse.


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  1. Wait, do we know what Jiang Qi’s gift is? Because all I know is that it’s engraved haha. I can’t possibly guess for Lin Zi Rui though… what present needs more than ten bags to give??

    • huehuehue engraved… there’s only one thing that JQ hasn’t gave and can be engraved… (≖ ͜ʖ≖) but ikr, I couldn’t guess LZR’s gift too until I read that chapter


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