Chapter 114 – Silly Daughter-in-Law

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Lan Ru Yin had not cook for a long time. She originally wanted to make something Ke Xin liked; something light. But when she was making food, she was a little clumsy and messy. When she was frying the food, the oil splashed out, nearly splashing onto her hand. The hand that was holding the pot tried to dodge, but the pot slipped out of her hand and ended up on the floor. 

Jiang Qi: “……”

Lan Ru Yin: “……” 

After a moment of silence, Lan Ru Yin calmly picked up the pot, washed it, and continued cooking.

The dish was finally finished after some struggles, but the taste of the dish was hard to discern. It was a little salty, but most importantly, it was oily and greasy.

Jiang Qi looked at the two plates of dishes and thought that their cooking standards were about the same.

“I failed.” Lan Ru Yin looked at the two plates of oily food and thought that if she gave it to her husband, he would definitely lose his appetite after taking one look at it.

“Want to redo?” Jiang Qi thought that if Father Ke were to eat this when he was sick, he would definitely have no appetite.

“Of course we have to redo. You don’t know this but he is extremely picky. Serving such a dish to him, he would definitely not take a second look, let alone eat it.”

Lan Ru Yin placed the cooked food aside. “You beat two eggs. We’ll just cook some egg soup.”

“Egg soup.” Jiang Qi ate it before, but had never cooked it. He took two eggs from the fridge and cracked them open into a bowl, but he failed a little. There were some egg shells in the bowl.

Looking at the egg shells sticking to the yolk, Jiang Qi silently took out another two eggs to try again. 

The eggs were beaten. Lan Ru Yin sprinkled some salt, then mixed and poured in water at the same time.

Jiang Qi watched and learnt from the side. Egg soup was pretty yummy, he could make it by himself next time.

However, no matter how serious he learnt, Jiang Qi still managed to make it just as unappetizing. 

After making the eggs, she steamed them in a pot. Lan Ru Yin then stirred some vegetables into a pan and took it out, not putting a single drop of oil or salt.

Once the eggs were steamed, she added a bowl of rice and a plate of oil-less vegetables. Lan Ru Yin let Jiang Qi serve it. When Jiang Qi brought it up, Ke Xin was chatting with Ke Yan. His facial expression seemed to be a little tired and figured that it must have been caused by his weak body that had little strength. 

“The meal is ready.” Jiang Qi placed the tray on a small table.

“You made it?” Ke Yan asked.

“Aunty made it.” Jiang Qi answered obediently, but also secretly pinched Ke Yan’s waist.

“Uh hm. Dad, come eat.” Ke Yan was pinched till he felt pain, let out a cough, and helped Father Ke to take his coat.

Ke Xin wore his coat properly, left his bed and sat at the small table. He first drank the egg soup, furrowed his brows, then poured a cup of water to drink. This egg soup was tough and salty.

He picked up a piece of shiny leafy vegetable and ate it. He did not frown, but he put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth. “Take it away, it’s inedible.”

Saying so, he took off his coat and went to rest on the bed.

Ke Yan and Jiang Qi walked out of the room. Jiang Qi carried the tray downstairs. Lan Ru Yin saw them coming down. “Why didn’t he eat?”

“Dad said it’s inedible.” Ke Yan put down the tray that Jiang Qi was holding. 

Lan Ru Yin did not believe it. Although her dishes were admittedly not cooked well, the egg soup was pretty well done.

However, once she tasted it, she immediately spat it out. “This is really a mistake.”

Jiang Qi snorted out a laugh. Aunty was the same as him, unable to cook well.

Lan Ru Yin humphed.

Jiang Qi quickly controlled his laughter.

Lan Ru Yin showed her helplessness. She hadn’t cooked in a long time, and he didn’t even manage to stomach down even one mouth of her egg soup. How picky.

So, Lan Ru Yin decided to find her good friends for shopping.

Lan Ru Yin left the house. Jiang Qi and Ke Yan returned to the room for an afternoon nap.

Jiang Qi slept for a little more than an hour before waking. He found that he was very hungry, then recalled that he hadn’t had his lunch. He wanted to eat something downstairs. Turning his head to look at Ke Yan beside him, he saw that Ke Yan was still asleep. He bowed his head to kiss him, then climbed down the bed to dress properly before going downstairs to make some food.

Because he was very hungry, and did not want to make his own food, he asked someone to help him cook.

Very quickly, his meal was ready; A plate of shredded pork with green peppers and a plate of stir fried vegetables. After thanking them, Jiang Qi went up to see if Ke Yan was awake. Ke Yan hadn’t woken up and he did not wake him. He went back down to eat, but left half of the food in the pot so that Ke Yan could eat it when he woke up.

Jiang Qi first tasted the shredded pork with green peppers, and found that it was delicious. Why didn’t Uncle Ke like to eat it?

Jiang Qi thought about it and suddenly remembered that Ke Yan was also like this. Just as expected, the two father and son were the same.

Ke Yan came down when Jiang Qi finished his food. Ke Yan woke up and realised that the person in his arms was missing, and he wasn’t tired anymore, so he went downstairs.

“You’re awake. I left some food for you.” Jiang Qi took out the dishes in the warm pot and helped Ke Yan to scoop a bowl of rice.

Ke Yan sat down, tried a mouthful, then started eating without much appetite.

Jiang Qi saw that and felt that this part of him really resembled Uncle Ke a lot.

Jiang Qi suddenly remembered that Father Ke had less than two mouthfuls of lunch before sleeping. He wasn’t sure if he was awake nor was he sure if he was hungry or not.

“Ke Yan, I’ll go upstairs to check if Uncle has woken up.”

“Okay, go on.” Looking at Jiang Qi who went up, Ke Yan smiled. This was where Jiang Qi made others favour him. Ke Yan realised that he already wasn’t worried that his dad would hate Jiang Qi because it was difficult to find the heart to hate him.

Jiang Qi opened the room door and stuck his head in to take a look. Father Ke hadn’t woken up.

Walking quietly into the room, he walked towards the bed and reached out a hand to touch Ke Xin’s forehead. It didn’t seem to be hot anymore. Jiang Qi touched his own forehead, then touched Ke Xin’s, and finally confirmed that Ke Xin’s fever had indeed receded.

“What are you doing?”

AH!!!!!! Jiang Qi was frightened. How did he suddenly wake up?

Ke Xin felt someone entering his room. When he woke up, he saw Jiang Qi touching his forehead, then touching his own, and as if he finally confirmed something, he sighed, relieved.

That kind of silly behaviour from someone clearly as old as Ke Yan, but not at all as mature as Ke Yan, yet was well protected by Ke Yan, made people feel as if Jiang Qi was very clean, very pure.

“Un, Uncle, you, you’re awake.”

See, he even stuttered, was he that scary?

“Pour me a cup of water.” Jiang Qi poured a cup of warm water.

Ke Xin drank two mouthfuls. “I’m hungry, see if there’s anything to eat.”

“Okay, I’ll go now.” Jiang Qi immediately went down to find food.

Ke Xin nodded his head, satisfied. He picked up Jiang Qi’s book and started reading.

Actually, having a silly son-in-law wasn’t too bad.


T/N: huehue Father Ke has officially fallen for JQ’s spell~ welcome to the club! I already knew that this novel would not have long and draggy drama but still, I was lowkey stressed for JQ.

Editor: CarelessPurple

Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 1.5 hour


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