Chapter 113 – My Silly Wife

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The next day, Yang Shao Yu woke up and immediately touched Lin Zi Rui’s forehead. Luckily, there was no fever.

Looking at the soundly asleep Lin Zi Rui, Yang Shao Yu smiled foolishly. Recalling the events last night, he grinned even harder.

Lin Zi Rui slept for a while and then woke up. He saw Yang Shao Yu beaming foolishly at him, and couldn’t resist smiling back. He then said, “Shao Yu, I’m so hungry.”

“What? Wait a while for me, I’ll go cook breakfast immediately.” Yang Shao Yu heard and got up quickly, afraid of leaving Lin Zi Rui hungry. Although his movements were fast, it was minimal, so as to not let any cold air enter the blanket.

Lin Zi Rui watched the back view of Yang Shao Yu dressing up and smiled. It was really so blissful, there was someone who cared this much about him and loved him.

Just like this, it reached the day when Jiang Qi would go to Ke house. Jiang Qi wasn’t nervous in his heart, and this time round, he really wasn’t as nervous as the first time when he went to Ke house. It might be because he finally thought it through, so he wasn’t so scared. If Father Ke didn’t approve, then he would keep doing his best to let Father Ke approve. It was sufficient if Ke Yan stayed with him……

They both slept until they naturally woke up. Ke Yan then prepared the bread while Jiang Qi prepared the milk. Jiang Qi ate two mouthfuls and couldn’t stuff anything else down.

“Why did you eat so little?” Ke Yan poured another half cup of warm milk into his empty cup.

“I don’t have much appetite in the morning.” Jiang Qi finished drinking his half cup of milk.

“Then eat a little more.” How could two mouthfuls be enough?

“En.” Jiang Qi listened and ate another piece of bread.

Both of them finished their breakfast, wore their coats, and went out.

Not long after, he rushed back hurriedly from outside, opened the house door, and brought the two gifts on the living room table that were for Father Ke and Mother Ke.

Downstairs, Ke Yan had just driven the car out. Jiang Qi entered and they then went to the Ke house together.

At the Ke house, there was only Lan Ru Yin sitting on the sofa alone, reading some magazine, and Father Ke was nowhere to be seen.

“Hello Aunty.” Jiang Qi gave the gift in his hand to Lan Ru Yin. 

“What’s this?”

“Red tea.”

“What about the other bag?” Lan Ru Yin saw that Jiang Qi still held another bag in his hands.

“These are books, for Uncle.”

Lan Ru Yin smiled, “How did you know that he likes to read?”

“Ke Yan said so.”

Lan Ru Yin thought that Jiang Qi would say that it was an observed discovery, and did not expect him to be so frank.

“Where’s Dad?” Ke Yan asked.

“He’s sick.”

“Is it serious?” Jiang Qi was frightened inwardly, could it be because of his and Ke Yan’s matter that made Father Ke angry till he fell sick?

“How’s his condition?” Ke Yan was worried.

“No problem, he just accidentally caught a cold, having a slight fever now.”

“Let’s go visit Dad.” Ke Yan stood up from the sofa, Jiang Qi followed and bowed to Lan Ru Yin, before following Ke Yan to Father Ke’s room.

Father Ke was still asleep due to the fever, but when Jiang Qi and Ke Yan neared Father Ke, he woke up. Seeing Jiang Qi, his expression did not change. He opened his mouth, and Jiang Qi thought that Father Ke wanted to say something.

“Hungry.” Ke Xin just said this one word.

Jiang Qi blanked out. Ke Yan said, “I’ll let Auntie Li prepare something to eat.” After saying so, he left.

The room left only Jiang Qi and Ke Xin, these two awkward people. Jiang Qi bowed and called out, “Uncle.”

“En.” Cold.

“I brought a book for you.” Jiang Qi took out the book to give to Ke Xin.

“Book?” Ke Xin was flabbergasted that Jiang Qi brought him a book.

“En. Ke Yan told me that you liked reading. I asked around for this book.” 

Ke Xin took the book and noticed Jiang Qi’s face changing a little when he mentioned Ke Yan. That expression was a little sweet, giving people the impression that he was very blessed.

“Have you two never fought before?”

“Fought?” Jiang Qi stared blankly, seemingly recalling some memories. “Of course we fought before, but being together for so many years, we only fought a few times.”

“How did you two meet each other?” Ke Xin thought that although he still couldn’t accept Jiang Qi, he still knew what Ke Yan’s personality was. Whatever he believed firmly in, it would never change; the people he believed in, he would all the more never give them up.

“En……” Jiang Qi thought. “My necklace fell from my dorm and it just so happened that Ke Yan caught it in time. Wasn’t it coincidental?” Maybe it was because Father Ke was less imposing due to his sickness, it wasn’t as difficult to get closer. Hence, Jiang Qi’s courage became a little bigger.

“That……” Ke Xin still wanted to ask a little more, but Ke Yan came back.

“Auntie Li is on leave today, mom said that she will help prepare lunch.”

“Then I’ll go help Aunty.”

“Okay, go on.” Ke Yan didn’t stop Jiang Qi. Although Jiang Qi’s cooking skills were bad, Ke Yan believed that his mom would not let Jiang Qi touch the pot.

Jiang Qi went downstairs to the kitchen, the father and son in the room were silent for a while. Ke Yan opened his mouth, “Dad, how was it? Jiang Qi makes people unable to dislike him, right?”

“A little silly.” Ke Xin felt a little muddleheaded about Jiang Qi.

“Silly and adorable.” Ke Yan felt that no matter what Jiang Qi did, it was all good.

“How did you get together with him?”

“The first time I met him was when I caught his fallen necklace. At that time, I just felt that this person was blur and foolish, and a little dumb. But later on, no matter where, we would always meet. Even at the library, we would see each other. Jiang Qi also liked to read, so just like this, my impression of him became deeper.”

“Really unexpected.” Ke Xin looked at how Jiang Qi’s appearance was a little silly, and did not expect that he would like to read.

Ke Yan looked at his dad, it seemed like he wasn’t so opposed towards Jiang Qi. It looked like his silly wife could relax a little. As expected, foolish people would have their blessings of the fool. Jiang Qi was just that sort of person who would be liked by everyone.

On his end, Jiang Qi went down to help Lan Ru Yin. Lan Ru Yin had not cooked in a long time so her cooking skills were a little rusty. Usually, when Auntie Li was on leave, other helpers would be the one to cook. But this time, Ke Xin was sick. When he was sick, he would be very picky, finding everything not to his liking. Only when it was food that she cooked, Ke Xin would still try to force himself to eat a little.

Seeing how Jiang Qi wanted to help, her face turned a little unsightly. She still remembered how Jiang Qi’s cooking was simply unpalatable and ugly.

“Jiang Qi, you’ll wash and cut the vegetables, you mustn’t touch the pot.”

“Okay.” Jiang Qi also didn’t dare to touch the pot. Father Ke was now sick, what if his sickness became worse after he ate his food?

So, he should just obediently wash and cut the vegetables. But was it really that inedible?


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