Chapter 112 – Even Closer

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Content Warning: This chapter may contain depictions of violence, sex, offensive language and has been marked NSFW

Yang Shao Yu really could cook a little. At least, the two dishes that Lin Zi Rui ordered were a success.

Lin Zi Rui ate, feeling perfectly content, and had one more bowl of rice than usual. 

After eating, they didn’t wait for the cleaning auntie to clean tomorrow. Lin Zi Rui and Yang Shao Yu washed the dishes together; Yang Shao Yu washed while Lin Zi Rui wiped them clean. 

Then, Yang Shao Yu sliced the fruits they just bought. Both of them watched tv while snacking on some fruits. Long ago, towards this sort of warm and blissful feeling, Lin Zi Rui could only yearn for it. But now, he did not need to, because Yang Shao Yu and him would really feel very warm and peaceful when together. 

Yang Shao Yu watched the tv but he was constantly thinking of the previous unfinished deed. The arm that was hooked around Lin Zi Rui’s waist started to become a little dishonest. Lin Zi Rui naturally felt it and blushed, but he did not stop him. He could not focus on what the tv was playing.

“Let’s go to the room.” Yang Shao Yu lowered his head and whispered in Lin Zi Rui’s ears.

Hot breath sprayed onto Lin Zi Rui’s ears and he shrunk back a little from the itch. “We haven’t bathed yet.”

“Then let’s bathe together.”

“Okay, okay then.” Lin Zi Rui bashfully agreed.

Yang Shao Yu saw that Lin Zi Rui agreed, then stood up immediately from the sofa and went to the bathroom to prepare the water. His whole body burned up with desire.

The water was prepared very soon. Lin Zi Rui slowly walked towards the bathroom. Yang Shao Yu was already in the bathroom waiting for Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui walked into the bathroom and saw the big bathtub, with Yang Shao Yu sitting next to it.

As he was testing the water temperature, Yang Shao Yu rolled up his sleeves, showing his strong arm.

Yang Shao Yu went over and held Lin Zi Rui’s hand. “I’ll help you undress?”

“I, I can undress myself.” Lin Zi Rui heart thumped.

Lin Zi Rui turned around after saying so and slowly took off his sweater. His hand trembled slightly from nervousness.

“Let me do it.” Yang Shao Yu back hugged Lin Zi Rui, startling him. He realised that Yang Shao Yu had already taken off all his clothes.

Yang Shao Yu unbuckled Lin Zi Rui’s belt, then pulled down his pants zipper. 

“Wait wait.” Lin Zi Rui stopped Yang Shao Yu’s movements. The lights were currently on, so everything could be seen clearly. Lin Zi Rui was really shy and didn’t dare to look at Yang Shao Yu.

“You, you turn around, once I finish undressing you can turn back.” Lin Zi Rui said softly.

“Okay.” Yang Shao Yu did not want to push Lin Zi Rui to the point of running away from shyness, so he turned around obediently, and did not take a peek sneakily, even though he really wanted to turn around and see the appearance of Lin Zi Rui undressing.

After waiting for a while, the sound of water travelled from behind Yang Shao Yu, and then he heard Lin Zi Rui’s voice, “Okay, come bathe.”

Yang Shao Yu turned around and saw that Lin Zi Rui had already undressed and was in the bathtub.

Seeing the clothes that Lin Zi Rui removed next to the bathtub, and with the underwear placed on top, he suddenly felt his nose getting hot and hurriedly walked over.

Lin Zi Rui basically could not even look at Yang Shao Yu, because Yang Saho Yu bared his body and did not know how to feel shame.

Yang Shao Yu sat in the bathtub and hugged Lin Zi Rui who was resting on the edge of the tub. He felt that Lin Zi Rui was a little stiff, and said as if trying to scare him, “Today, I must finish what I didn’t get to that day.”

“……” Even the base of Lin Zi Rui’s ears were red.

The two soaked in the bathtub. Yang Shao Yu was touching Lin Zi Rui all over but was controlling himself from progressing further, because for their first time, he believed that they must do it on the bed. Although there would still be pain, at least the bed would provide much more comfort than the bathtub.

“It’s okay already.” Lin Zi Rui was already feeling a little unbearable from Yang Shao Yu’s touch. With him soaking in the hot water too, he was feeling a little dizzy.

Yang Shao Yu stood up first, took the big bath towel to wrap Lin Zi Rui in, and carried him tightly into the room.

The room’s heater was long turned on, so he wouldn’t feel cold.

Putting Lin Zi Rui on the bed, Yang Shao Yu unwrapped Lin Zi Rui’s towel and lowered his head to kiss Lin Zi Rui.

NSFW for the thirstyAlthough his bottom half was standing firmly upright, feeling a little unbearable, Yang Shao Yu’s movements were still slow and gentle as he unceasingly kissed all over Lin Zi Rui’s body. His hand slowly caressed Lin Zi Rui’s body, trying his best to make Lin Zi Rui feel comfortable and pleasurable.

Lin Zi Rui’s bottom half had been slowly raising its head, following Yang Shao Yu’s movements.

Yang Shao Yu lowered his head as he tried to contain his soft laughter. Lin Zi Rui was suddenly wrapped in a warm pleasure and his whole body gave a little shiver.

Yang Shao Yu continuously coaxed and comforted Lin Zi Rui’s hard stick and released him just when Lin Zi Rui was about to climax.

Lin Zi Rui opened his dazed and lost eyes, and looked at Yang Shao Yu while panting.

“No rush.” Yang Shao Yu placed a pillow below Lin Zi Rui and poured the lubricant to open up Lin Zi Rui.

Lin Zi Rui was shocked stiff by the sudden finger that was inserted as it felt a little uncomfortable.

“Relax, it would be more comfortable after a while.” Yang Shao Yu comforted Lin Zi Rui’s bottom that was very tight, and he could only forcefully insert one finger in.

Yang Shao Yu continued to open up Lin Zi Rui patiently until he was able to take in 3 fingers, then he removed his hand. He lowered his head to kiss Lin Zi Rui’s lips then positioned himself, slowly entering Lin Zi Rui’s body.

Lin Zi Rui’s face paled from the pain, feeling as if he was ripped apart. He tried to relax as much as he could.

“Does it hurt? It would stop hurting in a while.” Yang Shao Yu was squeezed till he felt pain, but he felt Lin Zi Rui trying his best to relax. He slowly adjusted a little, feeling much better.

Yang Shao Yu started to move but Lin Zi Rui still felt pain. It was different from the ‘comfortable feeling’ other people claimed to have felt.

Yang Shao Yu had naturally felt it too and didn’t dare to move too fast, slowly trying to find that spot.

Lin Zi Rui teared up. This feeling was not at all comfortable. Suddenly, his body didn’t feel as terrible, and instead, he felt a wave of comfortable pleasure hit him. Lin Zi Rui trembled. This feeling was so weird.

Yang Shao Yu saw Lin Zi Rui’s reaction and immediately knew. He followed that direction and started to thrust……

After the passionate deed, Lin Zi Rui felt as if he lost his senses, powerlessly lying in Yang Shao Yu’s bosom.

Yang Shao Yu caressed Lin Zi Rui’s back and kissed him. “I’ll give you a bathe?”


After showering, Yang Shao Yu applied some ointment on Lin Zi Rui, changed the bed sheets, then cuddled Lin Zi Rui in bed. Since it was Lin Zi Rui’s first time, he didn’t dare to go for round two. He was afraid that Lin Zi Rui would have a fever the next day. Lin Zi Rui closed his eyes, feeling even closer to Yang Shao Yu. He hugged Yang Shao Yu’s waist and slowly fell asleep.

Seeing Lin Zi Rui asleep, he pulled the blanket up a little higher and blissfully slept too.


T/N: AFTER ALL THAT SUSPENSE AND NO SNUSNU?! Humu’s heart is very sad, very unsatisfied… but I’m glad that YSY and LZR finally managed to do it huehuehue… had a creepy smile on my face as I translated this in public lmao

Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 1.5 hours


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