Chapter 111 – Always Together

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Yang Shao Yu had also heard that Jiang Qi took the initiative to confess to Father Ke. When he used to like women, he had never thought about the problems concerning parents.

Firstly, it was because he did not plan to marry early nor was he considering marriage, so naturally, he did not need to consider whether his parents would be satisfied with the wife or not. Secondly, all his parents wanted was for him to quickly get married, so all he needed to do was to find a female that could give birth and his parents would be happy.

However, it was different now. He wanted to be with Lin Zi Rui. He loved Lin Zi Rui and wanted to be with him properly and openly, so now, he definitely had to get through the parents. Since Lin Zi Rui was a man, Yang Shao Yu was worried whether his parents would allow them to be together or not.

If they had to be together in secret, not only would he himself be unwilling, but would also not want Lin Zi Rui to feel wronged and suffer injustice with him for the rest of their lives.

So now, he had no choice but to think about the ‘parents’ problem.

Speaking about parents, Yang Shao Yu still had an older brother and a younger brother. His older brother was married with a 3 years old child, so there was no need to worry about the Yang family going extinct. The difficulty level would be relatively a little lesser.

Thinking about Lin Zi Rui would always make Yang Shao Yu’s mood feel better for no reason. He was originally feeling troubled from his worry, but he felt a little better now and thought of finding Lin Zi Rui for a meal tonight.

Lin Zi Rui didn’t need to work overtime today so he left work when dusk arrived. He walked out of the hospital and just as expected, he saw Yang Shao Yu’s car stop and the person walked out towards him, holding a hand warmer in his hand.

“Where shall we go for dinner tonight?” Yang Shao Yu put the hand warmer in Lin Zi Rui’s hand.

Lin Zi Rui’s icy cold hand felt a little warmer from the hand warmer, and his heart was feeling even more warm and cozy. What a great feeling.

“Let’s buy some groceries and cook at home tonight.” Lin Zi Rui suddenly wanted to do so, just like a lover, going to the supermarket to buy groceries, making dinner together, then eating happily. After eating, they would have some fruits while watching tv, then fall asleep on the same bed.

The next morning, they would have breakfast then go to work together.

This was probably more like a newlywed. 

Lin Zi Rui liked such a feeling, very heartwarming and comfortable, very blissful too.

“Okay, then let’s go to the supermarket near the house.” Yang Shao Yu was naturally very willing.

At the supermarket, Lin Zi Rui left the hand warmer in the car. The moment he left the car, he felt the cold winds blowing at his neck. His body quickly felt cold all over. Yang Shao Yu then hurriedly grabbed the scarf and wrapped it around Lin Zi Rui.

The two of them walked from the carpark to the supermarket, and took the trolley from the entrance.

Yang Shao Yu pushed the cart while Lin Zi Rui walked shoulder-to-shoulder with Yang Shao Yu. The supermarket had its heater on and there were lots of people, so Lin Zi Rui felt hot very soon, removing the scarf.

“Oh right, do you know how to cook?” Lin Zi Rui asked suddenly.

“I can cook a little.” Yang Shao Yu would make his own meals at times, but mostly, it was the cooking auntie who did it.

“I can cook a little too, but it’s been too long since I last cooked, not sure if I can still make it properly.”

“Small matter, we can make something simple tonight. What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat shredded pork with green peppers and sweet and sour ribs.”

“Okay, then let’s buy the meat first.”

“En.” Lin Zi Rui looked at Yang Shao Yu. This sort of feeling was really the best.

“I want to drink soup.” On this side, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi went to have conveyor belt sushi after work. Ke Yan gave Jiang Qi a bowl of soup.

“En, en.” Jiang Qi’s mouth was stuffed full with sushi so he could only vaguely mutter two sounds as a reply.

“Eat less, you’ll have indigestion if you eat too much.” 

“En, en.” Jiang Qi nodded.

Ke Yan smiled helplessly. Should he say that Jiang Qi’s appetite was good? He wasn’t nervous and scared anymore. He clearly had no appetite yesterday, but today his appetite opened widely.

But Ke Yan wasn’t planning to remind Jiang Qi, because Jiang Qi might lose his appetite once he was reminded.

“Wifey, eat a little more, you’ve been bullied wrongfully today.”

Beside Ke Yan, sat a boy-girl couple. The male wanted to coax the girl so he gave her a plate of sushi.

 “Eat, I’m eating. If I don’t eat, I’ll be stuffed from anger. Why didn’t you tell me your parents aren’t happy with me? I went to buy a large pile of gifts for them but they gave me an attitude instead.”

Ke Yan heard their conversation, looked at Jiang Qi and saw that he had heard it too, but did not have any reaction.

Ke Yan helped Jiang Qi remove a grain of rice that was stuck to the corner of his mouth and asked, “Not nervous anymore?”

Jiang Qi shook his head and suddenly said, “Having your love is enough. Although getting your parents approval is very important, the most important thing to me is that you love me.”

Ke Yan felt his mood getting better after hearing this, so he lowered his head and gave Jiang Qi a kiss. Jiang Qi was startled and hurriedly looked around his surrounding. Thank goodness no one had looked over.

However, he did not nag at Ke Yan, but instead took up his drink and drank a mouthful.

Yang Shao Yu and Lin Zi Rui bought their groceries and some fruits. When they passed by the undergarment section, Yang Shao Yu held up an underwear of Lin Zi Rui’s size.

Lin Zi Rui gave Yang Shao Yu a look. Yang Shao Yu smiled, “Stay over at my place tonight.”

“……Okay.” Lin Zi Rui lowered his head and replied with a sound.

“My underwear previously was too big, right?” Yang Shao Yu cheekily said.

“……En.” Lin Zi Rui’s answer this time was even softer than a mosquito.

They reached back home. Lin Zi Rui took off his thick coat first, then took the bag from Yang Shao Yu’s hand and went to the kitchen.

Taking out the vegetables and meat, Yang Shao Yu went to the kitchen to help too. Lin Zi Rui washed the vegetables while Yang Shao Yu settled the meat. Lin Zi Rui placed the washed vegetables on the cutting board and took the knife, prepared to cut the vegetables.

“Wait.” Yang Shao Yu stopped Lin Zi Rui and took over the knife. “You’re a surgeon. With that pair of hands, you hold a surgery knife. Don’t hold the vegetable knife, don’t hurt your hands accidentally.”

“Ah? I won’t.” No one had said such things before. Lin Zi Rui smiled, throwing himself into Yang Shao Yu’s embrace. “Shao Yu, I think I’m a little foolish now. When you show care to me, even if it’s just a little, I’m happy. When you look at me, I’m nervous. Your every word, every movement, can always move my heart. My heart’s beating so fast, I’m so blessed.”

Yang Shao Yu was startled by the sudden hug. He hurriedly put down the knife and listened to Lin Zi Rui’s words. He tightly hugged Lin Zi Rui. “I’m the same, it’s happiness being with you, do you know that? You’re willing to give me a chance, I’m really happy. I’ve never been so happy, I want to cherish you properly. I hope I can be with you always, for a long time.”

“En, always together.” Lin Zi Rui grinned so hard that his eyes squinted.


Author’s note:

If there’s any mistakes, you must tell me. Seeing how some commenters commented that they can’t find other of my works, I just want to say that this is my first novel. The writing may be immature, not well written, but someone liking it makes me really happy. I can’t really show all of my true feelings well but I’m really thankful for your support.

T/N: SOS dying of sugar and fluff here, send urgent help please! 

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