Chapter 110 – Noodle

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Back at home, Jiang Qi finally realised that he hadn’t eaten and asked Ke Yan, “Are you hungry?”

“Hungry. I’ll cook a bowl of noodles for you.”

“You? Can you?” Jiang Qi hesitated in doubt.

“Just wait, watch carefully.” Ke Yan pulled over a chair to the kitchen door and let Jiang Qi sit on the chair as he watched him (KY) cook.

Jiang Qi didn’t immediately sit, and instead went to help Ke Yan put on an apron before sitting down.

Jiang Qi rested his hand on the back of the chair, rested his jaw on his arm, and watched Ke Yan cook the noodles. Today he wasn’t physically tired, but he was mentally drained.

They had not eaten and Ke house also had its dinner prepared, but the only ones who had the real appetite to eat were the just awoken Mo Lu and Ma Tong. Lan Ru Yin had not woken up and Ke Xin was unable to eat, naturally due to Ke Yan and Jiang Qi’s matter.

In the room, Ke Xin watched the sleeping Lan Ru Yin. He could guarantee that his wife must have known, so that was why her attitude towards Jiang Qi was so weird. At first, he felt that Lan Ru Yin was acting abnormally, but now that he knew the reason for her abnormal behaviour, he didn’t expect that Lan Ru Yin would hide it from him.

“Hubby?” Lan Ru Yin opened her eyes and saw her husband looking gloomily at her. She had not seen such scary eyes in a long time, so she was shocked. “What happened?”

“I know about Ke Yan’s matter.”

“What happened to Ke Yan?” Lan Ru Yin hadn’t reacted for a moment.

“The thing with Jiang Qi.”

This time, Lan Ru Yin didn’t even need to think to know what he was referring to. She sighed, “How did you know?”

“Jiang Qi was drunk and accidentally said it out loud.” Ke Xin looked at Lan Ru Yin.

“Oh.” Lan Ru Yin drank a mouthful of water, still considerably calm.

“Just now when Jiang Qi went to the study room to find me, he clarified everything. Ke Yan came too, but he said two sentences and then left.”

“Ke, Ke Ke1onomatopoeia for coughing” Lan Ru Yin choked. She thought that Jiang Qi was rather timid and didn’t expect that he could be so brave, to come out of the closet alone in front of Ke Xin.

“You knew long ago?” Ke Xin asked.

“It wasn’t that early. I just interacted with Jiang Qi a little. Although that kid isn’t exceptionally lovable, he is still a pretty good person. I didn’t like him much initially because I’ve always thought that it was because of him that Ke Yan became gay.”

“Isn’t it?” Could it have been Ke Yan who voluntarily became a homosexual? 

“That’s not true. It wasn’t Jiang Qi that made Ke Yan like this, and Ke Yan isn’t a homosexual too. Ke Yan just loves Jiang Qi, and Jiang Qi just so happens to be a man2pan ftw?!.” Lan Ru Yin told him her explanation.

Ke Xin was silent for a while. “You agreed to let them be together?”

“Hubby, I disagreed too in the beginning. But, I realised that Ke Yan loves Jiang Qi more than we can imagine. He’s so gentle, so passionate, towards Jiang Qi. It was my first time seeing such a gentle and warm Ke Yan. Just like you, he looks at people coldly but looks at family warmly. When he looks at Jiang Qi, it was an everlasting warmth, yet so passionate, as if seeing his own most precious treasure.”

“Hm.” Ke Xin did not like displaying his feelings. Even with Lan Ru Yin, he only said ‘I love you’ when he was proposing, and had never said it again. So when he was exposed by Lan Ru Yin, he felt a little complicated.

“Hubby, you must think carefully. You may find it tough to accept, but you can’t impulsively rush to separate them.” Lan Ru Yin hugged Ke Xin, placing her entire body into Ke Xin’s embrace.

“Got it.” Ke Xin’s tone wasn’t that nice, but he still agreed to give it some thought.

Lan Ru Yin smiled in Ke Xin’s bosom. Son, mom helped you. Furthermore, Jiang Qi really was pretty good, at least he understood Ke Yan and loved Ke Yan. There might not be another who fitted with Ke Yan as well as him, even if the other party was a woman or even if the other party had more influence.

Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan’s noodles. It looked pretty good and there was even a sunny side up.

It smelt good too, so the taste should be good too.

“Try it.” Ke Yan also served himself a bowl.

“En.” Jiang Qi picked up a strand of noodle and ate it. He almost didn’t need to chew before swallowing it directly into his tummy. The noodles were too soft.

“Looks like I overcooked it.” Ke Yan tried too, the noodles were cooked too gooey and soft.

“En, but the taste is pretty good.” Jiang Qi felt that Ke Yan had more talent than him in cooking, because the dishes he (JQ) brought out from the kitchen were not as good as Ke Yan’s who rarely cooked. 

“Eat, then watch tv.” 

“Watch tv?” Jiang Qi raised his head from the bowl.

“En, I’ll accompany you to watch tv tonight.”

“Really?” It was too rare that Ke Yan would watch tv with him, and it even dog-blood dramas.

Jiang Qi felt his mood getting a little better. The speed of eating also sped up, unlike previously when he ate strand by strand.

At the Ke house, Lan Ru Yin had her dinner, then sneaked into Mo Lu – Ma Tong’s room and asked, “Where did you guys go when we were drinking in the afternoon?”

“Went to rest.”

“Did you guys know that Ke Xin knows everything about Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s matter.”

“What?” Mo Lu and Ma Tong were shocked.

“And it’s because Jiang Qi said so himself after getting drunk. Then, Jiang Qi went to find Ke Xin to confess everything. I was so shocked too.”

“I thought Jiang Qi was picked up by Ke Yan and went back already. Something so exciting had actually happened.” Mo Lu felt a little regret at not having to witness such a good show.

“Then what about Uncle’s side?” Ma Tong asked the important question.

“He promised me that he’ll think it through properly.”

“Is that so? If it’s like this, could it mean that Uncle isn’t so opposed in his heart?”

“No idea.” Lan Ru Yin shook her head.

The people they were discussing were currently watching an 8 o’clock dog-blood drama in bed after showering.

Jiang Qi was, as usual, in Ke Yan’s bosom, feeling the same warmth as he did in the past.

“Want to rest at home tomorrow?” Ke Yan rubbed Jiang Qi’s head as an advertisement was playing.

“Can we both take leave tomorrow?” Jiang Qi asked.

“What’s wrong?”

“I want to go back to Ke house again with you. I’m hoping that Uncle can approve of us.”

Thinking about the words Jiang Qi said to Father Ke alone today, he rubbed Jiang Qi’s face, feeling a little heartache. “You must have been scared today. Let’s wait for Saturday to go back to give dad some time to think.”


The second day, Jiang Qi went to work in good spirits, because Ke Yan obediently finished the show with him last night before sleeping and did not do any groping.

Jiang Qi had just reached his office when he got a call from Mo Lu. “Jiang Qi, awake?”

“I’m already in the office.” Jiang Qi looked at the time and figured that the other party had just woken up.

“Oh, I’ve heard about what happened yesterday. I didn’t expect you to be so fierce. Ma Tong and I are still scared of Uncle, but you actually dared to confess everything. He must have been mad at that time.”

Mo Lu said up to here and Jiang Qi impolitely cut off the call, then sprawled all over the table and thought about how he was so courageous yesterday. He actually dared to forget how to be scared. But he seemed to have looked a little silly. He still didn’t know if Father Ke hates or likes him. Thinking up to this point, Jiang Qi became even more frustrated and worried.


T/N: Maybe it’s cause I’m hungry now, but I totally want to try KY’s cooking. I mean the cooking of one of the most perfect gong?! I’m totally up for it.

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