Chapter 11 – Auntie Li

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Original Translator: YuanShu

Re-translator/ Editor: humu

“Nhnn…” Ke Yan kissed Jiang Qi to wake him up. Jiang Qi was still in a daze as he used his hand to push Ke Yan on his shoulder.  

Ke Yan unbuttoned and lifted up Jiang Qi’s pajamas. He gently fondled Jiang Qi’s body and lightly pinched his waist. Jiang Qi felt a slight tingling pain but his body was too weak to resist, completely submitting to being manhandled by Ke Yan.

Ke Yan started kissing Jiang Qi’s lips, and continued to descend. He kissed Jiang Qi’s chin and trailed down to his neck. Ke Yan bit gently then licked the pain away, leaving traces of red marks one after another. Those red marks contrasted with the previous love bites which had already turned purple. He continued to kiss his way down to Jiang Qi’s supple chest, leaving more traces of hickeys along the way.

“Ngnn… Ke Yan!!” Finally, Jiang Qi woke up from his hazy stupor and his face slowly turned red.

Ke Yan once again rose up and landed on Jiang Qi’s lips before kissing him up. Afterwards, he chided Jiang Qi, “Good boy… Call me1Yuanshu: Let me make it clear in regards to their dialogue. Chinese culture is like this… To show that you respect someone, especially an older person or your husband, every time you meet them you must greet and call out to them. Calling out their name or their status.. This is what my husband taught me earlier in our marriage since our culture is different. So during family dinner I was like… Pa eat,mom eat, Jie(sis) eat, dear eat and so on…only then I can eat…wu wu wu… sanfu wo this daughter in law.. Yan.”


Ke Yan’s hand snuck into Jiang Qi’s pants to hold….

Jiang Qi flushed red and blood quickly surge upwards to his cheeks. “Ah…mhmmm~” Jiang Qi issued sweet moans and both arms reached up to grab a hold on Ke Yan naked back. Ke Yan took off Jiang Qi’s pants and his finger slowly entered Jiang Qi’s lower mouth….

Finally, Jiang Qi was stretched open, foreign fingers that intruded his body were extracted. A roaring hot part was ready to push in…

“Ah… Wait, wait, wait.” Jiang Qi tried to stop the invasion. “Something to cover…” Ke Yan was quick to reply, “There’s no need!” Then, he continued his route and plunged himself into Jiang Qi’s body.

Afterwards, Jiang Qi weakly dawdled on Ke Yan’s chest as he cuddled with his lover. “I’m so tired, my waist also aches.”

Ke Yan helped to massage Jiang Qi’s waist. “You don’t even need to move but you’re so tired.”

Jiang Qi turned around to face Ke Yan and suggested, “Then… Next time, let me be on top.”

“Don’t even think about it… My wife.” Ke Yan patted Jiang Qi’s waist while openly teased him.

Jiang Qi donned a dejected expression as he pinched Ke Yan and said sulkily, “I want to bathe.”

“Alright.” Ke Yan picked up Jiang Qi from the bed and carried him towards the bathroom.

Ding dong~

The two guys emerged from the bathroom after washing up. In the middle of dressing, the doorbell downstairs rang out of the blue. Ke Yan quickly got dressed and said to Jiang Qi, “I’ll go open the door.”

“Young Master.”

Standing outside the door was the person in charge of cooking for the Ke family’s main house. Everyone called her Auntie Li. With a cheerful personality, one could always find her smiling face at any moment of the day. Her husband was Ke family’s housekeeper,  and therefore Ke Yan was quite familiar with her.

“Come inside.”


Both of them walked to the living room and coincidentally met Jiang Qi as he walked down the stairs. Spotting an unknown person, Jiang Qi was slightly taken aback.   

Auntie Li was also quite surprised to see Jiang Qi.

Why is there someone else in Young Master’s house? Furthermore, it’s a man? He is also wearing comfortable home clothes… Is this his friend?

Several questions flashed quickly across Auntie Li’s mind but she didn’t voice them.

“She is…?” Jiang Qi asked.

“Auntie Li, here to help with cooking.” Ke Yan replied and sat down on the sofa.

“Hello, how are you? You can just call me Auntie Li.” Auntie Li said her greetings to Jiang Qi.

“Oh… Hello, I’m Jiang Qi.”

“Mr. Jiang…”

“Oh, there’s no need to be so polite. Just call me Jiang Qi.”

“Okay, Jiang Qi.” Aunt Li called his name as she giggled. The more she looked at Jiang Qi, the fonder she got. Tall and handsome, and so easy to get along with. If he is a girl it would be better… I can ask Young Master to marry her as his wife.

“Hmm?” Auntie Li found that Jiang Qi had numerous red marks and some of them were already purplish in colour. 

“Jiang Qi… Your neck looks horrible. Are you allergic to something? Are you bitten by mosquitoes? Do you need to apply medicine?”

Jiang Qi was rendered speechless, completely embarrassed and tried to cover up his neck.

Ke Yan timely rescued him from having to reply, “Yeah. He was bitten by mosquitoes but he has already applied medicine over it.”

“Oh. That’s good then. I’ll go cook now.”

Jiang Qi took a seat next to Ke Yan, asking, “Hey, why did Auntie Li come over so suddenly to cook?”

“I am afraid that one day you will burn our kitchen down.” After a pause, he continued to say, “Also, I am afraid that one day your hand would be wounded again.” After speaking, Ke Yan could not help but laugh. One really could not fault Ke Yan for laughing at Jiang Qi. A person like Jiang Qi was really rare. How could he go from washing his hand to being accidentally cut by a knife instantly?

Jiang Qi’s face blushed red with embarrassment. He couldn’t help but raise his hand to pinch Ke Yan’s arm.

“I’m going to help Auntie Li prepare the food.” After talking, he fled to the kitchen.

Ke Yan did not stop him because he knew Jiang Qi would be driven out later.

Auntie Li was preparing to cook and heard Ke Yan’s laughter. Inevitably, she felt astonished, showing a look of disbelief. The person laughing out loud is our cold Young Master?

Auntie Li couldn’t help but doubt her hearing.

At this time, Jiang Qi went into the kitchen and successfully interrupted Auntie Li’s line of thinking. “Auntie Li, I will help you cook.”

“Okay.” Auntie Li smiled and replied.

Soon after, just as Ke Yan predicted, Aunt Li held a spatula and kicked Jiang Qi out of the kitchen while muttering, “Absolutely cannot let him into the kitchen next time.”

Jiang Qi, feeling quite defeated, went back to Ke Yan’s side. Ke Yan stroked and caressed Jiang Qi’s head. “It’s alright. Just stay by my side and watch the television shows.”

Auntie Li returned to Ke family’s main house and walked into an European style room. Then, she saw her beautiful and graceful mistress with her head on a pillow, lying on the soft sofa reading comic books.

Auntie Li reported everything that she saw today.

The lady on the sofa showed curiosity in her expression. “Oh?” A word left her mouth.

Jiang Qi? I’m really curious to see what sort of person he is!


T/N: wooohoo found some motivation and time to do another chappie~

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    Yuanshu: Let me make it clear in regards to their dialogue. Chinese culture is like this… To show that you respect someone, especially an older person or your husband, every time you meet them you must greet and call out to them. Calling out their name or their status.. This is what my husband taught me earlier in our marriage since our culture is different. So during family dinner I was like… Pa eat,mom eat, Jie(sis) eat, dear eat and so on…only then I can eat…wu wu wu… sanfu wo this daughter in law..


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