Chapter 109 – Let’s Go Home

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After Ke Yan had his lunch, he thought that Jiang Qi must have woken up already. Even if he wasn’t, he must still be woken up to have his meal. He missed his breakfast, so he must eat lunch.

He dialed Jiang Qi’s number, but no one answered.

Was he downstairs? Ke Yan thought that maybe Jiang Qi was downstairs and had left his phone upstairs so no one answered. So, he called the house phone. No one picked up.

Ke Yan was a little worried now, Jiang Qi isn’t home? Where could he be?

Thinking about it, he called Auntie Li. She picked up the phone very quickly, “Hello, young master.”

“Auntie Li, are you back at the old residence?”

“En, went back. Jiang Qi came too.” Auntie Li knew that Ke Yan definitely called her to ask about Jiang Qi.

“Got it. I’ll pick him up tonight.”

Hanging up the phone, Ke Yan heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and continued with his work.

Little did he know that Jiang Qi drank liquor in the Ke house and even got himself drunk.

And the drunk Jiang Qi was currently lying on the bed, deeply snoring away. Ke Xin sat on the chair nearby and looked at the sound asleep Jiang Qi. He was trying to guess Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s relationship.

Not friends, so was it…… lovers?

Ke Xin’s face was cold. He didn’t have any opinions regarding two men together previously, but it should be said that he didn’t think about it before. He realised that his son was actually a homosexual?

Ke Xin wasn’t a traditional person. He wouldn’t think that two men together was wrong, nor would he think that it was anything disgusting.

It was just that, suddenly knowing that his son was a homosexual felt very different. He placed a lot of importance on Ke Yan since he was young, and when Ke Yan was still young, he disregarded others’ opinions and gave the company to Ke Yan.

As a result, Ke Yan did not let him down as expected, and the company was even managed better than when he was in charge.

Ke Xin stood up suddenly. He patted the sleeping Jiang Qi, “Wake up.”

But Jiang Qi was deep asleep and wasn’t awoken by the disturbance. Ke Xin saw that Jiang Qi wouldn’t wake up and went to the study room. Just like that, he sat on the chair in the study room without reading, just in deep thoughts.

After almost dazing for an entire afternoon in the study room, Ke Xin finally came out and walked towards Jiang Qi’s room. He wanted to see whether Jiang Qi was awake; he felt that he needed to have a talk with Jiang Qi.

However, Ke Xin didn’t expect Jiang Qi to be still asleep. His sleeping ability was almost comparable to Lan Ru Yin, sleeping like a pig.

“Wu, head hurts.” As Ke Xin thought, Jiang Qi on the bed moved, flipped over, both hands hugged his head and he let out a loud sound. Then, he rubbed his temples.

Might be because he was too comfortable, so Jiang Qi slowly got up, and saw that there was someone in the room, thinking it was Ke Yan, “Ke Yan? You’re off work? I didn’t listen to you and drank wine.” Jiang Qi wasn’t completely awake, and still thought that this was home.

He confessed his mistake to Ke Yan, but the person there still hadn’t said anything. Jiang Qi was then a little doubtful.

Then, he immediately reacted. The bed comforter wasn’t as soft as his home’s and the person there seemed to not be Ke Yan.

“You’re awake?” Jiang Qi knew that that wasn’t Ke Yan once he heard the voice. Ke Yan would not talk to him in such a cold manner, Ke Yan’s voice towards him was always filled with warmth.

“En, Uncle?” Jiang Qi heard the voice and immediately knew that it was Father Ke.

“You, why must you listen to Ke Yan if you want to drink alcohol?” Ke Xin heard Jiang Qi’s words and asked.

“Ah? That……” Jiang Qi was stumped by the question. For some unknown reasons, he suddenly felt as if Father Ke’s attitude towards him was a little different, as if he could feel some tension in the air.

“Just what exactly is your relationship with Ke Yan?” Ke Xin’s voice gradually became colder. 

“I……” Jiang Qi had a feeling, did Father Ke know? But he might not know too?

“I, Ke Yan and I……” Jiang Qi’s brain was slow to respond. He didn’t know what to say.

“Since you’re already awake, then come down to drink some sobering soup.” Father Ke cut off Jiang Qi’s following words and stood up to go downstairs.

Jiang Qi was anxious. He wanted to call Ke Yan, but he remembered that he forgot his phone.

Downstairs, he saw that the table had a bowl of sobering soup on it but no Father Ke was seen. Drinking the soup in one big gulp, he asked Auntie Li in the kitchen, “Auntie Li, where’s Uncle?”

“In the study room. Have you finished your soup?”

“En, drank it already.”

Jiang Qi found the study room, hesitated in front of the door and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

Jiang Qi inhaled deeply, opened the door and went in.

Ke Yan left office earlier and went straight to the old residence once he ended work. However, once he entered, he only saw Auntie Li and the helper, no one else.

“Jiang Qi?” Ke Yan put down his briefcase.

“Should be in the study room on the 2nd floor. He asked where Master was.”

Ke Yan nodded, walking towards the stairs.

Jiang Qi nervously walked into the study room. Ke Xin was facing the window. No one spoke. The air was heavy.

“Uncle.” Jiang Qi stood opposite him. “Uncle, I want to apologise first.”

Ke Xin did not say anything.

“You have a really great son, but because of me, he became a homosexual, someone the society doesn’t recognise, someone everyone holds discrimination against. But I really do love him.”

“How did you know that I know about you and Ke Yan’s business?”

“I wasn’t sure if you knew, but I wanted to let you know of our relationship. Actual, actually, I am a little scared of you, so when I see you, I’m a little nervous. I originally wouldn’t have told you so soon, but Ke Yan and I have decided to live the rest of our lives together. I hope that you’ll give us your blessing.” Jiang Qi earnestly said these. Even though he was a little nervous, and his speech wasn’t delivered smoothly, he managed to speak his sincerity whole heartedly.

“You are so sure that Ke Yan would like you forever? He wouldn’t love someone else? He wouldn’t break up with you because of pressure? If he lost all his money and power, you, will you still be with him?” Ke Xin rarely used such a pressing tone to speak.

“Ke Yan will love me for our whole lives, his heart will always be bare in front of me. No one could be more clear on his intentions, so he definitely wouldn’t love someone else. I believe in him, and Ke Yan would also not break up due to pressure. You should know what Ke Yan’s personality and behaviour are like. I love Ke Yan, not his money, his power. Even if he doesn’t have money or power, we wouldn’t split because we can’t handle the pressure. Even if we are poor, and our lives become difficult, as long as Ke Yan is with me, it is enough.”

Ke Xin looked at Jiang Qi who was about Ke Yan’s age. Jiang Qi’s eyes showed determination, determined that he believed whatever he said, believed in Ke Yan and…… himself.

Ke Xin had not seen such eyes in many years.

“Let’s say, if I don’t allow you to be with him?”

“Then we will work hard to make you agree.”

“If you two are insistent on being together, does it matter whether you have my consent or not?”

“It does. If you don’t agree to let us be together, we will be unhappy.”

“Then, being so insistent on your relationship, not considering the parents’ thoughts, isn’t that very selfish?”

“I am very selfish. I selfishly think that the two of us being together is more important, and think that parents should try to understand us, so I’m really sorry.”

“Dad, sorry.” Ke Yan came up to the study room door and heard Jiang Qi saying that he was selfish. He felt his heart aching for him, and opened the door to go in.

Holding Jiang Qi’s hand, he realised that the hand was icy cold, inwardly thinking that this fool must have been very scared in his heart but he purposely acted all tough and brave.

“Don’t say anymore.” Ke Xin stood up.

“Dad, I want to say. I love Jiang Qi. I won’t leave him. I hope that you can support us. If you don’t agree, I still won’t leave Jiang Qi. He is more important than my life. We’ll go home for today, I hope you can think through it carefully.”

Ke Yan held onto Jiang Qi all the way till the car, without speaking. Ke Yan caressed Jiang Qi’s face. Jiang Qi seemed to have just come back to himself, and threw himself into Ke Yan’s embrace. “I’m so scared.”

“Don’t be. I’ll always be with you forever.” Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi tightly.

“En.” Jiang Qi nodded. “Let’s go home.”



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