Chapter 108 – Understand

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Since he already took leave for a day, Jiang Qi did not want to go to work that afternoon and planned to spend his afternoon moping around at home.

Just as Jiang Qi was eating the fruits he prepared while lying on the sofa planning to read a book then watch tv, Mo Lu and Ma Tong came back.

“Didn’t you guys go shopping? Why did you come back so early?”

“Shopping for an entire morning is enough. Isn’t it boring to shop for the entire day?” Mo Lu seemed to dislike shopping, not a single piece of cloth was bought.

“What are your plans for the afternoon?” Mo Lu sat while hugging the pillow.

“Lie on the sofa to watch tv, then read books.” Jiang Qi said lazily.

“Ke Yan was so fierce? Still tired till now?” Mo Lu said excitedly.

“I just remembered when you said it. The disk you gave me last night, why does it have such content?” The more Jiang Qi thought about it, the angrier he got.

“It’s for your own good.” Ma Tong laughed evilly.

“Good for me?” Jiang Qi still didn’t believe her.

“Of course, I’m thinking of your happiness.”

“Humph, then forget it.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go out in the afternoon.” Mo Lu was a person who couldn’t stay in the house for long.

“Where to?”

“I wanted to go to the hospital, but Xiao Yang Zi said Lin Zi Rui isn’t at work today. Where shall we go then?”

“Go to Ke house?” Ma Tong suggested.

Jiang Qi shook his head. “I’d better stay at home.”

“Haven’t you already infiltrated the inner Ke family? Why are you still scared?”

“I’m scared to meet Ke Yan’s dad.” Ke Yan’s father treated him well. Previously when Ke Yan’s mother didn’t like him, she still spoke for him. But the reason she helped him was because Ke Yan’s father did not know of his relationship with Ke Yan. If he knew, Jiang Qi would have been nagged and scolded at.

Thinking of that face that was similar to Ke Yan’s, Jiang Qi felt a little closer to him, but then he remembered that he was Ke Yan’s father, not Ke Yan, and he (JQ) would immediately break into cold sweat.

Towards Father Ke, Jiang Qi had a guilty conscience because Jiang Qi felt that his outstanding and brilliant son had been stolen away by him.

This random feeling of guilt, plus Father Ke’s stern and strict aura, made Jiang Qi even more fearful of meeting him than meeting Lan Ru Yin1Mother Ke.

“Jiang Qi, let’s go to Ke house. The more times you go, the more the Ke family can get to know you.” The more others refused to go, the more Mo Lu wanted to go instead.

“Not going.” Jiang Qi indicated that going with Ke Yan together would be better.

“Okay then.” Mo Lu agreed immediately. However, she made a look towards Ma Tong. Ma Tong got the message and took out her phone to call Lan Ru Yin.

“Aunty, I’m Ma Tong. I’m currently at Ke Yan’s place. Jiang Qi said that he wants to go see you.”

“Is that so?” Lan Ru Yin was a little surprised. She thought that Jiang Qi would absolutely not dare to go to Ke house without Ke Yan’s company.


“Then come over, I’ll ask Auntie Li to prepare some dishes.” Lan Ru Yin was currently unconsciously accepting Jiang Qi.

“Okay.” Ma Tong was a little taken aback by Lan Ru Yin’s attitude but was inwardly happy for Jiang Qi. It looked like next time, when dealing with Father Ke, it would be a little better because Lan Ru Yin wasn’t very opposed towards Ke Yan and Jiang Qi.

Hanging up the phone, Ma Tong faced a shocked Jiang Qi.

“Let’s go.” Ma Tong looked happily at Jiang Qi.

“You guys really……” Jiang Qi helplessly ran up the stairs from the sofa to change his clothes.

Since he was going, then he should dress a little nicer to give a good impression.

After Jiang Qi changed, he wanted to buy a gift to bring over. Mo Lu understood and said smilingly, “Ke Yan lacks nothing, and the son-in-law is only going back to see his mother-in-law, so why the need to be too formal?”

“Why didn’t you say mother-in-law2Wife’s mother. JQ is the husband, KY is the wife?”

“……HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.” Mo Lu and Ma Tong blanked out for a moment, then couldn’t help but start to laugh crazily.

And so, throughout the whole journey to Ke house, Mo Lu and Ma Tong’s laughter rang loudly, along with Jiang Qi’s ‘anger’.

When they were about to reach Ke house, Jiang Qi wanted to give Ke Yan a call, but realised that he forgot his phone, “Lend me your phone for a while.”

“Not lending.” Mo Lu wouldn’t lend it.

Ma Tong shook her head too. 

Hence, Jiang Qi reached the Ke house without borrowing a phone.

Today, both Ke Xin3Father Ke and Lan Ru Yin were at home. Ke Shao and Xiao Ke weren’t home, and figured that they must have gone to Chad’s family.

Ke Xin was reading in the living room and smiled when he saw them, “Why did you guys come?”

“Oh, to see Uncle and Aunty.” Mo Lu smilingly greeted.

“Jiang Qi.” Ke Xin looked at Jiang Qi. “Didn’t expect that your relationship with these two girls would be so good too.”

“Yea, yes, we all knew each other in college. We clicked well together.” Jiang Qi hurriedly smiled and replied.

Ke Xin saw a smiling Jiang Qi and thought that Jiang Qi was pretty good. After all, a son that was as picky as his own could even get along well with Jiang Qi.

“Ru Yin’s in the garden.” Ke Xin told Mo Lu and Ma Tong. These two usually came to find Lan Ru Yin, but since they were busy with the company recently, they came over less.

“Then let’s go to the garden.” Saying that, Mo Lu pulled Jiang Qi to the garden, with Ma Tong following too.

Ke Xin blanked for a moment. Why did they take Jiang Qi away too? He still wanted to chat a little more with Jiang Qi. Ke Yan said that Jiang Qi also liked to read, so he wanted to chat a little with Jiang Qi.

Lan Ru Yin was currently sipping on some wine in the garden. Seeing them arrive, she asked Auntie Li to bring another 3 wine glasses over.

Jiang Qi didn’t know how to drink. He was a lightweight, and once drunk, he would go crazy and the next day, he would be feeling horrible. Furthermore, alcohol wasn’t good for the body. Recently, Ke Yan also didn’t allow Jiang Qi to drink, unless in necessary situations.

Hence, Jiang Qi had absolutely no idea what was considered a good wine nor what brand the wine was, let alone the place of origin. So when he heard them discussing the wine, he sipped two mouthfuls.

For some unknown reason, the three drank as if they were addicted and they actually called someone to bring a few more bottles out from the wine cellar, as if they wouldn’t give up until they were drunk.

Jiang Qi felt that it was for the best if he left, but just as he stood up, he was stopped by Lan Ru Yin. “Jiang Qi, where are you going, come sit down and drink.”

Jiang Qi didn’t dare to refuse Lan Ru Yin, so he sat back down.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong had a very good capacity for alcohol and weren’t afraid of getting drunk, and Lan Ru Yin couldn’t be bothered whether or not they were drunk.

Jiang Qi could only obediently accompany Lan Ru Yin to drink. Red wine had a big after effect and Lan Ru Yin’s capacity wasn’t very good. She drank a few glasses and was a little drunk. She reached out her hand to pinch Jiang Qi’s face and smilingly said, “At first, I couldn’t guess why Ke Yan liked you so much, but your skin is really soft. Ke Yan definitely likes your soft and tender feel.”

“En.” Jiang Qi nodded, getting a little drunk from Lan Ru Yin’s influence.

“En, Ke Yan and his dad are actually the same kind of hooligans.” 

“En, the same hooligan.” Jiang Qi continued to nod.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong saw that both were drunk and asked someone to call over Ke Xin, then went upstairs to their room to rest, where it was specially prepared for their long term stay, without a care for the drunk.

Ke Xin heard that Lan Ru Yin was drunk and was momentarily tendered helpless. How can she be drunk again? I must start to control her intake so she doesn’t keep drinking.

Although helpless, he still went to the garden to carry Lan Ru Yin back to her room to rest.

Putting Lan Ru Yin on the bed, he removed her jacket and carefully covered her with the blanket. Thinking about Jiang Qi who was still in the garden, he went down once more.

“Jiang Qi, wake up.” Shaking Jiang Qi who was sprawling over the table, Jiang Qi had no reaction whatsoever.

Helpless, Ke Xin decided to send Jiang Qi back to a room to rest, since it was cold here.

But how did he send him? Ke Xin bent his waist to pick up Jiang Qi. Luckily, his physique was still good, if not, carrying two people consecutively would have been unbearable for him considering his age.

Jiang Qi was picked up by someone. Although he was drunk, he could still recognise that it felt just like when Ke Yan hugged him and adjusted himself on the back to find a comfortable position. But today, the way Ke Yan carried him was not comfortable.

Jiang Qi thought while muddleheaded. 

Carrying Jiang Qi to the guest room, Father Ke was about to put him down when Jiang Qi squirmed, his mouth pouted, and shouted a sentence, “Ke Yan, not tonight, so tired.”

Tired of what? Ke Xin did not understand what Jiang Qi was saying.

Helping Jiang Qi to cover himself, he prepared to stand up to go out, when Jiang Qi suddenly pulled on his hand, “Ke Yan, let’s sleep together, it’s uncomfortable without you hugging me.”

Father Ke frowned, what is this child saying! Sleep together? Does Ke Yan and Jiang Qi usually sleep together? Why was it so odd?

“Wu, Ke Yan I love you, hehe.” Jiang Qi said and giggled himself silly. 

Father Ke froze. He seemed to have understood something.


T/N: oh no (〃>_<;〃) welcome to the family arc~!

For everyone’s sake (because I can’t remember their names):

Lan Ru Yin is Mother Ke

Ke Xin is Father Ke

Ke Shao is Ke Yan’s sister

Chad Wang is Ke Shao’s husband


Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 2 hours

  • 1
    Mother Ke
  • 2
    Wife’s mother. JQ is the husband, KY is the wife
  • 3
    Father Ke


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