Chapter 107 – Discrepancy

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Although his heart was gloomy, Yang Shao Yu still did not complain and sent Lin Zi Rui to the hospital obediently.

He wanted to wait for Lin Zi Rui in his office just like before, but Lin Zi Rui insisted that he wanted Yang Shao Yu to go back today. “Just go home first. You still have work tomorrow. I’ll wait till I finish all my work before calling my second brother to pick me up.”

“No worries, I can rest in your office too.” Yang Shao Yu wanted to bring Lin Zi Rui to have supper after work. How could he let him (LZR) go hungry?

“Go home quickly.” Lin Zi Rui did not say anything else and just chased Yang Shao Yu away directly. “If you still do not go home to rest, you can just get out.”

“No no no, I’ll go back now.” Yang Shao Yu saw that Lin Zi Rui was angry and hurriedly said, then left right after.

Before going home, he first went to buy some pastries and milk, placed them on Lin Zi Rui’s office desk, then left.

Getting into his car, Yang Shao Yu listened to Lin Zi Rui obediently and went home to rest.

In Ke Yan’s house, Mo Lu and Ma Tong were still feeling jetlagged and had no energy to make trouble, so they went to bed early.

Before sleeping, they specially gave Jiang Qi a disk and said mysteriously, “This is a gift we specially took time to make for you and Ke Yan.”

“What’s this?” Jiang Qi asked while holding onto the disk.

“I can’t tell you now. Once you watch it, you’ll know.”

“So secretive?”

“This is a classic film that wasn’t easy to find, you must watch it.” They went to bed after saying it.

Jiang Qi held the disk and looked at the mysterious smiles on their faces. Their smiles were somewhat wretched……

After bathing, Ke Yan and Jiang Qi lied on the bed. Ke Yan read his book while Jiang Qi watched the tv, watching a recent release family-idol dog-blood drama.

The starting scene of the drama showed that the female lead saw her husband having an affair. She then ran to the river, where she met the true male lead by chance. As a result, the male lead was already married and had come out after quarrelling with his wife. Suddenly, the male lead was hit by someone and lost his memories. After losing his memory, he fell in love with the female lead, but he quickly recovered his memories. He realised that he was already married, so he did not get together with the female lead. After that, the female lead was continuously misunderstood by other people as a vixen…… Furthermore, the female lead’s younger sister married the male lead’s younger brother1okay but like won’t the FL meet the ML then?????????, and the younger brother had even brought home the pregnant girlfriend he had outside.

Jiang Qi wasn’t particularly liking the show. He was only watching casually to see how the show would advance, watching how the female lead’s younger sister continuously said that she wanted to divorce but still had not divorced.

The high pitched screams from the show made Ke Yan unable to focus on reading, so he watched the show too, hugging Jiang Qi to watch it together. “Is it that interesting?” Ke Yan honestly could not see what was so appealing about the show. They were continuously fighting. From the moment he started reading, they had already started to argue, and were still arguing till now.

“Still alright.” Jiang Qi said while yawning a few times.


“En, but I still don’t want to sleep.”

“Watch the show then. Sleep once it ends.” Ke Yan pulled the blanket up higher to cover Jiang Qi better.

“What’s this?” Ke Yan suddenly saw the disk next to Jiang Qi’s pillow.

“Oh, Mo Lu and Ma Tong gave that, saying it was a present.” Jiang Qi reached out his hand to hold the disk.

“Whatever they give is always nothing good.” Ke Yan said, wanting to put the disk into the drawer.

“Let’s just see what’s inside.” Jiang Qi thought about their mysterious facial expression and was a little curious about the content of the disk.

“Okay, wait for me.” Ke Yan got out of bed to insert the disk. “This disk looks like an old one, a little worn out.”

The disk started showing its content once inserted. Both of them were still in the same position where Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi as they sat on the bed to watch.

Although the disk looked a little old, it wasn’t damaged. So, the two started watching. When it first started playing, Jiang Qi was still wondering if it was a movie. He doesn’t seem to have seen it before.

But gradually, he felt that something was off. How come those two boys were sticking to each other so closely and even started to remove their clothes?

This time, Jiang Qi reacted, wasn’t this a gv2gay video aka gay p*rn.?

“Stop watching it.” Jiang Qi said, wanting to turn off the tv with the remote control.

“Didn’t you want to watch?” Ke Yan blocked Jiang Qi.

Jiang Qi was feeling awkward, Mo Lu and Ma Tong, these two people!

“Not watching, I’m not watching, let’s just sleep.” Jiang Qi said as he lied down properly, covering himself with the blanket, all ready to sleep.

“Then let’s not watch.” Ke Yan wasn’t interested in these, so he turned it off, but started to unbutton Jiang Qi’s pajamas.

Jiang Qi closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Ke Yan unbuttoned and moved his kisses downwards. The places where he kissed, he left behind an ambiguous mark.

His hand incessantly kept touching Jiang Qi’s sensitive places.

Jiang Qi really couldn’t continue pretending to sleep, so he opened his eyes and Ke Yan laughed lightly. Jiang Qi circled Ke Yan’s neck, “Go easy on me, we still have work tomorrow.”

“En.” Ke Yan agreed with his mouth, but after the entire night, Jiang Qi was about to fall apart.

In the morning, Ke Yan woke up while Jiang Qi continued to sleep. Ke Yan purposely lightened his movements, not letting Jiang Qi get disturbed by the noise. He changed his clothes, preparing to head down. He lightly kissed Jiang Qi’s forehead; Jiang Qi could rest at home today.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong were already up when Ke Yan went downstairs, eating the breakfast Auntie Li prepared.

Mo Lu looked at the refreshed Ke Yan and smiled evilly. “How was it? Last night must have been enjoyable.”

“En, don’t disturb him today. Let him rest properly.” Ke Yan also sat and ate his breakfast.

“I know, don’t be so long-winded!”

After his breakfast, Ke Yan was about to leave for work when he instructed Auntie Li to make some of Jiang Qi’s favourite dishes for lunch and to make it earlier. After saying that, he left the house.

Yang Shao Yu had also reached office at the same time as Ke Yan. Both of them went in the elevator together.

The visuals of the two men in the lift were very outstanding, with an imposing and impressive appearance, but the difference was very large.

One looked refreshed and in high spirits, and the other looked as if he hadn’t woken up, very low spirited.

“What’s wrong with you? Weren’t you with Doctor Lin yesterday?”

“How did you know that I was with Zi Rui?” Yang Shao Yu looked at Ke Yan. With just one glance, he knew what Ke Yan did last night. No wonder he didn’t see Jiang Qi in the car with Ke Yan today.

“Didn’t you call Jiang Qi?”

“Aye, he had something on in the hospital at the last minute.”

Seeing Yang Shao Yu’s appearance, Ke Yan couldn’t resist feeling schadenfreude.

Jiang Qi slept the entire morning before waking up and rubbed his empty tummy, so hungry.

When he went down, Auntie Li had already prepared lunch. Jiang Qi cheered in his heart that Auntie Li’s lunch was prepared at such a good timing. Just nice, he was hungry and was even afraid that there would be nothing to eat.

“Auntie Li, where are Mo Lu and Ma Tong?” Jiang Qi asked after filling his tummy halfway.

“Oh, they were too bored at home, so they went to find a friend to go shopping with.”

“Oh.” Jiang Qi had wanted to settle the accounts for giving him some weird things.


T/N: guessed who had some action ^^ this can be considered…… calm before the storm? (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜

Proofreader: Celare

Duration: 1 hour

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    okay but like won’t the FL meet the ML then?????????
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    gay video aka gay p*rn.


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