Chapter 106 – Deal?

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Content Warning: This chapter may contain depictions of violence, sex, offensive language and has been marked NSFW

On the way home, Yang Shao Yu was questioning himself whether he was still in a dream or not. After coming back to his senses, he couldn’t help but be crazily elated and excited.

Could it be that tonight, he and Lin Zi Rui could really…… Yang Shao Yu kept glancing at the peaceful Lin Zi Rui sitting at the front passenger seat and became even more anticipant.

Although he was excited inwardly, Yang Shao Yu still drove the car steadily. On the other hand, Lin Zi Rui was a little anxious in his heart. Since the start when he said that he wanted to go to Yang Shao Yu’s house, Yang Shao Yu didn’t seem to be very happy. Could Yang Shao Yu dislike him going to his (YSY) house?

Breathing in deeply, Lin Zi Rui touched his chest over his heart. How nervous, I haven’t been this nervous in a long time.

Very quickly, the car stopped. In the car garage, both of them alighted. Yang Shao Yu pressed on the elevator and they entered it. Yang Shao Yu saw that Lin Zi Rui beside him was a little nervous.

Holding Lin Zi Rui’s hand, he gently said, “Don’t be nervous. If you’re afraid, I won’t force you.”

Lin Zi Rui flushed red when he heard it, and couldn’t help glancing over at Yang Shao Yu. He then saw Yang Shao Yu looking at him too. He blushed even harder. Looking at the warmth in Yang Shao Yu’s eyes, Lin Zi Rui let go of some of his nerves in his heart.

The elevator soon reached its intended floor. Yang Shao Yu opened his house door and went inside while holding hands with Lin Zi Rui. 

Lin Zi Rui looked around Yang Shao Yu’s house. The furnishing was pretty good; it could be seen that Yang Shao Yu was the type of person who knew how to enjoy life.

“Sit.” Yang Shao Yu pulled Lin Zi Rui over to the sofa to sit. “What do you want to drink?”

“Orange juice.” Lin Zi Rui suddenly felt the urge to drink orange juice.

“Then wait for me for a while, I’ll go down to buy some.” Yang Shao Yu’s house had no orange juice.

“No need. If there’s none, then it’s alright.”

“I’ll come back very soon.” Yang Shao Yu poured a cup of water for Lin Zi Rui first, afraid that he would be thirsty, then hurriedly went out to buy orange juice.

Lin Zi Rui watched as Yang Shao Yu left the house then drank some water and stood up to look around the living room. He walked towards the huge French windows and stood in front of it. He looked down and the city lights below came into his view. Leaving the windows, he walked inwards and saw the unclosed room door of the master bedroom. Turning on the lights, he looked in and the first thing he saw was a huge bed. Looking at the big bed, Lin Zi Rui thought to himself, it should be very soft, right? Then he proceeded to lie on top of it.

While thinking about it, Lin Zi Rui didn’t even need to look into the mirror to know that his face was red, because his face was feeling very hot now.

Yang Shao Yu was usually a person who disliked troublesome things, so letting someone like him to specially go out to buy orange juice for just one person was impossible, but Lin Zi Rui was different. Lin Zi Rui was someone whom he had placed at the bottom of his heart to love, someone whom he did not want to let him (LZR) suffer even the tiniest bit of grievances. Whatever Lin Zi Rui wanted, he would definitely give it to him; even if it was just orange juice. If he didn’t have it at home, then he must go and buy it for him.

Yang Shao Yu did not go to a supermarket, but drove to a nearby café to buy a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

While waiting for the café to make his juice, he suddenly heard a female voice sounding very similar to Mo Lu. Yang Shao Yu was shocked, could the two women have come?

Looking at where the voice came from, Yang Shao Yu heaved a sigh of relief. It wasn’t Mo Lu and Ma Tong.

Yang Shao Yu didn’t want to have anyone interrupting his and Lin Zi Rui’s time tonight.

Although he hadn’t seen the two people up until now, what if they came by later? Yang Shao Yu thought about this and took out his phone to call Jiang Qi, “Hello, Jiang Qi, where are Mo Lu and Ma Tong at now?”

“Oh, they’re at my place. But they’re just about to head to your place now.”

“Jiang Qi, you mustn’t let them come over.”


At this time, the juice was ready. Yang Shao Yu paid for it. “I’ll tell you tomorrow. Anyway, you cannot let them come. This brother’s future happiness is depending on you.”

“Ah? Oh, okay then. I’ll stop them.” Jiang Qi had no idea what the relationship was between Yang Shao Yu’s future happiness and this, but he still promised to stop the two girls.

Yang Shao Yu thanked him. Then, he took the orange juice and rushed home.

After reaching home, Yang Shao Yu noticed that Lin Zi Rui was currently watching tv. Handing over the juice, Lin Zi Rui took it and smiled. “I enjoy drinking orange juice quite a bit.”

“I’ll buy a juice maker tomorrow.” Yang Shao Yu quickly noted down Lin Zi Rui’s liking.

Lin Zi Rui snorted out a laugh and drank a mouth full of juice. Sweet and sour, it’s as delicious as expected.

Yang Shao Yu sat next to Lin Zi Rui, stretched out his arm to hold Lin Zi Rui’s shoulders and gently pressed Lin Zi Rui’s head down to rest against his embrace.

The two of them were sitting peacefully just like this. Yang Shao Yu didn’t feel Lin Zi Rui’s resistance so he slowly adjusted their positions. He lowered his head and gently kissed Lin Zi Rui. Lin Zi Rui widened his eyes but quickly closed them. Yang Shao Yu kissed him slowly, licking Lin Zi Rui’s tongue. Lin Zi Rui felt that the lick made his tongue a little itchy, and in the next moment, he felt Yang Shao Yu prying open his mouth, sticking his tongue all the way in to tangle with his own.

Lin Zi Rui was kissed till he was muddle headed by that fiery hot tongue. He couldn’t hear the tv show; he couldn’t feel anything but Yang Shao Yu’s kiss. Very soon, he was unable to hold on. His body went limp. His entire body felt as if his strength was sapped out. He grabbed onto Yang Shao Yu’s clothes tightly.

Yang Shao Yu was reluctant to part once he started kissing, so he only reluctantly parted lips with Lin Zi Rui when both of them were short on breath.

Lin Zi Rui leaned on Yang Shao Yu’s shoulder, panting, and pushed Yang Shao Yu. “Go take a bath first, I’ll shower after you.”

“Okay.” Yang Shao Yu’s voice was a little hoarse.

Lin Zi Rui watched as Yang Shao Yu went to take a bath first, then covered his face with the cushion, how embarrassing.

Yang Shao Yu quickly finished his bath, wearing a bathrobe when he came out. 

Giving some clothes to Lin Zi Rui to change into, Lin Zi Rui took the clothes without daring to look at Yang Shao Yu and entered the bathroom.

Walking into the bathroom, Lin Zi Rui did not immediately start bathing. He looked at the new underwear Yang Shao Yu gave him. It should be his (YSY), but the size was so big.

Lin Zi Rui embarrassingly put down the underwear that wasn’t his size.

Then he took a bath.

Yang Shao Yu sat on the sofa outside while waiting for Lin Zi Rui. For every second that passed, it felt as if time was passing too slowly. It was too tormenting.

Finally, Lin Zi Rui finished washing up. Yang Shao Yu heard the bathroom door opening and immediately looked over just to see Lin Zi Rui wearing a bathrobe, standing outside the bathroom. The new bathrobe worn on Lin Zi Rui was too loose, showing Lin Zi Rui’s white and tender nape.

Yang Shao Yu went over and hugged Lin Zi Rui. Lin Zi Rui stiffened up due to his nervousness. Yang Shao Yu said in a low voice, “Wanna drink some wine?”

“Don’t want to, let’s go to the room.” Lin Zi Rui shook his head.

Yang Shao Yu laughed gently, and carried Lin Zi Rui into his room.

Putting Lin Zi Rui on his bed, Yang Shao Yu kissed his lips, gently and slowly taking off Lin Zi Rui’s robe. “Don’t be afraid, I’ll be gentle.”

NSFW for the thirsty “En.” Lin Zi Rui felt Yang Shao Yu’s warm voice surrounding him. Yang Shao Yu’s breath lingered on his skin, making it feel flaming hot.

Yang Shao Yu slowly moved downwards, kissing Lin Zi Rui’s neck, biting lightly, and both hands continuously touched all over Lin Zi Rui’s body.

Lin Zi Rui trembled slightly. He had never felt such a thing before; he didn’t know how to react.

When the robe came off fully, Lin Zi Rui’s heartbeat sped up. Yang Shao Yu kissed Lin Zi Rui as if comforting him.

Slowly pulling Lin Zi Rui’s hand downwards, Lin Zi Rui felt that his hand touched something scalding, thick, and big. As a man, how could he not know what it was?

Without waiting for Lin Zi Rui to react, Yang Shao Yu immediately made his (LZR) hand move, and Lin Zi Rui could immediately hear Yang Shao Yu’s breath become quite rushed and unsteady.

It’s as big as he thought. Lin Zi Rui thought about some impure things in his mind.

His face was so hot, it had never been as hot as it was before……

“Ring~~~” The phone suddenly rang. 

Lin Zi Rui was startled and then realised that it came from his phone.

Pushing away Yang Shao Yu who was kissing him unceasingly, he said, “It’s my phone that’s ringing.” 

“Leave it be.” Yang Shao Yu hastened Lin Zi Rui’s hand movement and continued to caress Lin Zi Rui’s body.

“Mmm… I can’t, it might be from the hospital.”

Yang Shao Yu heard him and puffingly went to the bathroom to help Lin Zi Rui to take his phone. If he knew that this would happen, he would’ve closed the bathroom door earlier so that they wouldn’t be able to hear the phone ringing.

Bearing his body’s desire, he brought Lin Zi Rui’s phone into the bedroom. Lin Zi Rui answered the call, and because the lights weren’t on, Yang Shao Yu could not discern the expressions on Lin Zi Rui’s face.

Lin Zi Rui hung up the phone very soon. “Shao Yu, I’m sorry……”

“It’s from the hospital?”


“Let’s go, I’ll send you over.” Sighing in his heart, Yang Shao Yu defeatedly turned on the lights.

With the lights on, everything could be seen. Lin Zi Rui looked at Yang Shao Yu’s bare body and his high spirited, upright big thing, and then quickly covered his eyes.

As for Yang Shao Yu, when he saw Lin Zi Rui’s fair and tender skin, he couldn’t look away, but he immediately covered him (LZR) with the blanket. If he continued looking, he wouldn’t be able to control himself anymore.

After which, they both put on their clothes properly. Lin Zi Rui looked apologetically at Yang Shao Yu’s bottom half which still hadn’t gone down.

Yang Shao Yu then fiercely kissed Lin Zi Rui, “Next time, I really won’t let you go so easily.”

Lin Zi Rui nodded with a red face.

Yang Shao Yu sighed harshly in his heart. It’s so vexing.


T/N: same YSY, same… though it was light nsfw, i’m still gonna put the dropdown, just in case some of yall are uncomfortable~ humu being nice to the young-uns :p 

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Duration: 1 hour


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