Chapter 105 – Sleep Over At Your Place

“Excuse me, is there a doctor named Lin Zi Rui here?”

Luckily they weren’t foolish, they still knew that they should ask a nurse receptionist.

“Oh, Doctor Lin Zi Rui is on the 3rd floor, Orthopedics.” The nurse said while smiling slightly.

“Thank you.” The two of them thanked her and walked towards the Orthopedics on the 3rd floor.

“What does Lin Zi Rui look like?” Ma Tong suddenly asked in the lift.

“No idea, but he should be very pretty.”

The Lin Zi Rui standing behind them, “……”

Lin Zi Rui had wanted to go down to take something, and ended up overhearing two unfamiliar women talking about him in the lift. 

“Um, that, do you know me?” Lin Zi Rui voiced out.

Mo Lu and Ma Tong heard a sound amidst their talking, turned around at the same time and asked, “You are Lin Zi Rui?”

Lin Zi Rui nodded with a good temper.

“Oh.” A sound of unknown meaning rang out.

“……” Lin Zi Rui suddenly felt a breeze of cold wind blowing past. 

“We are Yang Shao Yu’s sisters, not those biological kinds. We came just to see how you look.”

Not ‘biological sisters’, then it’s ‘friends’? And they even wanted to see what he looked like?

While thinking about it, the lift reached a floor. A few others boarded the lift. Lin Zi Rui recalled hearing ‘Yang Shao Yu’, these 3 words, the froze and unnaturally felt a little nervous. “Hello to both of you, I’m Lin Zi Rui. How should I address you?”

“Oh, I’m Mo Lu.”

“Ma Tong.”

“Oh, I’m currently on shift. If both of you don’t mind, you can sit in my office first.”

“Oh, okay sure.”

Lin Zi Rui brought them to his office, served them two cups of tea and then went on with his work.

During this time when he left for work, he left for a rather long time. When he ran back to his office, Mo Lu and Ma Tong were gone; only Yang Shao Yu alone was sitting inside.

“Eh? Where are your friends?”

“Oh, they still had something on so they left first.”

Yang Shao Yu was originally at work, but for some unknown reasons, he felt uneasy in his heart. He suddenly thought about the two who might have gone to find Lin Zi Rui at the hospital. So he begged Ke Yan, passed his work over to him, and clocked off early. After going to the hospital, he saw the expected people in the office.

After chasing them away, he waited in the office for Lin Zi Rui. He was planning to wait for Lin Zi Rui to get off work, have a meal, and maybe could even go shopping together or have a movie date after.

“Oh, I wanted to eat with them.” Lin Zi Rui trusted Yang Shao Yu with no hint of doubt.

“That’s too unfortunate. What time are you off?”

“I can go now.”

“That’s great, let’s go eat.”

“En.” Lin Zi Rui thought about his failed attempt at eating together.

Walking out of the hospital, Yang Shao Yu immediately held Lin Zi Rui’s hand. He didn’t hold Lin Zi Rui’s hand in the hospital because he was afraid that it would be bad for Lin Zi Rui if his colleagues saw.

“Where shall we go?” Lin Zi Rui did not reject it.

“What do you want to eat?” 

“I wanna eat hotpot. The weather’s cold so let’s have some hotpot to warm up the body.” 

“Okay, I know a good hotpot shop.” Yang Shao Yu would say ‘okay’ to whatever Lin Zi Rui wanted.

Yang Shao Yu brought Lin Zi Rui to his regular hotpot shop. Lin Zi Rui liked to eat spicy food, but he couldn’t eat something too spicy. Hence, he ordered a slightly spicy one. Yang Shao Yu wasn’t picky so he would eat whatever Lin Zi Rui ordered.

Lin Zi Rui’s appetite wasn’t big. After eating for a while, he felt full and drank the soup while watching Yang Shao Yu eat.

Yang Shao Yu looked at Lin Zi Rui after eating, and realised that there were dark circles under his eyes. “I’ll send you home?”

“En?” Lin Zi Rui thought that Yang Shao Yu would not let him go home just like this.

“You must be exhausted.” Yang Shao Yu caressed Lin Zi Rui’s eyebags. 

“Still alright.” Lin Zi Rui’s heart warmed and even trembled a little. The gentleness, the concern and the care Yang Shao Yu gave him were different from his two older brothers. It made him feel as if there was only him in Yang Shao Yu’s heart, only caring about him, giving a certain type of love.

Lowering his head, he smiled and agreed. “Okay, send me home then.”

“I’ll send you home.” Yang Shao Yu did not hear Lin Zi Rui’s unspoken meaning. 

Up until they entered the car, Yang Shao Yu drove the car towards Lin Zi Rui’s house.

“Let’s go home together tonight?”

“Ah?” Yang Shao Yu blanked out.

“I want to sleep over at your place tonight.”

“Ah?” This time, Yang Shao Yu was completely stupefied. What did Zi Rui’s words mean? It can’t have the same meaning as the one in my head right?

T/N: YSY GETTIN SOME MEAT??!! Let’s see, shall we…

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