Chapter 102 – Depressed

Second Brother Lin brought Lin Zi Rui home. Big Brother Lin had not come home, so Second Brother Lin had no one else to share his worries about Lin Zi Rui with.

Second Brother Lin may seem a little reckless at times, but he wasn’t foolish. Although he didn’t notice it at the start, seeing Lin Zi Rui’s expression, he seemed to have guessed something, but it felt a little ridiculous. Xiao Rui should like girls.

Second Brother Lin looked at Lin Zi Rui, who was sitting on the sofa, and hesitated a little. “Xiao Rui…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, eat some fruits, it’s good for your body.” Second Brother Lin had no more courage to ask further, afraid that once he asked, Xiao Rui would feel awkward. 

“Oh, Second Brother, you eat too.” Lin Zi Rui picked up a piece of Second Brother’s favourite fruit.

“Okay, okay.” Second Brother smilingly took the fruit.

“I’m home.” Just as the two of them were chatting, they saw Lin Le carrying bags of different sizes into the house. She glared at Lin Zi Rui once she saw him, then called out, “Second Brother.”

“En, come and sit for a while. You went shopping again?” Although Lin Zi Rui was his younger brother, Lin Le was also his little sister. He wouldn’t purposely ignore Lin Le for Lin Zi Rui’s sake. Regarding Lin Le’s attitude towards Lin Zi Rui, as long as it wasn’t too serious, he wouldn’t find fault with Lin Le. He still hoped that the relationship between them would get better.

“En, I went with a friend.” Lin Le drank some juice.

“If you need money, just ask Second Brother, but don’t always go shopping all the time.”

“Got it. Third Brother, what are you thinking about?” Lin Le suddenly saw Lin Zi Rui dazing away, completely missing out on her and Second Brother Lin’s conversation.

“Oh, it’s nothing. You two continue, I’m going upstairs first.” Lin Zi Rui got up to walk up the stairs, and all he could think of was whether Yang Shao Yu was angry just now.

Lin Le watched Lin Zi Rui go up to the second floor with eyes full of hatred. She hated this Third Brother. Because of him, Big Brother and Second Brother could not care for her wholeheartedly alone, only revolving around her. She hated that Lin Zi Rui took away Big Brother and Second Brother’s attention, so she hated him. But what made her happy was that, luckily, her parents did not care much about Third Brother.

Unbeknownst to Lin Le’s thoughts, Lin Zi Rui went to his own room and called Yang Shao Yu. The phone only rang twice before it was immediately picked up.

“Reached home?” Lin Zi Rui hadn’t said anything before he heard Yang Shao Yu’s inquiry.

“En, I’m home. Are you still driving?”

“En, but I’m reaching soon.”

“Then I’ll call you back later, drive carefully.” He then hung up the phone right after he finished speaking.

Yang Shao Yu smiled. He sped up the car, thinking of calling Lin Zi Rui once he reached home, but then, he recalled Lin Zi Rui’s instructions telling him to drive carefully, so he slowed down his speed in the end.

Before Yang Shao Yu sat down at home, he called Lin Zi Rui first. “Hello, I’m home.”

“Oh, how about dinner? Haven’t eaten yet right?”

“En, we must eat together tomorrow.” Yang Shao Yu thought about his failed date and felt depressed.

“Okay.” Lin Zi Rui smiled lightly.

They both said a few more words, then reluctantly hung up the phone.

Ke Yan’s first day back in the office after the business trip would be spent in meetings, and the higher ranking workers would be the same, spending their time in the meeting room.

After the morning meeting, Ke Yan finally could have a break in the afternoon. He tiredly lay on the office sofa, while Jiang Qi sat on the other sofa to rest. As compared to Ke Yan, he was much more relaxed.

“It’s a little tiring, but we’re finishing it soon.”

“En, I’ll go eat with you in a while.” Ke Yan sat up, gesturing for Jiang Qi to sit over. Jiang Qi obediently sat next to Ke Yan. Ke Yan embraced Jiang Qi’s shoulders, and the two of them leaned against the sofa.

“Tired?” Ke Yan’s other hand held Jiang Qi’s hand.

“Not as tired as you.” Jiang Qi pinched Ke Yan’s hand over and over again. Once he finished speaking, his stomach let out a sound.

Ke Yan heard Jiang Qi’s grumbling and smiled. He looked at Jiang Qi’s slightly red face and said, “Let’s go, time to eat. If we don’t hurry, my wife would be starving.”

“Stop talking.” Jiang Qi had no resistance towards the word ‘wife’, his face went red when Ke Yan mentioned it.

“Okay, okay, let’s go.”

The two of them walked to the office’s canteen. According to Ke Yan’s orders, the canteen had absolutely no coriander in its dishes.

Jiang Qi insisted Ke Yan to sit down and wait while he went to order food. Jiang Qi wanted to order something more nutritious, but the canteen didn’t have anything nutritious, so he could only order something Ke Yan liked to eat.

Jiang Qi watched Ke Yan eat with a little gloom. Just why couldn’t he learn how to cook properly? If only he could cook, he would be able to simmer some soup for Ke Yan to drink.

Ke Yan was picky. If there was something he didn’t like, he would absolutely refuse to eat it. Towards Jiang Qi’s cooking, it’s different.

No matter if it’s disgusting or inedible, he would eat everything. Jiang Qi’s heart trembled a little. He was determined to cook something Ke Yan liked, but also nutritious at the same time. Ke Yan had been working too hard recently.

Jiang Qi thought quietly but his expressions were rich and vivid. Ke Yan took a look and immediately knew what his wife was thinking about yet again.



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