Chapter 100 – Ke Yan’s Return

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The three of them went to the second storey. Jiang Qi brought Mother Jiang and Jiang Lu to the guest room, which was also the guest room that Jiang Qi purposely tidied.

“Why is this room so empty?” Mother Jiang frowned the moment she saw the room.

“How is it empty? I didn’t have much belongings from the start.”

“That’s true, but it’s indeed too few things. Just this bit of books and a few other things.” Jiang Lu opened the drawer to look, “So everything’s in the drawers.”

“That’s right.” Jiang Qi said calmly, but was inwardly rejoicing that he was wise enough to put a few things in the drawers.

“En? Xiao Qi, why are your clothes so little, are you saving all the money?” Mother Jiang thought about how Jiang Qi gave her and Father Jiang money, plus the house rent, could it be……

“Xiao Qi, don’t send money over next time, just save it for yourself, and buy more clothes. Thank goodness your dad and I did not spend the money you sent. We will leave the money as your betrothal gift.”

“?” Jiang Qi didn’t understand why Mother Jiang suddenly said such words.

“Mom, why did you suddenly say such things?” Jiang Lu was also confused.

“Yea, mom, what’s wrong?” Jiang Qi looked at his mom’s odd expression and couldn’t help rubbing his head in confusion.

“Did you give all your money to your dad and I? Why didn’t you save a little for yourself?” Mother Jiang felt a little distressed for Jiang Qi.

“What are you saying?” Jiang Qi was bewildered.

“Seeing how you have so few clothes, why didn’t you save some money for yourself and buy a few more!”

Jiang Qi then understood why Mother Jiang was acting so weirdly and couldn’t help finding it funny. He had lots of clothes. Ke Yan often brought Jiang Qi to shop for clothes, so it’s only right to say that Jiang Qi wasn’t lacking in clothes.

“Mom, I have a lot of clothes. I just didn’t put them in my room, because this closet is a little small, unable to fit a lot of suits, so I put them at another place.” Jiang Qi explained.

“Put at other places? Where?” Mother Jiang didn’t believe it completely.

“En, I put it in the master bedroom’s cloakroom.”

“Why did you put it in the master bedroom’s cloakroom?” Mother Jiang felt weird.

“Oh, my friend understands that my room’s closet is a little small, and I have a lot of suits, so I moved some clothes over.” Jiang Qi thought hard to give this explanation.

“Such a good relationship! Where is your friend now? If he’s free, let mom meet him. He takes such good care of you so let mom treat him a meal together someday.” Mother Jiang suggested with excitement.

“Ah? No need, haha, he’s very busy and still has lots of work to do. He’s out on a business trip, not sure when he will be back.” Jiang Qi gave a “haha” sound1awkward laughter, hoping these words could muddle their way through Mother Jiang’s intention2希望這些話能把江媽糊弄過去: hoping that these words could deceive Mother Jiang. I used this phrase since it sounds nicer. (to me, at least hehe. if yall prefer the direct translation version, just lmk, imma change it).

“Oh, then it’s fine, we’ll just wait till he comes back from his trip to have a meal. Remember to call me once he returns.” Mother Jiang proved to be a person that Jiang Qi couldn’t easily deceive.

“Okay then.” Jiang Qi hoped Mother Jiang could forget about this matter during this period of waiting.

“Okay, you must remember.”


“Mom, since we’re here, let’s have lunch here before going home.” Jiang Lu looked at this luxurious big house, wishing to stay a little longer.

“Okay, then let’s go and buy some groceries in a while.” Jiang Qi was the first to agree, because he hadn’t eaten Mother Jiang’s cooking in a long time.

Mother Jiang nodded her head too, “Then let’s go now. The earlier we go, the lesser the crowd.”

Hence, the three of them went to the nearby supermarket.

At the supermarket, Mother Jiang asked Jiang Qi what he wanted to have for lunch. Jiang Qi listed out some of his favourite dishes, then suddenly thought about how Ke Yan could have tasted Mother Jiang’s cooking if he was here too. It was too delicious, and he did not know whether Ke Yan was eating properly or not.

At the thought of Ke Yan, Jiang Qi also listed out a few dishes Ke Yan liked.

After getting the groceries, they returned to Jiang Qi – Ke Yan’s house. Mother Jiang went to prepare lunch while Jiang Lu went to the balcony to answer her phone. Jiang Qi sat in the living room watching tv.

He did not need to go to the office today so he felt a little leisure, but he missed Ke Yan more and more in his heart.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi heard some sound of a key opening the door coming from the main entrance.

Jiang Qi’s heart shook, could be Ke Yan coming home?

He walked towards the door quickly. Coincidentally, the door opened.

Ke Yan carried his luggage, stood outside the house dressed in a trench coat over his suit.

“Ke Yan? You’re back? Didn’t you say that you’ll be back on monday?”

Ke Yan saw that Jiang Qi did not even wear his slippers, walking on the ground with his bare feet. Furthermore, he even foolishly stood still in the house asking him (KY) questions from afar.

Ke Yan opened his arms, “Come over quickly, let me hug you.”

Jiang Qi moved forward and drilled into his bosom, deeply inhaling Ke Yan’s familiar scent, but found it insufficient, so he continued sniffing.

Ke Yan carried Jiang Qi up, removed his shoes and entered the house, allowing Jiang Qi to put his bare feet on the back of his, “Why didn’t you come over to hug me when I came back? Instead, you just stared blankly at me from where you were.”

“I was too surprised. I thought you were coming back on monday.” Jiang Qi hugged Ke Yan’s neck.

“Did you miss me?” Ke Yan embraced Jiang Qi and gave him a deep kiss.

“Of course I did.”

“How come you don’t know how to wear slippers first? Your feet are all icy, you should be feeling cold now.” Ke Yan carried Jiang Qi a little higher, planning to carry Jiang Qi into the house.

“Knowing you’re home, I felt a little impatient only.” Jiang Qi smilingly answered.

“Xiao Qi, who are you talking to?” Mother Jiang was cooking in the kitchen and could faintly hear Jiang Qi talking to someone.

“Quick put me down, quick put me down!” Jiang Qi anxiously patted Ke Yan.

How could he be so muddleheaded? Mother Jiang was still here, how could he have forgotten?

“Who’s that?” Ke Yan was confused as to why his house had other people in it.

“My mom.” Jiang Qi said in a small voice.

“Mom’s here? Why didn’t you tell me?” Ke Yan said as he was about to enter the house.

Jiang Qi blocked Ke Yan, “No no, quickly leave.”

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you still aren’t willing to let me meet mom?” Ke Yan was amused as he watched Jiang Qi’s actions.

“Oh right, sorry, I unconsciously reacted like that.” Jiang Qi took Ke Yan’s slippers and placed it next to his (KY) feet.

“Someone came?” Mother Jiang didn’t hear Jiang Qi’s reply, so she walked out of the kitchen to take a look, but didn’t expect to see an unfamiliar man. But this man really looked very handsome.

That was Mother Jiang’s first impression of Ke Yan.

Seeing the luggage next to Ke Yan, Mother Jiang guessed his identity, “You must be Xiao Qi’s friend. I’m his mother. I was just thinking of treating you to a meal. Thank you for taking care of Xiao Qi.”

“Hello Aunty, I’m Ke Yan. I often hear Jiang Qi talking about you and I never expected for the real person to be looking so young.” Ke Yan used his ultimate move, smiling as he greeted Mother Jiang.

Mother Jiang was indeed dazed as she smiled, “You, this youngster, can really talk sweetly. Quick come in, I’m making a huge table of dishes to thank you for your care towards Xiao Qi.”

“Small matter. Taking care of Xiao Qi is what I should do.” Of course it’s what he should do, because he was Jiang Qi’s man.

Jiang Qi listened with a reddened face at the side, only Mother Jiang did not hear the unspoken meaning. The three of them entered the house. Jiang Lu came in from the balcony after her call, saw Ke Yan and shouted in surprise, “President?”

“President?” Mother Jiang was shocked and looked at Ke Yan.

“Mom, this is our company’s president.” Jiang Qi explained to the surprised Mother Jiang.

“Aunty, Xiao Qi and I have been friends since college.” Ke Yan added on.

“Oh, so that’s why you could live in such a nice house.” Mother Jiang immediately understood.

“Xiao Qi is very good.” Ke Yan suddenly said such a sentence.

Mother Jiang felt a little odd after hearing such an abrupt sentence, but since it was Ke Yan praising Jiang Qi, she immediately smiled, “Nonsense, it’s just that you don’t disdain3是你不嫌棄 : it is KY that doesn’t mind JQ, not JQ being the one who is very good. a typical chinese/ asian mother way of humbling herself and her son :p, alright, then I’m going to continue cooking.”

“Okay.” Ke Yan smiled.

Mother Jiang walked into the kitchen. Ke Yan lifted his luggage and Jiang Qi held Ke Yan’s coat, going upstairs together, leaving Jiang Lu who was still staring dazedly at Ke Yan in surprise.

“If we were just a little slower, we could have let your mom know that I’m her son-in-law today.” Ke Yan said in a regrettable tone.

“Go.” Jiang Qi pushed Ke Yan, “My mom heard her friends’ talking, and said that she must see the place where I stay, so she can feel relief that I’m well.”

“Quickly come over and let me kiss you properly. I didn’t get to kiss enough downstairs.” Ke Yan pressed Jiang Qi against the wall and kissed him. It wasn’t his usual gentle kiss. It was a rather urgent and messy one, but both of them kissed until they almost weren’t willing to part.

Once the kiss ended, Jiang Qi’s breath was a little rushed, “Don’t mess around, quickly change your clothes and go down. The meal should be ready soon.”

“En.” Ke Yan pressed down his burning desire.

Jiang Qi helped Ke Yan to take out the clothes he was going to wear later and placed Ke Yan’s used clothes aside. Jiang Qi was waiting for the housekeeper auntie to come by tomorrow, to send the clothes for dry cleaning.

Jiang Qi’s appearance was just like a little wife, bustling around her husband who had just returned home from a trip.

After changing, both of them headed down, just in time to see that Mother Jiang had placed all the dishes on the table already.

“Come over and eat.” Mother Jiang called.

Jiang Lu scooped out the rice and placed it on the table.

The four of them sat down to eat. Ke Yan saw that the table had dishes that he liked, looked at Jiang Qi who was seated at his side, and smiled.

“I didn’t know what you liked to eat.” Mother Jiang said.

“I like to eat all these. Xiao Qi and I have very similar taste. What I like to eat is what he likes to eat, what he likes to eat is what I like to eat.” Ke Yan picked up some vegetables for Jiang Qi with his chopsticks.

Mother Jiang heard Ke Yan’s words, looked at Ke Yan picking dishes for Jiang Qi, and for some unknown reasons, from before till now, the odd feeling that was constantly there became a little thicker. But she still did not know what was wrong, so she just smiled and asked both of them to eat more.

And the immature Jiang Lu dare not speak up, blaming on the fact4refers to office KY was too scary and even now, when KY is not in office mode, JL is still very scared of him that the stern and strict Ke Yan in the office had impacted her too much.

After the meal, Mother Jiang was about to wash the dishes when Jiang Qi and Ke Yan stopped her, saying that the housekeeper auntie would come over to wash. Mother Jiang saw that there was nothing else to pack and remembered that she and her friends were going out for an afternoon tea, so she went back with Jiang Lu.

Mother Jiang did not want them to send her, but Ke Yan then insisted to allow the driver to send them back. Mother Jiang rejected them once, and it wasn’t nice to reject them again, so she agreed to let the driver bring them home.

After Jiang Lu and Mother Jiang left, Jiang Qi and Ke Yan sat on the sofa.

Jiang Qi leaned on Ke Yan’s bosom, “Let’s go to my house another day.”

“Okay.” Ke Yan hugged Jiang Qi tightly.

“The sleep without you these days is always so freezing cold.” Jiang Qi said with some grievances in his voice.

“Then I’ll always make your sleep warm in the future.”

“Okay.” Jiang Qi leaned on Ke Yan’s chest and turned on the tv. The two cuddled and watched tv together. Sun rays shined in from the windows. Despite it being a winter day, it was still so warm.



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  • 1
    awkward laughter
  • 2
    希望這些話能把江媽糊弄過去: hoping that these words could deceive Mother Jiang. I used this phrase since it sounds nicer. (to me, at least hehe. if yall prefer the direct translation version, just lmk, imma change it)
  • 3
    是你不嫌棄 : it is KY that doesn’t mind JQ, not JQ being the one who is very good. a typical chinese/ asian mother way of humbling herself and her son :p
  • 4
    refers to office KY was too scary and even now, when KY is not in office mode, JL is still very scared of him


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