Chapter 10 – Injured

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Re-translator/ Editor: humu

Jiang Qi put the home-cooked food on the dining table with his face full of expectation as he looked at Ke Yan. “Ke Yan, quickly have a taste.”

Ke Yan eyed the dishes on the table. This common scene somehow carried an eerie vibe. He couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. He sat down, picked up his chopsticks and hesitated for a moment. Looking at Jiang Qi’s face full of anticipation, he stretched out his hand to pick a piece of meat from the dish specially set in front of him. After taking a bite, he immediately spit it out, picked up a glass of water and drank almost half of it in one go.

Feeling hesitant, Jiang Qi looked at Ke Yan. “Is the food really that unpalatable?”

Don’t tell me that the food I usually make is better than this specially learnt craft? Jiang Qi also took a piece of the meat to try, but just as the same as Ke Yan, he spat it all out at once. It’s so sweet and Ke Yan hated this taste the most. But how can it be so sweet?

Jiang Qi walked to the kitchen and picked up the salt jar to inspect it. It turned out that the whole jar actually contained sugar!! Meanwhile the sugar jar was full of salt.

Jiang Qi tried to recall each step he took when he was cooking the food, only to discover that half way through his cooking, he ran out of seasoning and took them out from the cabinet to fill the jars back. Perhaps it was at that time when he mistakenly filled in the wrong jars.

Even if he didn’t mess up between sugar and salt, what he cooked would always taste horrible. According to Mother Jiang, what she experienced while teaching him how to cook could be summarized as follows: Jiang Qi is a complete kitchen idiot, do not eat anything that he cooks!!!

Ke Yan walked into the kitchen and saw Jiang Qi’s dispirited appearance. He walked over and approached Jiang Qi from behind, picked up the jar from his hand and put it back on the rack. Then, Ke Yan gently hugged him tightly from behind, chin leaning on Jiang Qi’s shoulder, he comforted, “It’s alright, we can just go out to eat.”


Ke Yan touched and stroked Jiang Qi’s stomach. “Are you not hungry? Your stomach feels like it’s caving in already.”

Jiang Qi was hungry, so Ke Yan should be hungry as well.. He casually answered, “Alright.”

Afterwards, he turned on the tap and wanted to wash his hand but his hand accidentally knocked on the fruit knife nearby and got lightly scraped by it. The pain made Jiang Qi yelp, “Hiss….”


Ke Yan grabbed Jiang Qi’s hand and pulled out two pieces of paper towels, setting it on wound to help Jiang Qi stop the bleeding. Then, he carried up Jiang Qi and held him in princess-style as he walked out of the kitchen.


Jiang Qi cried out in alarm, but not long after, Ke Yan sat him down on the sofa. Ke Yan turned around and took out the first aid kit from the small cabinet at the side to help Jiang Qi disinfect his hand and put a plaster on it.

Ke Yan heaved a sigh after carefully treating Jiang Qi’s wound. “Can you be a little more careful?” 

After nagging at Jiang Qi, he turned around to put back the first aid kit. However Jiang Qi tugged him over, leaned into Ke Yan’s chest and kissed the corner of his lips. After kissing him for a while, Jiang Qi pulled back and softly said, “I know. In the future, I will be more careful, alright?” Jiang Qi straightened back up after assuring Ke Yan. However, Ke Yan held onto the back of his head, pressed his lips on him and pried open his mouth to suck on his tongue. Jiang Qi sat on the sofa, slowly being overwhelmed by Ke Yan’s kiss. Ke Yan’s hand continued to reach inside his shirt, groping around.

“Ah…” Unable to bear the surging heat, Jiang Qi cried out uncontrollably. In exchange, Ke Yan’s assault gradually became more heated.

Suddenly, Jiang Qi’s stomach announced its presence….

Ke Yan separated his mouth from Jiang Qi’s lips, and gazed at Jiang Qi, whose face had already reddened, feeling amused and broke out into a whole-hearted laugh.

Jiang Qi’s face couldn’t get any more redder.


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