Chapter 46

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[Extra #3] Day 702 The Regular Customer Takes Apart Mr S’s Wonton Shop Bare-Handed

Song Ran had recently registered a microblog account called ‘Mr S’s Wonton Shop’ where he posted daily food tutorials and recorded the two kittens’ lovey-dovey interactions in the form of comic strips.

Bu Daidai was a domestic Chinese cat breed with an outwardly aggressive demeanour that had been adopted off the streets, while Bu Doudou was a soft and proud pure-bred cat who had been entrusted to the care of 8012B by the neighbours. With the two cats together, Bu Daidai turning the tables on the social hierarchy and pushing down Bu Doudou hit the strange appeal point of many people, and so the number of fans grew in a mad frenzy.

During one daily update, Song Ran casually mentioned that the nature of this male cat CP were very similar to “my Mr H and me”, and the comment area promptly exploded into magnificent fireworks.

Song Ran originally meant that He Zhiyuan was aggressive while he himself was proud. However, because he often praised his family’s Mr He for being able to make money, everyone perfectly grasped the key points in reverse, assuming that his nature was the “common cat” and Mr He’s nature was the “rare cat”.

The common cat pushed down the rare cat, and Mr S pushed down Mr H.

Under strange circumstances, Song Ran became a gentle artist top with well-rounded cooking skills. On the other hand, He Zhiyuan obtained a classical image supplied by the netizens—a proud, cool, and elite bottom dressed in suits and gold wire-rimmed glasses.

The kind that was very suited to being fucked often.

Laughing openly at the comments, Song Ran imagined a hundred thousand words of smut. Then, leaving the mistake uncorrected, he began to update with the affectionate comic strips of the husbands Mr S and Mr H. The Mr H in the comic strips had practically all the appeal points of a proud bottom: a dishonest mouth and truthful body when he was pressed down, lust that went unsatisfied when he was not pressed down, and fussing every day that he wanted to revolt and counter-attack but getting suppressed by the powerful Mr S’s might every time.

Song Ran took this as a way of achieving spiritual victory over He Zhiyuan—however many times he came in real life, Mr H would have to pay it back twice over in the smutty comic strip.

One of the most popular ones was a close-up portrait. The Mr H in the picture was biting down on a pillow cover and his eyes beneath the gold glasses were misty, appearing both celibate yet alluring.

The highest-quality bottom.

The popularity of ‘Mr S’s Wonton Shop’ skyrocketed over the course of a single night. Followers rolled in, and the number of times each comic strip was forwarded was frighteningly high.

One day, Song Ran noticed a new fan—’Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’.

When Song Ran first saw this nickname, he was so scared that he nearly wiped out his entire microblog because He Zhiyuan himself had said these words in bed before. After observing for a while, he determined that this nickname didn’t have the slightest connection to He Zhiyuan and that it ought to have been made based on his ‘Mr S’s Wonton Shop’.

Because the other party was a die-hard fan. No matter if it was morning, noon, or night, so long as Song Ran posted something, each post would be liked and commented upon.

If it was a recipe, then this person would praise the blogger’s culinary skills in various ways; if it was the male cat CP, this person would praise the cats for being cute in various ways; if it was the comic strips of Mr S and Mr H, this person would praise Mr S in various ways for being attentive, doting, mature, sexy, and a once-in-a-century good little top.

The most important point was that on each of Song Ran’s posts, ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ would swiftly post the first reply.

Without exception.

He Zhiyuan was so slammed with work, where would he find the time to refresh the microblog page and race to post the first reply?

Furthermore, this ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ was eighty percent likely to also be a bottom, the sort who studied positions in bed a lot. He would often send private messages to Song Ran and teach him techniques that would make the bottom reach the peak of bliss, which he claimed to have summed up after putting them into practice with his own top. He urged Song Ran to use them on Mr H to ensure that Mr H would never stray.

Readily agreeing, Song Ran promised to report back to him after using them.

The wonton shop opened on time that night, but He Zhiyuan unexpectedly had a poor appetite and subpar performance, which astounded Song Ran. Since the flames of his lust had been stoked, he couldn’t let them fruitlessly burn to the end, so he leaned in close to He Zhiyuan’s ear and imparted the bed skills he had learned.

Late that night, He Zhiyuan took apart all the bones in Song Ran’s body.

It was too good. It was so good that Song Ran didn’t want to experience it a second time in his entire life.

After sleeping until the afternoon, he crawled up while holding his red and swollen ass to write a report flaunting his own amazing performance that made Mr H come like a fountain.

‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ sent a mysterious smile emote and replied, Good job.

So Song Ran casually followed the other party back. Every day, he exchanged the details of various techniques with the other party, imparted them to He Zhiyuan afterwards, and recounted his own blissed-out reactions as if they had come from Mr H the day after.

As the days passed one by one, the comic strips at the tip of Song Ran’s pencil became more and more smutty.

After approximately a month, Song Ran began to feel that something was amiss—his R18 conversations with ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ had changed from previews into replays.

Specifically speaking, if Mr He used a certain method to torment him the previous night, then ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ would coincidentally teach this method to him the day after.

For a week straight, every day was like this, just like a stern warning.

Furthermore, the more miserably he drew Mr H in his comic strips, the more miserable he himself would be in real life. The wonton shop opened for business every night, and the chef was penetrated every night. Song Ran was utterly exhausted, his legs weak to the point where he couldn’t even crawl to his feet.

The seeds of doubt had been planted in his heart, and he began to carefully observe He Zhiyuan. But the other party acted as usual, working when he should have worked and topping when he should have topped. He occasionally talked to He Zhiyuan about some well-known popular microblogs, and He Zhiyuan replied with the words ‘very interesting’.

They weren’t alike at all.

Just to be sure, Song Ran specially took a risk by deliberately sending a pretty picture of Bu Doudou while He Zhiyuan was building blocks with Bubu in the living room.

Two seconds later, ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ posted the first reply, with the content being “Where did Bu Daidai go today?”

Song Ran’s jumpy heart finally landed back on the ground, and he continued going against rules and regulations as he created the sugary-sweet daily life of Mr S and Mr H.

This continued until the day of their first wedding anniversary, when he posted a commemorative comic strip recounting the romantic details of Mr H’s marriage proposal to Mr S.

Unexpectedly, ‘Wonton Shop’s Old Customer’ didn’t come to post the first reply. He sent a private message to Song Ran, the contents of which were: Since it’s our anniversary, I’ll give you a chance to counter-attack.

Upon seeing this line of words, Song Ran saw a nuclear bomb explode before his eyes and create a gigantic mushroom cloud.

He dazedly sat in front of his computer for five minutes, then bolted to the study and pushed the door open with a panicked expression on his face only to see He Zhiyuan leaning against the window with his hands stuck in his pockets. With a coldly dispassionate expression, he was attired in a black button-up shirt, a grey vest, and a classic bow tie along with a pair of plain gold wire-rimmed glasses on his nose.

Exactly like the Mr H at the tip of his pencil.

“You were… were that…”

Song Ran was tongue-tied.

Mr He turned his head towards Song Ran and smiled meaningfully. “That’s right, I’m your regular customer.”

Song Ran’s face went as white as a sheet. “Is it too late for me to apologise now?”

“What do you think?”

Mr He walked over one step at a time and stopped in front of Song Ran, then reached out to stroke his face. Light reflected off of his glasses lenses as he said, “I’m not angry. I’m sincerely willing to give you a chance to counter-attack. I’ve taught you so much before, so it’s time to check the results tonight.”

Song Ran shook his head repeatedly. “Spare me!”

“No way.” Mr He lowered his head and dropped a light kiss on Song Ran’s lips. “I can’t spare you.”

That night, they finished eating their wedding anniversary dinner, then went home and coaxed little Bubu to sleep before rolling into bed while in each other’s arms. Mr He held Song Ran Jr, which had gone soft with fright, in his hand and snickered. “This is the golden gun that Mr S is so proud of?”

Terribly ashamed, Song Ran whimpered as he was pushed down by Mr He and penetrated repeatedly.

Afterwards, he lay prone at the head of the bed, gloomily biting down on a corner of the duvet as he wondered, “It doesn’t make sense. That time, you didn’t even have a computer at your side, so how did you post the first reply?”


Mr He kissed the nape of his neck, then licked all the way down along the line of his sweat-dewed back and into the cleft between his buttocks.

Tears dripped from Song Ran’s face as he pounded the pillow. “You hacked my computer!”

“I’d never do something so low.” Mr He scooped up Song Ran, steadied him by the waist, and entered him once more. “Keep guessing. Once you guess correctly, I’ll let you off.”

So Song Ran guessed for an entire night and cried for an entire night. His throat went hoarse and his tears dried up.

He vowed that he would never again draw smutty comic strips in his entire life.



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