Chapter 42

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Day 17 12:02

Song Ran slept until the sun was high in the sky. When he woke up, he felt like he had become a mannequin that someone had failed at assembling—he was sore all over, his legs trembled, his backside was swollen, turning over made him grimace, and his joints creaked and groaned. If he were shaken a bit harder, he could fall apart into scattered pieces.

Mr He was not at his side. Lying on the large sunshine-covered bed all alone, he recalled the unsightly previous night.

What a beast.

Even the fragments of his bones had been gnawed clean.

Had Mr He starved for more than five years simply because he was waiting to eat up this meal?

Before sleeping with Mr He, the little virgin Song Ran had had many beautiful fantasies. It was only after they had properly slept together, however, that he knew he had severely underestimated Mr He’s appetite and stamina, having mistaken a wolf for a gentleman. So much so, in fact, that he had bid goodbye to his virginity in a tragic way—in the latter half of the night, he had been done in the bathroom until he fainted.

However, in all honesty, it felt very nice.

Mr He was the sort of partner who scored full marks in terms of being both vigorous and considerate—he’d make his partner scream while doing it, yet leave no traces after the fact. Despite having been thrust into repeatedly by such a big thing all night long, Song Ran hadn’t been injured at all apart from the inevitable soreness and swelling; on the contrary, he felt a lingering satisfaction.

It was as though his bones and flesh had been gently opened, washed clean of dirt, purified of accumulated filth, and once again put together to form a supple whole.

Free of worldly cares.

And very happy.

It was little wonder that he often heard people say that high-quality sex was the glue that held couples together. If he was tired on a particular day, he wouldn’t need to say anything; so long as he was held in Mr He’s embrace and pampered a bit, he would be able to relax very quickly.

As Song Ran smelled Mr He’s scent on the pillow and recalled his musculature and warmth, his skin felt somewhat itchy, prickling in anticipation of being stroked. He wrapped himself in the duvet and rubbed at himself, but the itching became stronger instead. 

Mr He, where did you go? We’ve just finished doing it, hurry up and come back so you can let me hug you.

He inwardly pouted.


The bedroom door opened.


Song Ran instantly lost his nerve and shrank back into the bedding. 

He Zhiyuan came in with a tray and just happened to see a lock of black hair slip from where it was on the pillow to hide beneath the duvet, followed by the large duvet lump ceasing to move entirely. With a smile, he bent over and set down the tray, then sat down at the edge of the bed and exposed Song Ran one layer at a time.

“My waist, my waist!” Song Ran inhaled a mouthful of cold air. “It hurts, it hurts!”

“Don’t move if it hurts.” Holding him steady, He Zhiyuan touched his waist area and applied a bit of pressure with his fingers. “Does it hurt?”

“It hurts…”

Grievances were written all over Song Ran’s face.

As a result, he enjoyed the treatment of being personally fed one spoonful at a time by Mr He while lying on his stomach atop Mr He’s thighs—porridge with pickled vegetables, all vegetarian and meat-free. One could tell at a glance that it was a specially-provided ‘breakfast after the first night’ meant to take care of his insides.

So moving, yet so tragic.

Song Ran was completely listless, and his appetite was close to zero. “Where’s Bubu? Has he gotten up yet?”

He Zhiyuan scooped up a spoonful of porridge. “I’ve already taken him to kindergarten.”


Song Ran whipped his head around and noticed that He Zhiyuan was wearing a button-down shirt, not a nightgown, so it was obvious that he had gone out. All of a sudden, his mood soured. “Little brat. Now that he has his dad, he’s forgotten Big Brother. He didn’t even remember to come and say ‘good morning’ to me.”

He Zhiyuan let out a low laugh. “When he came to say ‘good morning’, you were sleeping so soundly that you didn’t respond at all. Half of your face was covered with saliva, and it was I who wiped it clean for you… Pickled mustard or tofu?”

“P-pickled mustard.”

Feeling a little awkward, Song Ran opened his mouth to eat a mouthful of porridge and took a piece of pickled mustard along the way. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the time on He Zhiyuan’s watch and was so surprised that he nearly spat out his food. “It’s already noon? I’ve slept for the entire morning?!”

“Focus on eating. Don’t talk, and be careful not to choke.” He Zhiyuan gave him a pat on his bulging cheek as a warning, but his tone of voice was very gentle. “The chance to sleep in is so hard to come by, it’s all right… You worked hard last night.”

That was true, he had indeed worked quite hard.

Song Ran swallowed the porridge in his mouth, blushing, and didn’t know what to say to continue the conversation even after thinking hard. In earnest, he humbly said, “No no no, I didn’t work hard at all. Anyway, I didn’t expend much effort, I just lay there and let you… uh, let you move all by yourself… Mr He, you’ve worked hard, so just worry about yourself. You don’t need to worry about me too much, I won’t die of exhaustion.”


This Song Ran person would be overly lively on occasion and fail to be careful with his words, so he’d always be capable of saying something that fanned the flames of desire. He Zhiyuan’s breathing sped up as his gaze wandered over to Song Ran’s pert ass, and the muscles in his thighs tensed.

Song Ran hadn’t yet noticed that something was wrong as he waited with his mouth open for a second spoonful of porridge. Before he received it, the world suddenly spun—He Zhiyuan had carried him to the head of the bed and neatly settled him in an upright sitting position, and there was now a bowl and spoon in his hands that hadn’t been there before. 

“I’m going to go make a phone call, so eat on your own.”

He Zhiyuan tossed out that sentence with a voice that was slightly hoarse and an expression that wasn’t very natural before getting up and leaving the bedroom.

By the time Song Ran finally had the vague inkling that something was amiss, He Zhiyuan had already composed himself again and was calmly watching TV while sitting on the sofa. Song Ran, holding his aching and weak waist, walked over to the sofa and slowly sat down. Then he bumped He Zhiyuan’s shoulder, asking, “That, just now… did you get hard?”

He Zhiyuan stared at the TV. “Mm.”

“Then just tell it to me straight. Why did you leave? We’ve already done it.” Song Ran scooted over and looped his arms around He Zhiyuan’s neck, teasing him softly. “When you react, I’m also very happy… I want it too.”

He Zhiyuan couldn’t help smiling.

He grabbed the remote control and turned off the TV before comfortably pulling Song Ran into his arms. Together, the two of them leaned into the sofa. “Darling, let me tell you something honestly. You can’t afford to want even a finger right now, much less me.”


What was up with this feeling as if he were playing the card game Fight the Landlord?

The corners of Song Ran’s mouth twitched.

In fact, he himself also knew very well that they had done it too fiercely last night. The wonton shop had been drained and temporarily had no way of opening for business; it could only provide some peripheral services at most, but those couldn’t satisfy his beloved Mr He.

He shouldn’t be recklessly flirting.

He admitted his mistake.

Like a little white dragon who had come ashore and ceased whipping up storms, Song Ran meekly lay pillowed on He Zhiyuan’s chest; one of his hands was held in the other man’s, and their fingers were intimately laced together.

The brilliant afternoon sunlight covered the greater part of the living room.

Bu Doudou, who had been invited to stay, kept the charging Little Q company as it slept sprawling atop a thick cushion. The miniature hydroponic plants extended thin tendrils that climbed along the glass walls of the small fish tank, beginning to explore the new world. In his ears were the sounds of a steady heartbeat and breathing.

Song Ran thought, Everything is so peaceful that it doesn’t seem real.

“Mr He, are you real?” Song Ran asked softly as he looked up at He Zhiyuan. “After I go to sleep and wake up again, will you have disappeared?”

He Zhiyuan smiled. “Of course not.”

Song Ran frowned, still anxious. “Will you always live here and not go elsewhere?”

“Not necessarily.” He Zhiyuan gently swiped the tip of Song Ran’s nose. “The future is still very long. We may change residential communities or change cities, but I will always live with you in the same place.”

Song Ran blinked twice, then said with a smile, “I’m so lucky.”

“Why would you say so?”

“Because my Mr He is so outstanding. If I had been a step too late, if I had procrastinated for three to five days, perhaps the one lying here and listening to your lover’s talk would be someone else.”

He Zhiyuan laughed gently. “No way. Before I met you, I’d never thought of starting a family.”

Song Ran looked at him, disbelief on his face.

It was also no surprise that Song Ran didn’t believe him; to him, this was probably a line of lover’s talk that was even more touching than ‘I love you’—it was excessively touching, so it wouldn’t be that easy to even accept.

While holding Song Ran, He Zhiyuan ran his fingers through the younger man’s hair and slowly said, “When I was little, my parents were always arguing. It was very strange—they obviously loved each other and didn’t have particularly fierce temperaments, but their arguments never ceased while they lived under the same roof. From a young age, I disliked going home since it was too depressing and rife with the smell of gunpowder. I didn’t know whether a terrifying war would break out at any given moment—perhaps the catalyst would be a spoonful of salt, a single thread, a pair of nail clippers, or simply someone being a second late in a conversation. I’m not sure what other people’s families are like, but my own… had hardly any stability to speak of.”

“Neither of my parents are bad people, it’s just that their natural affinity wasn’t enough—they fought like cats and dogs, so their enmity deepened as time passed. In the end, they finally divorced and vowed to completely avoid each other for the rest of their lives. By then, it had already been almost two years since I last had a good meal at the dining table at home.

“I’ve left the country by myself and eaten food from school dining halls, roadside food trucks, cheap fast food restaurants, and supermarket frozen food sections… Every one of them was more comfortable compared to the dining table at home. At least, nobody would snatch away my food, throw it on the ground, stomp on it, and then flip my table while I was eating.

“Song Ran, what sort of atmosphere should a family have when they gather around the table to eat together? Although it’s such a simple thing, it was only on the day when Bubu happily told me over the phone what dishes you made for him… that I truly felt it.

“You made me want to return home very badly and live underneath the same roof, sleep in the same bed, eat at the same table, and raise the same child together with you. This home isn’t something I gave to you, but rather something you created for me. Understand?”

Song Ran nodded, the corners of his eyes damp. “I understand.”

“Therefore, you have to have a little more confidence in yourself as well as a little more confidence in me. Okay?”


Clambering up He Zhiyuan’s shoulder, Song Ran tilted his chin up and kissed the other man’s soft lips.

That afternoon, Song Ran put on his chequered apron, then emptied the refrigerator in 8012A and filled up the one in 8012B. He said that he was going to cook a sumptuous dinner that occupied the whole table for Mr He.

He Zhiyuan accompanied him in preparing the ingredients—whether it was washing, slicing, peeling, or chopping, they took turns assisting the other with each task. The prepared ham was turned into fragments as small as crumbs, the tofu was as thin as hair, the shredded red peppers and shredded green peppers formed a vibrant plate, and the scallops opened their shells in the boiling water one by one…

Having busied himself until 3:30, Song Ran glanced at the clock and urged Mr He to go pick up Bubu from kindergarten while guaranteeing that once the father-and-son pair had returned home, dinner would definitely have already been beautifully plated.

Mr He picked up the car keys. Before he left, he pushed Song Ran to the counter and asked for a kiss that ended up lasting so long that the boiling water almost overflowed from the pot.

At 4:10 p.m., Song Ran took out a large bowl and prepared to fill it with the borscht that he had finished cooking—this was today’s final dish. Out of nowhere, with an impulse that not even he knew whence it had come, he put down the half-filled bowl and opened the kitchen window.

Right as he stuck his head out to look down, a silver-grey Infiniti slowly drove into his field of vision and parked in the covered parking downstairs.

Mr He had come back with Bubu.

The setting sun, red as blood, cast its light down upon a small and lonely wooden bridge spanning shallow water; it was devoid of people.

A slight smile appeared on Song Ran’s face.

He thought, I’m no longer there anymore—I’m here, together with them.

After filling up the large bowl of borscht, he placed it at the centre of the table, then set out three bowls of rice, three cups of juice, and three pairs of chopsticks.

Just as he finished doing so, he heard the crisp and sweet sound of the doorbell.



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