Chapter 41.2

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Too embarrassed to continue struggling, he resignedly closed his eyes and opened his legs, forming the very picture of submissive obedience as he lay flat. In a small voice, he added, “Go a bit slow, it’s… it’s my first time, and I’m scared of pain.”

He Zhiyuan didn’t say a word as he lifted up Song Ran’s ass with his large hands and gradually guided himself inside with the strength from his waist muscles. 

As the private place was forced open, the inescapable sensation of being invaded by something foreign became increasingly distinct, and soon there was a heavy feeling in Song Ran’s abdomen. He suddenly held his breath, clutched at the bedding, and instinctively tensed up his thighs. However, the other party continued unimpeded, brazenly pushing in inch by steady inch until he was fully sheathed and had pressed Song Ran’s legs down so that they were splayed out like a frog’s.

Just as Song Ran thought his backside was about to split open, he felt a warmth at his perineum as he came into contact with coarse hair and solid abdominal muscles—He Zhiyuan was all the way in.

In an instant, the distinct heat made him forget the pain. He abruptly relaxed and breathed deeply, holding only a single idea in his mind: Mr He was inside of him.

They were so close that no matter how slight one party’s movement was, the other party would be able to feel it.

Seeing Song Ran swallow hard, He Zhiyuan’s heart softened somewhat. “Does it hurt?”

Very obstinately, Song Ran replied, “It doesn’t.”

It didn’t hurt a bit.

He Zhiyuan did not dare to move rashly, but rather lowered his head to check on Song Ran’s condition. The pale folds had entirely opened up, forming a smooth circle that tightly gripped the base of his cock.

It was both avid and enticing.

“Good boy, there’s no blood. You’ve adapted very well.” With those words of praise, He Zhiyuan distinctly felt the hot inner walls clench around him, so he bent down and murmured into Song Ran’s ear, “Darling, shall I start moving?”


Song Ran took a deep breath, preparing himself, and looped his arms around He Zhiyuan’s neck.

The thick instrument buried in his body was slowly pulled out, and the ache in his lower abdomen was greatly reduced. Just as Song Ran relaxed, he was suddenly made to scream by a deep thrust that came without warning.


He threw his head back and clamped down with his thighs while his erect member quivered, expelling a string of clear fluid. 

He Zhiyuan liked Song Ran’s inexperienced physical reaction; he bowed his head and kissed the younger man comfortingly. “Are you so sensitive that you already can’t endure it?”

Song Ran was very ashamed. “You… you hit that spot again.”

Astonishment showed on He Zhiyuan’s face, and he promptly straightened at the waist to give another fierce thrust. The youth in his arms, caught off guard, reacted even more intensely; the corners of his eyes reddened and he shivered all over without stopping as he looked back at He Zhiyuan with a look of trepidation. “Am… am I too sensitive…?”

“It’s all right, this is very normal. I’ll be a bit more gentle and go slowly, so you’ll feel good.”

While He Zhiyuan comforted Song Ran, his lower half began to pump with movements both deep and shallow, using less strength so as not to give Song Ran too much stimulation at once. The nerves in the prostate area were plentiful and sensitive; there wouldn’t be any sensation from shallow thrusts, but it was easy to cause pain with fierce thrusts. He cared about Song Ran’s first time even more than the younger man himself, so he observed the expressions of the young man beneath him with extreme care in order to correct his intensity and rhythm.

What surprised him was how he and Song Ran were made for each other. There was no need to adjust the angle of insertion; so long as he entered with the method that felt the most natural, he could accurately hit the sensitive spots.

This was destined to belong to him.

Young, sensitive, straightforward, and possessing a magnetic attraction.

He Zhiyuan felt that he was swiftly losing control of his own possessiveness. Hormones dispersed into the air along with sweat, gradually becoming more concentrated and carrying away Song Ran’s hurried breaths.

That hot and tight back channel was opened up bit by bit, and with the addition of sufficient lubricant, moving in and out became much smoother. He promptly added a bit more force, gradually changing the gentle movements into thrusts that had a clearer rhythm.

“M-Mr He… ah… ah… it feels so good…” Song Ran was deeply engrossed in the act. With a flushed face and head turned to one side, he licked his lips as he endlessly murmured, “How can it be so… so… Ah… I can’t… It feels too good…”

The distinct pleasure spread in bursts from the depths of his backside to the rest of his body, making his limbs go soft. In contrast, his weeping cock stood upright, so hard that the veins protruded.

It was so nice.

It was a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand times better than simply stroking himself.

Before now, he couldn’t imagine at all that such a wonderful place was hidden within his own body; merely touching it would bring wave after wave of pleasure that immersed his scalp and the marrow of his bones.

He Zhiyuan sucked on his earlobe. “Darling, do you really feel so good?”


As the warm air blew into Song Ran’s ear, he gave a violent shudder, his backside tightened up, and his gaze became even more misty. Moaning and crying, he was unable to speak.

He Zhiyuan asked again, “Darling, do you love me?”

“I-I do…” Song Ran panted hard, unable to catch his breath. “I love you…”

“Then try saying ‘hubby’ for me?”

Obedient beyond compare, Song Ran called out in a voice both sticky and soft, “Hubby…”

He Zhiyuan pecked his lips as if he was granting a reward. “Then call me Daddy?”


Song Ran spat out one syllable but held back from voicing the next one, feeling ashamed. He looked at He Zhiyuan with hazy and tear-filled eyes, love and attachment continuing to accumulate within them. The powerful thrusts against his back channel repeated without any breaks, granting pleasure that surged like waves, and the remaining scrap of his sense of shame was finally washed far away from the beach of reason.

Unable to restrain himself, he affectionately called out, “Daddy.”

Please love me.

Please give me the happiness of a promise that will never be broken.

Song Ran’s back channel was already loose enough, and he had already gotten accustomed to the stimulation of his sensitive spots little by little. He Zhiyuan understood that it was time to reward him with the best moment.

“Darling, look at me.”

He straightened up, then knelt at the side of the bed and lifted Song Ran’s ass up high so that it was firmly pressed against his crotch before swiftly swinging his hips; the more he swung, the faster he went. The force he used was so great that the impact against the youth’s buttocks made them tremble repeatedly, and the bedroom was filled with slapping noises.

He Zhiyuan’s strength was very pure; all of it came from the strong muscles at his waist, while his upper body almost didn’t move at all. There was even less of a need to leverage his own body weight, so all of his movements were clean, vigorous, and sexy—the visual alone was greatly stimulating.

Song Ran had never before experienced such stormy devastation. With a blank gaze, he dazedly watched that dark red thing withdraw from between his legs and plunge back in to the hilt; the depths of his innards split open with a thrilling pleasure similar to an electric shock that rushed straight to his scalp and paralysed his limbs, making his bones feel weak. He felt the keen sensation of achy fullness strike the small of his back again and again, as if it was going to penetrate through the nerves there.

Unable to resist his desire to make noise, he arched his neck and let out sobbing moans.

A provocative pink hue swiftly spread from his ears to the rest of his body, his pale brown nipples were flushed and hard, and his swaying member was slippery and glistening obscenely with the fishy-smelling liquid that overflowed from it.

“Aaah! I-I can’t… I… I think I’m… ngh!”

With the fear that he was about to pee himself, Song Ran cried while loudly begging for mercy, but the other party seemed to not hear him at all; on the contrary, he pressed down even more heavily, thrusting deeper and harder. The extreme numbness of Song Ran’s cock made him feel confused, and he thought he was being forced to the edge of incontinence step by step. At last, his backside convulsed fiercely at a certain moment, and he whimpered as he shot out spurts of white liquid. Not daring to look, he covered his eyes in shame.

Coming from being penetrated could bring great satisfaction, especially when making love for the first time.

He Zhiyuan was fully content; accompanied by the contractions around him, he swiftly thrust several more times and came with great satisfaction. Then he pulled out and removed the condom, tying it into a knot before casually throwing it onto the floor.

He reached out to draw Song Ran, who was still twitching slightly, into his arms and against his boiling-hot body. Although he wanted to have an affectionate post-coital kiss, Song Ran dodged as if he had been shocked by electricity. “Don’t touch me!”

Frowning, He Zhiyuan asked concernedly, “Darling, what’s the matter?”

Song Ran practically choked out, “I’m dirty…”


He Zhiyuan became even more confused.

He stared at Song Ran’s hurt expression for a while before suddenly realising something, and he couldn’t help smiling. “You thought you peed?”

Song Ran stiffened upon hearing those words and slowly moved his hands away, a dazed expression on his face. “I… I didn’t?”

He promptly perked up and looked at his lower abdomen right away. Around his navel was a patch of white, which was all fishy-smelling semen; there was not a single drop of urine. Only after this did he let out a long sigh of relief, show a joyful smile, and unconsciously feel the desire to act spoiled towards He Zhiyuan. As soon as he met those eyes that were so delighted they had nearly shut, his joy turned into awkwardness in one second flat.

Song Ran was so embarrassed that his entire face reddened; he stuck his head under the duvet and tried to avoid reality by pretending to be an ostrich.

He Zhiyuan patted his sweaty bare ass. “Darling, go wash up.”

“Don’t want to!”

He Zhiyuan repeated, “Go wash up.”

Thin-skinned and contrarian, Song Ran stuck his ass further up into the air. “I just don’t want to!”

He Zhiyuan’s expression turned serious as he called Song Ran by his full name. “Song Ran.”

He pretended to hear nothing. “I don’t want to, even if I die!”


“Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing… Put me down!”

He Zhiyuan scooped up a yelling and naked Song Ran out of the bedding, slung the younger man onto his shoulders, walked into the bathroom without allowing any opportunity to protest, and slammed the door shut.

The sound of running water could be heard within the bathroom, but it disappeared not long after and was replaced by a tremulous, drawn-out moan. “Ngh… It’s n-not like… unhh… like I’ve been penetrated before… H-how could I tell the difference… you jerk…”

The moan raised in pitch, and a little while later, the crisp sounds of skin slapping against skin sounded in the bathroom and the moan turned into wailing cries. “Aaaahh! No more! I… ooh… I can tell the difference, I can tell now! I won’t get it wrong in the future… but, but this time, I really… really am… aahh…”

Late in the night, Mr He pressed Song Ran against the toilet and spent a long time seriously and conscientiously teaching him the difference between ‘ejaculation’ and ‘urination’.


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