Chapter 40.2

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He Zhiyuan smiled tenderly.

After carrying Bubu inside, he turned on the entryway light. Little Q, the white cocoon, came to warmly welcome them with its blue lights flashing; like rolling waves, the indicator lights lit up in sequence from left to right.

“Don’t move,” He Zhiyuan reminded Song Ran in a low voice. Then he walked a few steps inside, turned around, and stood in 8012B’s living room with a smile and an outstretched hand. “Song Ran, welcome home.”

This had an entirely different meaning; it signified a formal acceptance.

Song Ran looked at them, the rims of his eyes slightly damp. A quiet power that could weather all storms abruptly settled in his heart, peaceful and content, like a warm current of air within a cold snap that enveloped his body.

Little Q emitted a clear chirp, and its blue indicator lights turned green and pulsed briefly before returning to a gentle sea blue.

Since it was the first time Song Ran had seen the green light, he couldn’t resist asking, “What’s going on with it?”

“It added a new family member,” He Zhiyuan replied. “In the future, it will recognise you and also protect you.”

As though to affirm this statement, Little Q spun around on the spot, seeming cuter than ever before.

Song Ran placed his hand in He Zhiyuan’s. Having entered 8012B as a family member for the first time, he amicably greeted Little Q.

At 10:30 p.m., Song Ran carried Bubu out of the bathroom. The child still hadn’t woken up; he had been bathed, dried, changed into pyjamas, and tucked into the soft bedding all while in a drowsy slumber. The bathroom was full of steam, which had turned Bubu’s face red; at present, a few droplets were still clinging to his eyelashes and slightly trembling with his unknown dream.

Darling, Big Brother won’t be accompanying you to sleep tonight. You have to behave yourself.


Song Ran kissed Bubu, then turned off the little orange light at the head of the bed and walked out of the bedroom.

Just as he closed the door, he was abruptly dragged to the wall, and a blazing-hot body pressed against him. He Zhiyuan stared down at him, his gaze dark and passionate like sparks buried underneath charcoal that had just begun to burn; although there were only a few bright red spots here and there, the temperature was already enough to scorch someone.

The meaning of this was to skip all foreshadowing and directly proclaim that they were going to begin.

Song Ran, not expecting that He Zhiyuan was even more impatient than himself, was practically awed by that fiery gaze. In an instant, his body temperature climbed and his sense of shame was burned away as he heard the sound of his own body being ignited.


Loud and clear, it exploded in the depths of his nerves. 

Driven by some compulsion, he took the initiative to reach out and latch onto He Zhiyuan’s neck with one hand while slowly stroking the other party’s sturdy pectorals with his other hand, fingers curled as they rubbed and scratched through a layer of expensive black fabric like a cat’s mischievous claws.

“Mr He, do you like cats?”

He softly asked.

It really was an unexpected question.

He Zhiyuan began to laugh softly. As he looked at the ‘little minx’ in his arms, his voice was unusually husky. “Of course I do.”

“In that case, supposing your cat is hungry now”—Song Ran lifted his eyelids and tilted his head up, the corners of his eyes suffused with a flirtatious pale red—”could you bear to not feed it?”

“Of course not.”

He Zhiyuan’s breathing sped up. Supporting the back of Song Ran’s neck with his large hand, he eagerly leaned down to kiss him.

Right at this second, the hand stroking his chest pushed hard, taking advantage of his lowered guard to shove him away.

“Song Ran?!”

He Zhiyuan looked dumbfounded.

“I can’t either.” With a crafty smile, Song Ran nimbly darted five steps away. “Bu Doudou has been hungry for almost an entire night, without even being able to eat scraps of crab. I’m going back to feed it first, so you… mm, do your best to endure it.”

As he spoke, he pointed to He Zhiyuan’s clearly-protruding crotch, then turned around and ran to the doorway before escaping, slipper-clad, to his own home.

Outside, He Zhiyuan leaned against 8012A’s door. As he examined this place where Bubu had lived for half a month, he waited for Song Ran to leisurely feed the cat, his countenance darkening. The passion burning in his chest had been ruthlessly duped and his lust had been choked off, just like the feeling of having an itchy nose but being utterly unable to release the sneeze. It swiftly developed into a fury that could not be quenched.

What a childish revenge.

You better not cry later.

He looked at Song Ran with narrowed eyes, his crotch still bulging.

He had already softened a bit just now, but when Song Ran crouched down to feed the cat, a strip of pale waist was revealed from beneath the T-shirt along with the partly-hidden groin. His member immediately became as excited as if it’d been injected with chicken blood, turning so hard that his slacks almost couldn’t contain it.

Two minutes later, Bu Doudou finished savouring its evening meal and began to happily lick its paws and wash its face. Song Ran continued to crouch there without moving a muscle.

He Zhiyuan smiled coldly—this was the typical case of hot-headed vengeance and faint-hearted cowardice.

“The cat has been fed, but I’m still hungry.” He knocked on the door, prompting Song Ran to face reality. “Darling, when will you come to me?”

Only then did Song Ran slowly stand up, slowly turn around, and slowly walk to He Zhiyuan with his head bowed and fingers clenched around the hem of his T-shirt. He hesitantly reached out with both hands and encircled He Zhiyuan’s neck, then buried his face in the hollow of that burning-hot neck.

“I was wrong, Mr He, I… ah!”

Song Ran wanted to apologise, but he was grabbed around the waist and pushed up against the corridor wall. He Zhiyuan bullied Song Ran once more, holding the younger man’s soft earlobe in his mouth as he laughed softly. “Just two boxes of condoms was worth bearing a grudge over until now, hm? How are you so childish, yet so… cute?”


The ear was one of Song Ran’s sensitive spots. Since he had zero sexual experience, he didn’t know where to touch in order to feel good. With He Zhiyuan’s sudden move in addition to the low voice next to his ear, he became covered with gooseflesh on the spot and shivered from head to foot.

“St-stop touching!” Song Ran put some space between them, panicking, and said with a reddened face, “I-I’ll feed you…”

“Just try saying it, what are you preparing to feed to me?”

He Zhiyuan gave a forceful nudge with his lower half, and his angry member just happened to poke Song Ran’s lower abdomen. Through his pants, Song Ran felt that frightening hardness and heat; his cheeks and neck promptly flushed scarlet, and he stumbled over two short words for ages. “Li… li… little wontons.”

“Little wontons?”

Full of vitality, it was quite an interesting analogy. 

He Zhiyuan pressed him further. “Darling, how do you plan to have me eat it?”

Song Ran flushed. “You can eat however… however you like.”

“In that case, let’s first heat up a pot of water. Once the wontons are cooked through, we’ll bite through the skins one at a time to reveal the meat fillings, then devour the meat fillings one at a time and also lick clean the soup that spills out, and finally wash the dishes together… What do you think?”


From bathing to cleanup, every step had unexpectedly been laid out.


How could people be expected to properly eat wontons in the future?

Song Ran was so ashamed that he felt hot all over. With a downcast gaze, he replied, “Okay.”

He Zhiyuan asked another question. “Which pot would you like to use to cook the wontons? Yours or mine?”

Song Ran: “It’s… it’s up to you.”

He Zhiyuan’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the pale-hued upholstered sofa in the living room—that was where Song Ran had once jerked off while on the phone. At that time, the sounds of Song Ran’s panting were sweet and enticing, provoking him to the point where he almost forgot himself on the other side of the ocean. Feeling a peculiar itch, he suddenly wanted very much to make love to Song Ran on this sofa, so he made a decision. “Let’s use yours.”


Song Ran nodded.

He had a strong physiological reaction; with his cock tightly encased in his jeans, his erection had become painful. He Zhiyuan embraced him, fingers sliding downward along each of his vertebrae until he reached his buttocks. Through the pants, He Zhiyuan cupped his flesh and forcefully pressed it towards his crotch, trying to relieve some of the heat via friction.

Perhaps because they had gone too long without speaking loudly, the corridor’s sound-activated light went out.

One side was bright while the other side was dark, clearly outlining the man’s contours—brow bone, nose bridge, jawline, and Adam’s apple. The lines and angles of his face were distinct and carried a hint of sexy ruggedness.

It was the look he liked best.

Song Ran gave He Zhiyuan an infatuated look and reached out, stroking the slightly-hot ridges inch by inch with the tips of his fingers. When he touched the Adam’s apple, He Zhiyuan abruptly swallowed, and the cartilage that protruded but was not sharp slid past Song Ran’s sensitive fingertips, instantly arousing the desire to lay waste to the entire world.

As if he had received an electric shock, he yanked his hand back. His eyes were watery.

At that moment, they came to an inexpressible tacit understanding—He Zhiyuan lifted Song Ran up with the hand that was on his ass, and Song Ran leveraged that force to leap up and wrap his legs around He Zhiyuan’s waist so that he completely hung off of the other man.

“I changed my mind. Let’s go… go to your room…”

Song Ran looped his left arm around He Zhiyuan’s neck and fumbled at He Zhiyuan’s shirt front with his right hand, carelessly undoing the buttons. At the same time, he leaned forward, ardently kissing He Zhiyuan’s cheeks and lips while begging, “Mr He, please… fuck me on your bed.”


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