Chapter 36

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Day 15 07:00

Song Ran climaxed freely and easily, then felt terrified right away and wanted to dig a ten-metre pit to bury himself in.

Of course there was no place where he could dig such a deep pit, so he contracted amnesia instead.

Until he hung up, Song Ran couldn’t recall how on earth he had explained this or how he had placated Mr He. In short, at the moment he hung up, he lost strength in his entire body and the cell phone slipped out of his fingers to slot into some crack in the sofa. He couldn’t be bothered to root around for it, instead continuing to hold his limp and spent prick. With an unfocused gaze, he looked at the ceiling and contemplated life and philosophy.

It was only when he came back to himself a while later that he squirmed back into his underwear, then went to the bathroom to take a hot shower.

After coming out of the bathroom, he tied a bath towel around his waist, then scrubbed his cotton boxers as if he were venting his anger while facing the mirror. As he scrubbed, he thought, How many times was this already? Did it have to be so frequent recently?

Youth was a blessing, but a kidney deficiency was a calamity.1There is a Chinese belief that kidney health is adversely affected by climaxing too often

Mr He was coming back soon, and he had to replenish his kidneys in advance in order to avoid losing in bed.

In the morning, Bubu got out of bed, opened the bedroom door, and energetically shouted out a ‘Hi, Big Brother’.

“Hi, Bubu.”

Song Ran, who was putting soy milk and sesame seed pancakes on the dining table, casually returned the greeting. When he lifted his head, he saw the child walking into the bathroom on his short legs, the emoji Song Ran had drawn last night on his right cheek.

Two seconds later, Bubu bounced out, shouting in surprise while pointing at his own face, “Big Brother, look, there’s a pig on my face!”


At the sound of his words, Song Ran cut up a piece of pancake and thought, Which part of it resembles a pig?

He set out breakfast, then went over and helped Bubu wash his face, carefully scrubbing off the emoji and smearing a layer of baby cream onto the fair skin.

Today was Tuesday. Bubu had already returned to normal daily life, so he had to go show up at the kindergarten at eight o’clock. Therefore, he tied on his little bib, grabbed a spoon, and began to drink soy milk. Because he liked soft foods, he specifically scooped up the fragments of youtiao in the bowl to eat, resulting in a ring of white bits around his small mouth.

Song Ran sat on the opposite side and examined him, pondering to himself, This father and son were practically cast from the same mould. How could I have not discovered it before?

Perhaps it was that he was too small and his facial features hadn’t grown out. If Bubu had been ten years old this year, he would definitely be able to recognise it with one glance.

After eating breakfast, Song Ran took Bubu to the kindergarten on his bicycle, then made a detour to the vegetable market. When he came back, his bicycle basket was once again heaped to the brim with wonton skins, ground pork, eggs, green onions, nori, and dried shrimp along with fresh squid, a whole chicken, and vegetables.

He had previously promised to make little wontons for Mr He, so the ingredients had to be prepared in advance.

On the living room calendar, the two last small footprints remained. Bubu had left in a hurry today and forgotten to fill one in, so Song Ran brought over a coloured pencil and filled in the second-to-last footprint for him—once the final one was filled in tomorrow, it would be time for Mr He to come home.

Their family was finally going to reunite for the first time.

Song Ran missed Mr He a little again. He took out the sketchbook that was hidden in the drawer and carefully opened it. The handsome Infiniti god appeared on the paper, warmly smiling at him.

It was still the same person as before, but now Song Ran was no longer pining away one-sidedly—they were really in love.

“Hello, Mr He.”

Song Ran also smiled at him, then bowed his head and gently kissed his lips.

Beneath Mr He’s portrait, the word ‘former’ was still shining. The corners of Song Ran’s mouth twitched, and he swiftly erased the previous scrawl, earnestly wrote the word ‘hubby’, circled it with a heart, and sealed it in a picture frame.

He wanted to hang this picture up in their master bedroom to utterly shame Mr He as payback for the deceit.

Song Ran held the portrait, his heart warm yet also itchy.

He missed him so much.

They hadn’t been in contact for three hours and forty-two minutes; he really, really missed him.

Without holding back his desire, Song Ran dug out the cell phone from the sofa crack, dialled He Zhiyuan’s phone, threw himself onto the bed in the bedroom, and hugged the soft pillow.

He Zhiyuan was in the midst of having a celebratory meal with his subordinates, and he had put down his credit card to cover all the bills.

The group of senior engineers were in high spirits as they swept through the street and drank everything from German black lager to Scotch whiskey, toasting pint after pint. The peanut shells they discarded submerged their feet, and their merrymaking rivalled that of the midsummer European Cup.

Once they got tired of drinking, they collectively found a Japanese restaurant to stay at, occupied half of a long table, and began to annihilate plate after plate of sashimi.

Because of the public coming-out at the press conference, He Zhiyuan became the willing heart of the conversation. The cell phone on the table rang, and when he picked it up and took a look, he said he needed to go out and pick it up; his subordinates assumed he was fleeing, so they obstructed him one after another.

He had no choice but to explain, “My boyfriend.”

The engineers immediately gave the green light, allowing him to make a clean getaway amidst the cheering.

The front of this shop faced the street, and there was a Japanese-style courtyard at its rear; with small bridges, the shadows of bamboo, rocks, and flowing water, the environment was very tranquil. He Zhiyuan leaned against a pillar with a hand in his pocket as he made the call, and a paper lantern hanging nearby swayed left and right with the wind.

“Song Ran, you aren’t angry at me anymore?”

“… Mm.”

Song Ran nodded.

How could he still have the nerve to be angry? Not only did he jerk off in front of the other party, he had even forced him to say a bunch of sweet words to help him climax; practically the epitome of the word ‘shameless’, he had lost all his dignity, all right?

He Zhiyuan was relieved after hearing those words. In the following second, he feigned seriousness as he said, “But I’m very angry, because I was hard for an entire afternoon.”

Song Ran felt guilty. “I’m sorry.”

“How do you plan to make it up to me, hm?”

“That… that, I don’t know either…” Song Ran pursed his lips. “Is there anything you want?”

“Yes.” He Zhiyuan calmly changed his posture, then lifted his head and looked at the moon on the horizon. “I hope you can compensate me for an entire afternoon.”

Song Ran blinked twice in befuddlement. “Compensate you for an entire afternoon with… what?”

He Zhiyuan laughed but didn’t reply.

Song Ran abruptly understood a few seconds later, and a burst of flame immediately lit up in his lower abdomen, scorching him as it burned all the way up to his cheeks. As though he’d been bound in a steamer, he felt so hot all over that every single pore was desperately exuding sweat.

Com… compensating for an entire afternoon? Then how many times would that be?

He unconsciously clamped his legs together. The pants he had freshly changed into weren’t as loose and comfortable as the pyjama pants, so the revived Song Ran Jr couldn’t expand within them and thus was suffering as the pressure caused him to be both hard and in pain.

After successfully dropping the hint, He Zhiyuan didn’t continue teasing him and instead asked, “Now do you like him a bit more, or do you like me a bit more?”

Song Ran muttered, “Aren’t you two one and the same?”

He Zhiyuan was unbearably happy. “Now you know we’re one and the same, so what happened to the ferocity from earlier of wanting to be unfaithful and cuckold me? All gone after one climax?”

“I-I… What you did at the press conference was too sudden, and I hadn’t established any sense of realism yet.”

Song Ran’s face was extremely red.


The phone call was cut off.

Greatly startled, Song Ran sprang up from the bed in an instant and stared at the cell phone’s pitch-black screen, an expression of ‘Oh shit, I’m done for’ on his face. Immediately afterwards, the screen lit up again—the other party had sent an invitation to video call.

Song Ran tremblingly accepted.

He Zhiyuan’s upper half appeared in the camera frame, looking about the same as when he was at the press conference—his short black hair was neatly combed back and held in place by gel, but after several hours, the strands of hair had drooped down somewhat, making him seem quite a bit more indolent and relaxed than before. His shirt was a standard flawless pale blue, the tie had already been taken off, the collar buttons were undone, and the shirt cuffs were rolled up to his forearms. His entire appearance was nearly identical to when Song Ran fell in love at first sight.

Song Ran looked at him, expression dazed—completely different from how he looked on the stage or in the portrait, this was the secret actual god who beheld him alone.

He Zhiyuan asked with a smile, “Does it feel real now?”


Song Ran shook his head.

It felt even less real.

He Zhiyuan was amused by him to the point of laughing. Sweeping back the scattered hair on his forehead, he said, “How about this—my flight at seven o’clock tomorrow morning will land at one o’clock Beijing Time so as long as there’s no delay. It’s all right if it doesn’t feel real enough today. Once tomorrow arrives, we’ll hug and kiss until it’s enough for you.”

Song Ran looked at him without blinking and stammered, “Th-then I’ll go… go to the airport to pick you up.”

“The airport is so far away from the downtown area, I won’t trouble you. I also have to make a trip back to the company and take care of some things,” He Zhiyuan said. “I’ve been gone for half a month and will be taking another half a month holiday. I’ll wager that even the tendons of that bunch of people beneath me have slackened, so I must give them a fierce beating. I’ll strive to tidy up as quickly as possible, then meet you at the entrance to the kindergarten at four o’clock. How does that sound?”

He was a jar of high-purity hard liquor, and Song Ran was far too drunk. With everything planned out by He Zhiyuan, he obediently said, “Okay.”

He Zhiyuan shook the screen and straightened up. “Then I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon?”

“Huh? Do-don’t hang up!” Song Ran raised his voice, anxiously begging, “Talk with me a while longer. I want to look at you some more, okay?”

“Of course.”

He Zhiyuan smiled as he gently indulged the other and once again leaned back against the pillar.

As a result, at this celebratory meal, He Zhiyuan didn’t get to eat anything other than a mouthful of cold soba and a bite of salmon roe sashimi at the very beginning. His group of subordinates, being considerate of their boss, ordered one of everything that was on the menu and packed them to-go, stuffing the boxes full of tempura and tonkatsu before giving them to this ‘must accompany the wife even if he was starving to death’ good man to serve as a midnight snack. 

  • 1
    There is a Chinese belief that kidney health is adversely affected by climaxing too often


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